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Tedy's SBLI 2009 Camp


Bruschi's Charitable Week (Patriots Now!)



SBLI Football Clinic


(NECN: Foxboro, Mass.) - The countdown is on until Patriots training camp, and Tedy Bruschi says he's ready to go. "You never look forward to training camp," Bruschi said. "It's the toughest month of the season."

But at the same time, Bruschi says that as he goes into his 15th season with the Patriots, "I still have the fire to play and I still have the fire to win games. That's what's important."

He also praised the Boston Celtics for their success this season, noting that he has been a lifelong Celtics fan, who had the honor of seeing the team up close.

Bruschi was running a youth camp today at Foxboro Stadium. When asked whether he'd encourage his own sons to play football, Bruschi sais that would be up to them. "I don't think I have to (encourage them)," he said. "but I just want them to do what they want to do."





 6/08/08 On Field Interview (Patriots Now!)


04/14/08 NECN Video: Tedy hosts Tedy's Team at Gillette Stadium



April 2008

NECN Video Interview Part 1


Part 2





Part 3


 2007 Season

Tedy Bruschi Press Conference - 1/27/2008 (Arrival in AZ for SB42)

Tedy Bruschi Press Conference - 1/20/2008 (Post-AFC Championship Post Game)

Tedy Bruschi Press Conference - 1/18/2008  (Pre-AFC Championship Game)

Tedy Bruschi Press Conference - 1/8/2008 (Pre-Divisional Playoff Game)

NFL Network: Tedy Bruschi Interview (Post Giants Game 16-0!)

Tedy Bruschi on NFL Total Access (08/28/07)

Patriots Today - Bruschi's thoughts, shenanigans (08/14/07)

Tedy Bruschi Press Conference - 8/13/2007

Troy Brown and Tedy Bruschi: A Sit Down with the Vets (08/11/07)




Post AFC Championship Game 2006 comments here.


Tedy's NBC Interview with Andrea Kramer here.


The Boys at Larry-Oke


Tedy Sings The Boss!

2nd Annual Larry-Oke 11/06/06


Tedy Post-Colts Interview


Tedy's interview with WCVB-TV 4/18/06 (while it lasts)


See Tedy on Patriot's Today:




Unfortunately, PVN has moved exclusively to Comcast OnDemand so it is no longer accessible on the web so the links had to go...


Tedy on Music Reload 11/01/05

Tedy's post game press conference here. 10/30/05

Tedy's Return to Action Announcement.  Watch the video on CBS4  while it lasts.


MITM (Murray in the Morning) Post SuperBowl XXXIX Interview 02/07/05

NECN Video: Super Bowl Send-Off 01/30/05

NECN Video: Bruschi on TO  

NECN Video: Bruschi on Motivation

NECN Video:  Pre-AFC Championship Press Conference 01/21/05

Tedy's Audio Press Conference 11/15/04

NECN Video...(06/03/04) while it lasts.



 NFL Films: Winner Take All  video clip. See why He is THE MAN!!



Victory Parade Rally NECN Video (02/03/04)

and Here.  (while they last)


Media Day Audio Clip (01/27/04)


See Tedy and The Boys on Video

I Don't Want To Be (Gavin DeGraw)


Tedy's AFC Championship Pre-Game National Press Conference Audio (01/16/04)


Boston.com audio  (01/14/04)


Boston.com audio  (01/10/04)


 Special Access Videos for Season Ticket Holders: 

  Off the Field: Tedy Bruschi

September 2003


2003 Recap and Looking Ahead to 2004

(Watch for Zip too!)


Boston.com audio  (12/08/03)


Boston.com audio  (09/14/03)


Boston.com audio (09/07/03)


Time to make the Donuts! 01/04/03


Listen to Tedy's Post-Superbowl press conference here!


Take a Tour of CMGI (Gillette)  with your host... Tedy Bruschi!


Purchase Winning Sports Nutrition video with Tedy Bruschi and Chrissy Ahmann of the University of Arizona.




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