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Bruschi lunch contest open in Weymouth
Schools, company team up to raise money via credit card purchases
The Patriot Ledger
Posted Feb 05, 2009 @ 06:28 AM

WEYMOUTH — The school department and a fundraising company have launched a “Win Lunch with Tedy Bruschi” contest.

The contest is designed to encourage residents to sign up for the OurKidsWin! program, in which participating businesses pay rebates to the school system for each purchase made with credit or debit cards registered with OurKidsWin!.

The winner will have lunch with Tedy Bruschi, the New England Patriots linebacker, on Feb. 28. The lunch is sponsored by Papa Gino’s.

To enter, residents with children in the school system must register their debit or credit cards by Feb. 19 at www.ourkidswin.com/tedy. Members receive one contest entry for each valid credit or debit card registered.

More than 800 Weymouth families have registered credit and debit cards with OurKidsWin!, the organization reported. All credit card information is encrypted and secured by a system similar to what banks use.

Complete rules for the contest can be found at www.ourkidswin.com/tedy/rules.

Enrollment is free. No purchase is necessary to enter or win the contest. Winners will be announced Feb. 20.

In addition to Weymouth, the contest is also open to students in Medford, Hudson and West Boylston, which also have implemented the OurKidsWin! program.

Weymouth launched its program this past September and will receive its first check in late February for money raised through Dec. 31. The payment is expected to exceed $10,000.

Copyright © 2009 GateHouse Media, Inc. Some Rights Reserved.
Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license, except where noted.

Bruschi lunch contest open in Weymouth - Quincy, MA - The Patriot Ledger

Venerable Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi participated in an NFL.com chat on Tuesday afternoon. As usual, Bruschi was open, entertaining and interesting in the chat in which he fielded questions from fans.

Here are a few highlights and a full transcript from NFL.com is here:

On the Bills' acquisition of Terrell Owens:
"It affects the way defenses will be played against the Bills' offense before he even steps on the field. What's more important is how much of a leader he wants to be."

On the adjustments the Patriots will have to make without linebacker Mike Vrabel:
"We're going to be able to do it. But it's going to be very difficult. Vrabes did everything for us. I'm going to miss him."

On the left knee injury (medial collateral ligament) that kept him out of the final three games of the 2008 season:
"My knee is doing great. I definitely am excited about being back next season. We've got more business to take care of."

Bruschi chats about Pats - Reiss' Pieces - Boston.com

Medford -

After trying to get Tedy Bruschi’s autograph for seven years at football training camps, Medford resident Omar Hererra recently received something even better — a birthday lunch with the Patriots linebacker.

When Medford resident Michael Harvey recently won an OurKidsWin! contest for him and his daughter, Kelly to meet Bruschi, he knew nobody would appreciate the opportunity better than his brother-in-law, Hererra. But he didn’t give him the honor right away.

“I made him wait a few days,” said Harvey, tall and bearded with a mischievous grin. “Actually, I made him wait a week. I know. I’m bad.”

Hererra said he’s one of the New England Patriots’ biggest fans. With an entire room dedicated to the team and no fewer than 11 posters, Hererra goes to training camps four to five times a year hoping to get autographs.

When he heard Harvey and Kelly would actually be meeting one of his favorite players, he’ll admit he was a bit envious at first.

“I said, ‘I’m going to ask you a favor,’” Hererra said. “Take my jersey and ask him to sign it.”

For the occasion, Hererra bought an authentic Patriots jersey for nearly $300. Nothing less would be worthy of such a signature.

Meanwhile, Kelly couldn’t contain her excitement when she found out about the lunch.

“I’m home and my dad calls my mom and she starts flipping out,” said Kelly, 11. “She said, ‘You just won the contest!’ When I found out I was jumping around the house. I don’t usually win anything so it was a freak thing.”

Harvey was one of two winners chosen at random from all entries in the “Win Lunch with Tedy Bruschi” contest that was run in Medford, Hudson, West Boylston and Weymouth in order to encourage residents to enroll in their respective community’s OurKidsWin! school fundraising programs.

The program takes a fraction of each sale between a registered card and participating local businesses and gives it to the local school system. Gene Cornfield, a representative from OurKidsWin!, said Medford could raise more than $250,000 a year in this way when things get moving.

After about a week of making Hererra wait, Harvey finally gave his brother-in-law a call.

“He called and said, ‘I’m going to give you the best birthday present ever,’” Hererra recalled. “‘You’re going with Kelly to see Tedy Bruschi.’”

Hererra couldn’t contain himself. He and Harvey shared a laugh. Harvey admitted he is not the biggest sports fan out there and he knew his brother-in-law would appreciate the opportunity more.

“I was driving and he almost made me crash,” Harvey remembered.
On Feb. 28, Hererra turned 29 years old. On that same day, Harvey dropped Hererra and Kelly off at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

“I went down there with them to make sure it all worked out,” Harvey said, nonchalantly. “Then I went to go see a movie down the street. Blew two hours.”

At Gillette, Kelly was overwhelmed.
“It was huge,” Kelly said. “It had TVs and couches. It looked so sophisticated.”

Cornfield met the two and brought them inside, where they toured the giant, empty stadium getting an insiders view. Finally they were brought to where their picture would be taken with Bruschi.

“When I was waiting in line to get my picture taken and I was approaching him, I couldn’t feel my legs,” said Hererra. “I was walking on air. When I put my arm around his back, it was like he was made of solid wood.”

After the photo, Kelly and Hererra sat down with Bruschi for lunch. Hererra said it was a bit difficult to remember exactly what they served at Gillette, because he didn’t feel much like eating.

The two said their lunch got off to a bit of a dramatic start when news came to them about a teammate being traded to the Kansas City Chiefs.

“The minute we sat down he found out his best friend Mike Vrabel was flying to Kansas City,” said Kelly. “He was very caring. He made it like, ‘we’re not just a team we’re a family.’”

Kelly and Hererra recalled talking to Bruschi about his team, what it’s like playing for the Patriots and his favorite games. One of Bruschi’s favorite games was the Super Bowl against the St. Louis Rams in 2002, Hererra said.

“I was going to ask him what his favorite pizza topping was since he owns part of Papa Gino’s,” said Kelly. “But I forgot.”

A copy of the photo they took is in Kelly’s school binder and she said it is the envy of her classmates.

Hererra said he didn’t want to leave, but sooner or later the time came. He got his jersey signed and will be placing the whole thing in a large glass frame.

“The next day we were going to cut the cake,” said Hererra. “I’m like, ‘I don’t care; I got what I want.’ That was the biggest birthday present I’ve ever had in my life.”

Medfordites win lunch with Patriot Tedy Bruschi - Medford, MA - Medford Transcript

Share:ShareThis Print Comment Back Home Bruschi disappointed to see Vrabel go
By Glen Farley
Posted Mar 05, 2009 @ 12:48 AM
Last update Mar 05, 2009 @ 02:00 AM

The initial shock may have worn off.

Veteran Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi’s disappointment in the deal that sent Mike Vrabel to the Kansas City Chiefs has not.

“Sometimes with me especially — especially with Vrabes, our relationship — my personal feelings get involved,” Bruschi said during a telephone interview on WEEI’s ‘Dale and Holley Show’ on Wednesday. “Why would one of my best friends throughout my entire career, why don’t we need a guy like that? In my own selfish way, we hung out together. There goes my boy, you know, going off to somewhere else.

“So I get a little upset about that and then I wonder what happened? How come he couldn’t stay here?”

The 33-year-old Vrabel’s eight seasons as a starting linebacker in New England — a span that saw the Patriots win three Super Bowls — came to an abrupt end last Friday when he was informed he’d been traded to Kansas City as part of a deal that, one day later, the football world learn included quarterback Matt Cassel.

In return, the Patriots received the Chiefs’ second-round pick in next month’s draft.

“The solution for both of them (Vrabel and team) was for him to move on,” said Bruschi. “Why? I still don’t know. Because losing Vrabes, the team completely changes.

“But we’ve had big changes before. To me, this is one of the biggest for me as a linebacker, you know, seeing Mike Vrabel go. But we’ve coped with changes before (and I) think we’ll be able to overcome.”

According to Bruschi, Vrabel’s value transcended what he brought to the Patriots on the playing field.

“He had so many hats that he could wear,” said Bruschi. “It was unbelievable how he could play a coach. He could make on-field adjustments. He could be a leader on the field.

“He could be the one that was making the plays that won the game whether it be on defense or offense when he was catching touchdowns as a tight end and then go into the locker room or during stretch lines and say something that was so absolutely hilarious it had the whole team’s morale sort of boosted and raised and sort of lighten(ed) the atmosphere in the locker room.

“He did so many things along with being our player representative along with being on the executive committee. He did so many things, not just for us but for the NFL. Kansas City, I hope they realize what they’re getting, because they’re a lucky organization.”

Bruschi, who will turn 36 this offseason, made it clear that he intends to return for a 14th season in New England.

“I’m under contract,” said Bruschi, “and in the process of training and getting ready for the offseason program and training camp.”

Decision Taylor made:

In a move that became inevitable once the Patriots signed former Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor to a two-year contract last Friday, LaMont Jordan is moving on after one season in New England.

The Broncos announced the signing on Wednesday night.

Jordan is following the foot steps of former Patriots Jabar Gaffney and Lonie Paxton, agreeing to a two-year, $2.5 million deal (according to Denver television state KDVR) to play for Patriots offensive coordinator-turned-Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels.

Copyright © 2009 GateHouse Media, Inc. Some Rights Reserved.
Original content available for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license, except where noted.

Bruschi disappointed to see Vrabel go - Brockton, MA - The Enterprise












Malden - Student athletes from 19 high schools throughout New England were honored as “Game Time” players for their teams, schools and communities, at a luncheon with New England Linebacker Tedy Bruschi on Saturday, Feb. 28 at Gillette Stadium.

Malden High School’s Mike Gilardi was among the winners.

Each student athlete received a photo with Bruschi and spent some quality time with the linebacker. In addition to dining with Bruschi, students were able to ask Bruschi questions about his achievements both on and off the field.
Malden High School athlete honored as ‘Game Time’ winner at luncheon with New England Linebacker Tedy Bruschi - Malden, MA - Malden Observer

HUDSON - Hudson High School’s Michael Ahearn was among students from 19 New England schools who had lunch with New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi at Gillette Stadium Feb. 28, as part of Papa Gino’s “Game Time” event for outstanding student-athletes. Each student received a photo with Bruschi and spent some quality time with the linebacker. In addition to dining with Bruschi, students were able to ask Bruschi questions about his achievements both on and off the field.

Hudson High student meets Tedy Bruschi - Hudson, MA - Hudson Sun

Press Release Source: AGA Medical Corporation
AGA Medical Corporation Launches Third Web-Based Stroke Education and Awareness Video Featuring Professional Football Player Tedy Bruschi
Wednesday March 25, 2009, 9:00 am EDT
uzz up! Print MINNEAPOLIS, March 25 /PRNewswire/ -- AGA Medical Corporation today launched the third in a series of web-based stroke education and awareness videos featuring Tedy Bruschi, a professional football player who suffered a stroke in February 2005, subsequently recovered and returned to his career. The new video features Tedy describing his personal experiences of recovering from a stroke. The video is a continuation of Tedy's story that began with the first and second videos in the series, released in January and February. It will be followed by additional videos posted monthly on the AGA Medical website that describe Tedy's firsthand experience as a stroke victim, survivor and prevention champion.

"I hope that by sharing my experiences through the video series people will come to understand the important risk factors for stroke, learn to quickly identify the warning signs and be better prepared should they themselves or a loved one, colleague or neighbor experience a stroke," said Tedy Bruschi. "I know firsthand the emotional and physical challenges that experiencing a stroke can lead to. My hope is that the content of the program developed with AGA Medical may help other stroke survivors achieve a positive recovery. That is why this effort is so important to me."

AGA Medical announced its partnership with Tedy Bruschi in December 2008 with the release of a video in which Tedy describes the warning signs of stroke. In January, the national stroke awareness program's next initiative - a series of five inspirational videos of Tedy discussing his personal experience with stroke and educating others about warning signs - kicked off with the release of a video describing Tedy's life prior to his stroke. Each month through May, AGA Medical Corporation and Tedy will team up to release a new video. Visitors to the www.amplatzer.com/strokeawareness website will be able to view all videos released to date. AGA Medical Corporation will launch additional initiatives throughout 2009 to build upon this comprehensive stroke education, awareness and prevention campaign.

"We believe that sharing Tedy's story of stroke recovery is an important way to help stroke survivors," said John Barr, chief executive officer of AGA Medical. "As we develop our stroke education and awareness program, Tedy's positive outlook and persistent positive attitude throughout his recovery period serves as the ultimate motivation for those recovering from stroke."

Stroke, defined as a sudden injury to the brain caused by a blood vessel bursting or becoming blocked, is the nation's number 3 cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. The American Heart Association reports that each year, about 700,000 Americans suffer from a stroke. One-third of stroke victims are under 65, and even children can suffer a stroke.

About Tedy Bruschi

Coming off the success of winning his 3rd league championship and playing in the annual league all-star game in February of 2005, Tedy unexpectedly experienced a stroke. On the advice of his physician, a device from AGA Medical was prescribed and implanted as part of Tedy's treatment. After several months of extensive rehabilitation and recovery, Tedy was medically cleared to resume playing football less than a year later. Today, in addition to his continued success on the field, Tedy dedicates a considerable part of his time off the field toward raising stroke awareness and funds for stroke research.

To learn more about Tedy and the warning signs of stroke, visit www.amplatzer.com/strokeawareness.

Clinical Trial Underway

AGA Medical is currently conducting a multicenter, randomized clinical study, known as the RESPECT trial, to investigate whether closure of a congenital heart defect using an AGA Medical device is superior to current standard of care treatment in the prevention of a particular type of stroke. For more information on the clinical trial and the warning signs of stroke, visit www.amplatzer.com.

About AGA Medical Corporation

AGA Medical Corporation, based in Plymouth, Minnesota, is a leader in developing interventional devices for the minimally invasive treatment of cardiovascular defects and peripheral vascular disease. Founded in 1995 by Dr. Kurt Amplatz, a former professor and researcher at the University of Minnesota Department of Radiology, AGA Medical develops and commercializes devices for a range of structural heart repair and circulatory conditions. Several of these devices have been major innovations in the treatment of the most common congenital "holes in the heart", such as atrial septal defects and patent foramen ovales.

More than 700 articles have been published in medical literature that support the benefits of AGA Medical devices, including improved patient outcomes, reduced length of stay, and accelerated recovery times for the patient. AGA Medical devices have received regulatory approval and are marketed in 101 countries. For more information, visit www.amplatzer.com.


AGA Medical Corporation Launches Third Web-Based Stroke Education and Awareness Video Featuring Professional Football Player Tedy Bruschi - Yahoo! Finance

Val's teams up with Tedy

(L. to r.) Susan Lauring, Tedy Bruschi, Sue Manero and Nick Manero.

New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi has more than one team.

Princeton resident Susan Manero, her nephew Nicholas Manero of Holden and nephew Adam of San Francisco, Susan Lauring from Worcester and her daughter Maria from Alabama, are all running the Boston Marathon on April 20 on Tedy's Team.

The effort is getting a boost from Val James, owner of Val's restaurant in Holden.

"Val has always been an ardent supporter of Tedy's Team and sponsor of the American Stroke Association," said Sue Manero. "People can come to Val's on March 25 from 5-9 p.m. and meet members of Tedy's Team and purchase tickets for the raffle."

Among the raffle items are an authentic football shirt and two footballs signed by Bruschi, and two copies of his book "Never Give Up." The book talks about the stroke he suffered in 2005 at the age of 31, his recovery and return to the NFL. Raffle tickets for the book and the footballs are $10 each; tickets for the shirt raffle are $20 apiece.

"If people are looking for signed Tedy Bruschi memorabilia, we've got it," said Manero. "If we have enough interest we'll raffle off two shirts and three footballs."

This year's Boston Marathon is the fourth for Sue, the fifth for Lauring, and the first for the other family members. "It's kind of cool, two old ladies running with these young kids," Manero said. She and Lauring are cross-training during the week and running up to 20 miles on Saturdays. "It's been kind of hard this winter because of the snow and ice storm debris along the sides of the roads," she said.

"I'm trying to raise $5,000 for Tedy's Team," Manero said. "Once you're selected to run on Tedy's Team you commit to raising at least $3,000."

Of the 155 people who applied to be on the team, 43 were selected. "Tedy likes to keep a small team and likes to get to know each member personally," she said.

People can come to the event and make a donation in any amount, or purchase tickets for the raffles. Anyone who wants to sponsor a runner can visit tedysteam2009. kintera.org/boston/, and after the backslash type in the name of the person you want to sponsor. All donations are tax deductible.

Since recovering from his stroke, Bruschi has committed himself to being an advocate, spokesperson, and inspiration for stroke survivors. He worked with the American Stroke Association to create "Tedy's Team," a group of runners raising money for the organization and racing in the Boston Marathon and the Falmouth Road Race.

Tedy's Team also raises awareness of stroke and recognition of its warning signs.

Val's teams up with Tedy | www.thelandmark.com | Landmark

Bruschi contributing to auction for stroke victim
April 6, 2009

Tedy Bruschi survived a stroke and returned to the football field. Now, he is hoping to help a fellow stroke survivor return to his job.

As part of an extensive charity effort for well-known football writer Paul Zimmerman (more commonly known as Dr. Z), a lunch with Bruschi and Sports Illustrated writer Peter King is being auctioned off, with the minimum bid starting at $3,000.

King details the auction in his Monday Morning Quarterback column.

The auction is part of a larger event that aims to raise enough money for Zimmerman — who suffered three strokes in November and has not yet recovered his abilities to read, write or speak — to enter into a six-week program at the University of Michigan.

The event will take place on May 18 in West Orange, N.J. and will include a roundtable discussion with New York Jets coach Rex Ryan and New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin. The auction portion of the night also includes “The Cowboy Trip of a Lifetime,” which gets you airfare, two nights’ lodging, tickets to a Cowboys game in their new stadium, an invite to the team’s Saturday walkthrough, and potential meetings with a player and owner Jerry Jones. That package has a minimum bid of $10,000.

King writes that bidding information will be made available in the coming weeks.

“The goal,” King said, ”simply, is to get Dr. Z back online and back giving you the kind of insightful, no-holds-barred NFL coverage that has made him so much a part of so many fans’ lives.”

Bruschi contributing to auction for stroke victim - NESN Newswire - NESN.com

Wise old Tedy Bruschi back for more

By Karen Guregian and John Tomase / Patriots Notebook | Wednesday, June 3, 2009 | http://www.bostonherald.com | N.E. Patriots

Photo by Matt Stone
FOXBORO - Tedy Bruschi [stats] knows he’s the oldest man left standing on defense. He knows when he looks around him, many of his friends and many of the players he’s won multiple Super Bowl rings with such as Mike Vrabel, Larry Izzo [stats] and Rodney Harrison [stats] are gone.

But he’s still here for at least one more season. When he reflected during the offseason on whether he wanted to keep playing, his assessment hadn’t changed from the previous 13 years.

“I want to keep playing. I love being a part of this team, and helping contribute any way I can to help them win,” he said, “because winning to me is what it’s all about, and winning football games feels good. As many games as I can help this team win, that’s my goal.”

Bruschi, who will turn 36 next Tuesday, said it’s strange not having Vrabel or Harrison around. Thus far, there’s been a lot less laughter in the stretch lines.

“I think you have the initial shock of it. When I got the call from Mike, he told me he was on a plane to (Kansas City). (I said) ‘Well, why are you doin’ that?’ ‘Tedy I’ve been traded.’ Then there was a long silence,” Bruschi said. “Now Pierre Woods comes in, (Shawn) Crable comes in. As a professional I have to try to help mold those guys and hope they learned from Vrabes what it’s like to be an (outside linebacker) in this system. The only way you see that is on the field in a game, see if they’re able to do what (No.) 50 was able to do.”

Woods has nothing but respect for Bruschi, one of his mentors.

“Tedy is the Patriots [team stats]. He’s been here since 1996. That’s a long time,” Woods said. “From a guy being a defensive end and moving to inside linebacker for an organization and a coach, Bill Parcells, that demanded so much of you just like (Bill) Belichick, hey, he’s the ultimate player. The ultimate player.”


Wise old Tedy Bruschi back for more - BostonHerald.com


Jun 3, 2009

Bruschi loves winning


FOXBORO — The old guard is falling by the wayside in New England, but Tedy Bruschi is back and ready to defend the cause.

Bruschi missed the final three games last season with a knee injury and will turn 36 Tuesday. None of that was enough to deter him from returning for a 14th NFL season, all with the Patriots.

“I want to keep playing,” Bruschi said yesterday at the conclusion of an offseason training activities workout. “I love being a part of this team and helping contribute any way I can to help them win.

“Winning, to me, is what it’s all about, and winning football games feels good. So as many games as I can help this team win, that’s my goal.”

At the end of every season, Bruschi takes some time to unwind. Then he begins the process of making a decision on whether to return or retire.

This offseason was the same — and different.

“Well, you think about it a little more once you get up in years,” Bruschi said. “Twelve, 13, 14, but you know it’s still about loving the game and having fun doing it, and I still am.”

Bruschi certainly would be enjoying himself a bit more if some of his old buddies were still around. But linebacker Mike Vrabel has been traded to Kansas City and safety Rodney Harrison appears ready to trade in the NFL for NBC.

Bruschi joined the Patriots in 1996. Running back Kevin Faulk (1999) is the only other player on the roster who arrived here prior to 2000.

“Yeah, noticeable age discrepancy for me and the guys playing next to me, too,” Bruschi said with a hearty laugh. “It’s different. It’s different for me, especially when you have a couple good friends that are missing.

“The stretch line is a lot less different. I don’t know, there was a lot less laughter with some of the guys who aren’t here now. It’s changed. It’s changed and you get used to it and move on.”

Telegram.com - A product of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Bruschi blows whistle: He eventually wants to coach
By Christopher L. Gasper, Globe Staff | July 1, 2009

FOXBOROUGH - Linebacker Tedy Bruschi is still couching exactly when his playing career will end, but when it does, he wouldn’t mind coaching.

Yesterday, a month before the Patriots start training camp, Bruschi hosted his second Kids Football Clinic, sponsored by insurer SBLI, at Gillette Stadium. Bruschi approached the noncontact camp of 54 children decked out in No. 54 jerseys with the same passion and intensity he has displayed during his career with the Patriots, now entering its 14th season.

“I know I can coach,’’ said Bruschi. “I know the game. I’ve been in it so long. It’s just going to be a matter of what I do when I’m done. It’s a passion of mine. I know I love football. I know I want to be in it. Let’s just see what I’ll be doing.’’

Who better to learn about coaching from than Bill Belichick? Did Bruschi consult his coach on the camp?

“No, but I’ve had this going on in my head for a while,’’ said Bruschi. “I’ve mapped out the field, where the stations will be, how the guys will teach their fundamentals. It’s a little Belichickian because I’ve been trying to keep it organized.’’

Bruschi, who is entering the final season of his contract and turned 36 last month, said he’s taking his playing career one season at a time.

“After you get past 10 [years], I think that’s the way you have to do it because you never know what’s going to happen within a year,’’ Bruschi said. “So, when the season is over you kind of reassess things and that’s how it’s going to go again.’’

Joining Bruschi at the camp were linebacker Jerod Mayo, tight end David Thomas, safety Ray Ventrone, and kicker Stephen Gostkowski. Former quarterback Scott Zolak was also an instructor.

Christopher L. Gasper can be reached at cgasper@globe.com.




Tedy Bruschi drills, thrills

By Will Hulings | Wednesday, July 1, 2009 | http://www.bostonherald.com | N.E. Patriots

Photo by Matt Stone

FOXBORO - Even as the elder statesman on the Patriots [team stats], Tedy Bruschi [stats] always remains youthful and excited every football season. His eternal passion for the game was on full display yesterday at his second annual Youth Football Clinic, sponsored by Savings Bank Life Insurance.

Bruschi, along with some friends and Patriots linebacker Jared Mayo, kicker Stephen Gostkowski, tight end David Thomas and special teamer Ray Ventrone, gave 54 Boston-area kids the opportunity to engage in a simulated Pats practice. The kids had their own space in the locker room, ran onto the field through the Pats’ helmet and received drills from the Patriots.

Bruschi ran among the five stations set up to provide instruction in tackling, running, catching, kicking and throwing.

While the kids enjoyed the sun and the thrill of playing in Gillette Stadium, Bruschi was at ease, ready to play his 14th year in the league, all with the Pats. As for beyond 2009, Bruschi will take it year by year.

“I have to,” he said. “After you get past 10 (years), I think that’s the way you have to do it because you never know what’s going to happen within a year, you just don’t. So when the season’s over you sort of reassess things and that’s how it’s gonna go.”

Bruschi spent less time on the field in 2008 than in recent seasons, often coming out on third down. His 75 tackles were his second fewest in six seasons, and he had no sacks for the first time in his career.

As for Mayo, last year’s Defensive Rookie of the Year, he was there to help out in tackling drills. By the way Mayo was enjoying himself and laughing with the kids, it seems the Patriots may have another Bruschi in both ability and character.

“He brings that youthful energy. Jerod is great,” Bruschi said. “I didn’t have to ask him twice, I didn’t even finish the sentence and he was like, ‘Yes, you know I’ll come.’ He loves working with kids just like I do.”

As for what the future holds for Bruschi after his playing days, yesterday proved he could easily end up on the sidelines with a whistle around his neck, instructing and teaching the game.

“I know I could coach,” Bruschi said. “I know the sport, and I’ve been in it so long that it’s just gonna be a matter of what I do when I’m done. So, I don’t know. It’s a passion of mine. I love football. I know I want to be in it. Let’s just see what I’ll be doing then.”

Tedy Bruschi drills, thrills - BostonHerald.com


NECN Video while it lasts!


Bruschi faces challenges in Patriots camp
AP Sports

FOXBOROUGH, Mass.(AP) In his 14th season with the New England Patriots, Ted Bruschi finds himself trying to hold off a group of challengers to his job while adapting to a new defensive look that could impact his role.

Bruschi returned to practice Sunday after an extended absence.

``Just trying to take care of a few things,'' Bruschi said after the two-hour workout. ``As you get a little bit older, you have to mend some things and it's taken me a little longer to get out here. I'm feeling better now, and hopefully I can get back to work.''

Bruschi credited the team's younger players with showing a lot of ``energy and enthusiasm,'' two things he has had in abundance since the Patriots drafted him out of Arizona in 1996.

He has been a defensive mainstay as the Patriots made nine playoff appearances, won eight division championships, five conference titles and three Super Bowls.
Bruschi admitted he has a lot of catching up to do.

``You don't really get that look, you don't really get those reps until you're out here on the practice field,'' he said. ``Do you feel a little bit behind because you haven't been out here for so long? Yeah, but you get in the meeting room and watch the film, and hopefully, you don't become an error repeater.''

The Patriots, deep on the defensive line, used more 4-3 fronts instead of their usual 3-4 against the Philadelphia Eagles in the first preseason game last Thursday.
``4-3? 3-4? 5-2? Whatever it is, whatever numbers you want to put out there, is it possible for us to do it? I think it is because of the guys that are multitalented along our front,'' Bruschi said
The changes could affect his role.

``We're not sure,'' he said. ``We're in training camp right now, roles are being defined and I know we have a lot of good inside linebackers. Gary Guyton's a good player. Jerod Mayo's a good player. You know what he can do. However it is - even myself, in my 14th year - every training camp I have to look at it as I have to come in and establish a role for myself on this team. This year's no different.''

Bruschi has made stroke awareness a cause since he suffered a stroke in February 2005. It appeared at first his career was over, but he returned to the team that fall and in 2008, was a defensive captain for the seventh time. He ended up fourth on the team in tackles.

Bruschi's foundation, ``Tedy's Team,'' raises funds for stroke prevention and he works with the American Stroke Association to raise awareness about symptoms and treatment.

Bruschi missed the game against the Eagles but said he hoped to be able to play as much as Belichick wants him to Thursday against the Cincinnati Bengals at Gillette Stadium.

Bruschi faces challenges in Patriots camp


Bruschi braces for new role
Veteran will step in where needed
By Christopher L. Gasper, Globe Staff | August 26, 2009

FOXBOROUGH - Tedy Bruschi’s role on the Patriots is still not clearly defined, but he’s willing to be used as a role player, if that is what is best for the team.

It’s hard to picture Bruschi in a complementary role, but he pointed out that before he was a household name in New England, he was a third-round pick trying to find a niche in the NFL. Playing with the second team, as he did in his preseason debut against the Cincinnati Bengals last Thursday - Gary Guyton started at inside linebacker beside Jerod Mayo - is not uncharted territory.

“I’ve been with every unit in my career,’’ said Bruschi. “I’ve been with every single unit, so maybe it would be different if I came in as No. 1 overall pick.

“But I came in having to work my way in, so I know what it’s like whether you play every down, or just play only first and second down, or just play special teams. I know what all those roles are like. I’m used to all of them, and that helps.’’

The 13-year veteran said he still didn’t know exactly where he fits at this point, but plans and roles can change from August to the end of the season.

“I’ve had so many years where, where you are in September is different from where you are in December,’’ said Bruschi. “So, I’ve learned that, ever since I was a third-down situational pass-rushing rookie that played on special teams, all the way through my entire career, that [you] never assume what your role is going to be. Just be ready when your coach calls on you.’’

The 36-year-old Bruschi was upbeat about how his body feels at this point after not practicing in full pads between Aug. 1 and Aug. 15 because of what he termed some “aches and pains.’’

“I feel good,’’ said Bruschi. ““[I’ve] been feeling good out there, been able to participate, not like the beginning of camp . . . just sort of in a progression like the other players, trying to get ready for the regular season.’’

Bruschi braces for new role - The Boston Globe


Bruschi announces retirement
New England Patriots
New England Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi announced his retirement today, closing his 13-year career as one of the most productive Patriots players in the team's 50-year history.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. - New England Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi announced his retirement today, closing his 13-year career as one of the most productive Patriots players in the team's 50-year history. As a team captain, Bruschi's relentless work ethic and on-field intensity helped set the tone for the entire team.

"For the past 13 seasons, Tedy Bruschi helped define what it means to be a New England Patriot," said Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft. "The heart and soul of the defense during the most successful era in the history of the franchise, Tedy also served as an example to every new Patriot of what it takes to be a champion on and off the field. Tedy's tenacity as a player made him a fan favorite long before he helped bring three Super Bowl championships to New England. His remarkable and courageous return to the field following a stroke only added to his legend as one of the most significant and memorable athletes in the history of New England sports. We are blessed in so many ways to have had Tedy Bruschi as a career Patriot."

Bruschi, 36, was originally drafted by the Patriots in the third round of the 1996 NFL Draft. The Arizona product spent his entire 13-year NFL career with the Patriots. Bruschi leaves the football field having played a major role in leading the Patriots to 11 winning records, including nine playoff seasons, eight division championships, five conference titles and three Super Bowl crowns. In Bruschi's 211 career games (including regular-season and playoffs), the Patriots had a 144-67 (.682) record, including a 16-6 (.727) playoff mark.

Bruschi earned his first Pro Bowl honors following the 2004 season after co-captaining a Patriots defense that allowed just 16.25 points per game, the third fewest in franchise history. Bruschi is the only player in NFL history to return four consecutive interceptions for touchdowns and his career total of four picks returned for scores ranks second in Patriots history. He is tied for fourth in NFL history among linebackers, and Bruschi is the only Patriots linebacker to return multiple interceptions for scores in a single season (2002 and 2003).

Beyond his impressive numbers, fans and his peers revered him for his accomplishments off the field and for his dedication to the New England area. After Bruschi suffered a stroke in February 2005, he dedicated himself to raising funds and awareness to fight stroke along with the American Stroke Association. He established "Tedy's Team," a vehicle to help battle stroke, the number one cause of disability in the United States. Members of Tedy's Team have run in the Boston Marathon and the Falmouth Road Race and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for stroke research.

Bruschi returned to the lineup for the final nine game of the 2005 season following his stroke, and in his first game back he earned AFC Defensive Player of the Week honors following a 10-tackle performance vs. Buffalo (10/30/05).

Bruschi played in 189 regular-season games for the Patriots, more than any other linebacker in team history, third among all defensive players and sixth overall in team history. Bruschi played in 22 career playoff games, the highest total in Patriots history and tied for the second highest total of any active player (Adam Vinatieri, 23).

For his career, Bruschi finished with 1,134 total tackles, 30.5 sacks, 12 interceptions, including four returned for touchdowns, 62 passes defensed, 18 forced fumbles, six fumble recoveries, including one returned for a touchdown and 55 special teams tackles. Bruschi averaged 105 tackles over the last six seasons. His 2003-2008 total of 631 stops are the most on the team over that span. Over that time, the Patriots allowed an average of 17.25 points per game, the second best total in the NFL.

Bruschi announces retirement


After 13 years and 3 titles, Tedy Bruschi retires


BOSTON(AP) Tedy Bruschi began the first day of his post-football life by taking out the trash.

``I'm real life,'' he said, ``I'm just regular.''


Bruschi is that unique player who won three Super Bowls, spent a long career with just one team and got Bill Belichick to drop his stoic persona on Monday and, in a voice shaking with emotion, call Bruschi ``a perfect player.''

And one more thing:

``The thought of playing professional football after experiencing a stroke. I mean, is that a statement you hear everyday?'' Bruschi said. ``It's not.''
After all that, and more, the inside linebacker and father of three whose sons stayed home Monday because they ``would rather play with their Transformers than come and sit in the front row'' next to his wife, announced his retirement after 13 seasons with the New England Patriots.
Smiling and never expressing regrets or shedding a tear, the longtime leader of the Patriots defense had a simple explanation for retiring now.
Bruschi, who had missed much of training camp and one exhibition game with an undisclosed injury, said he was simply too old and found his ``body doesn't heal as quickly.''
He also had accomplished all his goals except ``winning a fourth championship,'' he said. ``Knowing I have three previous ones, I think I'll let that one go.
``I feel great about myself right now.'

Just 4 1/2 years ago, Bruschi walked unsteadily out of Massachusetts General Hospital with his wife Heidi. He had been admitted two days earlier, on Feb. 16, 2005, three days after playing in his only Pro Bowl and 10 days after his final championship.

He had felt numbness in his left arm and left leg and had blurry vision. The diagnosis: a mild stroke.

Bruschi had surgery for a hole in his heart, but made it back for the seventh game of the season.

``I was retired,'' he said. ``I didn't think it was possible.''

In that game, he had 10 tackles against the Buffalo Bills. He led the team in tackles for the first time in 2006 despite surgery for a broken wrist a month before the season. He was the Patriots' leading tackler again in 2007.

His performance declined last year, and rookie Jerod Mayo, the Defensive Player of the Year, emerged as his successor as the leader in the middle of the defense.

``He kind of took me under his wing when I first came here,'' Mayo said. ``He told me then that one day he would pass the torch on to me and the rest of the team and I guess today's that day.''

Bruschi's retirement leaves running back Kevin Faulk, who joined the team in 1999, as the longest-tenured Patriot.

``When you talk about Tedy, you talk about leadership, inspiration,'' Faulk said.

Bruschi was a third-round draft choice from Arizona in 1996 who tied the Division I-A career sack record. The Patriots switched him from defensive end, where he would have been undersized in the NFL, to linebacker and he had to learn to cover receivers.

``We (didn't) really know what to do with him,'' said Belichick, who also joined the Patriots in 1996 as assistant head coach to Bill Parcells. ``All along the way he heard, 'too small,' 'too slow,' ' too this,' 'too that,' and just kept getting better and better and working harder and outworking and out-competing pretty much everybody that he faced.''

Belichick spoke nonstop for 8 1/2 minutes, about Bruschi's passion, instincts and optimism, his knack for always doing ``the right thing,'' and being ``the epitome of everything you want in a football player.''
As his coach left the podium and Bruschi approached it, they embraced.

Wearing a beige suit and light blue shirt with an open collar, Bruschi stood in front of two dark blue jerseys with his name and number 54 hanging on either side of a video screen that had played career highlights - Bruschi sliding on his knees as he scored on an interception, dumping the contents of an orange Gatorade bucket on Belichick, raising the Super Bowl trophy in his right hand.

``There isn't one moment and I'll never have just one moment,'' Bruschi said. ``I'm very fortunate to have so many.''

Bruschi was proud to play with one team.

``I think people want to move, to change teams because they want to fix their problems an easy way,'' he said. ``I'd rather right the ship than jump ship.''

Bruschi played in 189 regular-season games, more than any linebacker in club history. His 631 total tackles over the past six seasons were the most on the team.

For his career, he had 1,134 tackles, 30 1/2 sacks and 12 interceptions, four of them touchdowns.

``Tedy embodies everything we want the Patriot brand to stand for,'' owner Robert Kraft said. ``Hard work, perseverance, overachievement, and selfless commitment to team first.''

Bruschi isn't sure what's next.

What if Belichick calls in November, asking him to come back?

``Bill and I had a great conversation (Sunday) and I don't know if my answer to that was, 'Don't call me,''' Bruschi said. ``If there was more I wanted to achieve, to come back and do more, then I would welcome that.''

But he made sure he took advantage of his opportunities so when his career was over he wouldn't wish he had done more.

``There were the highest of highs and the lowest of lows,'' Bruschi said. ``I did my job for 13 years and now my job is done. My job's done, Bill. I'm looking forward to living the rest of my life.''


After 13 years and 3 titles, Tedy Bruschi retires



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