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Tedy Bruschi


While I am presenting various notable quotes about Tedy and his career, I'm just scratching the surface here and this is just a sample .... I'm sure that there will be many more accolades forthcoming.....

 Full Tilt, Full Time!

Tedy's Props

Tedy's Thoughts

Awards & Recognition

Totally Tedy

Bill Belichick:

 "I think that there are certain players that sometimes you can't even find the right word or the right identification, but you just know that they are playmakers. They just have a knack for making plays. They have an instinct for the ball or an instinct for the situation. They just seem to make the right decision at the right time and not always do the same thing. They could have the same situation come up a couple of times, one time do one thing, one time do something else, but it's the right thing. Tedy is one of those players. He's very instinctive. He's been a high producer at every level of football he's ever played, regardless of what position it's been at, line, linebacker, special teams. Whatever he's asked to do, he's a good football player. He's the type of guy you want on the field in every situation."

Pete Prisco:  CBS Sportsline.com

Give me 22 Tedy Bruschi's and I'll beat you every Sunday. That guy is a football player, pure and simple. He had seven tackles and two sacks against the Bills. Bruschi is worth every penny the Patriots pay him. If every player in the league played with the passion of Bruschi, we would have better football. I love that guy.

Patriots Pro Bowl cornerback Ty Law:

"He's our leader, he's a vocal leader.  He's an inspirational leader. He's everything to this defense. We have a lot of guys who step up in a leadership role, but Bruschi is the man in the middle. He took on that role and he ran with it. It's kind of like (quarterback) Tom Brady on the offense. We go where he goes."

Said Seymour:

"He's starting to get some recognition. The more he plays in big games, the more people will see he's an excellent linebacker. I think he sacrifices a lot, he does a lot for our team. Whether he gets the recognition or not at this point, he gets a lot of recognition around here."

Bill Belichick:

Bruschi has had a great season. He has done a terrific job for us, all the way around. His leadership. He is one of the team's captains. He is the defensive signal caller. He has to make a lot of adjustments from that linebacker position. His play on the run and in the passing game. He has been a solid player for us in the kicking game as well. Punt team, field goal team, kickoff return team. He has been an integral part of a lot of things we do both on and off the field. He brings high energy to the field as well. He has had a real good year.

Quarterback Tom Brady:

''Tedy's the guy I may look up to more than anybody on this team. ``Because it looks like he makes a great play every week.''


`Tedy's really stepped up in terms of taking control of the defense, and being a productive player. Our run defense has been a lot better than it was last year and he's a big reason for that. He also plays special teams. He's out there almost all day, and just plays his heart out.''

"It seems like every time he catches it, he ends up in the end zone. I should put him on offense." -- coach Bill Belichick

Linebacker Larry Izzo:

"Tedy's play there was one of the all-time greatest individual plays I've ever seen,"It took a lot of athletic ability. That's when you say an athlete is in the zone, for him to make that kind of play. To be able to snag the ball like that when he was about 5 feet away from the quarterback, and it's not like the guy is lobbing a little softball at ya, either. It just shows what kind of athlete he is."

12/07/03 Against Miami, Tedy sets an  NFL record four times in a row that he scored off a pick.

 09/19/03 Tedy Bruschi became the first player in team history to return three consecutive interceptions for touchdowns. The three scores came in the course of five games dating back to last season, including a 27-yard return for a score at Detroit on Thanksgiving and a Nov. 17 48-yard return at Oakland. …

Muscle and Fitness Magazine's 12th Annual Football SuperFeature

October 2002

by Jim "J. R" Rosenthal



Pepper Johnson in his book Won For All


"This is 'Mr. Heart.'  Tedy was slated to be a backup when the season began.  He stepped in when others were hurt and became part of our three-man inside linebacker rotation.  He finished the season as our starting middle linebacker and continued to play outstanding football despite a lingering back injury.


 09/02 Bill Belichick on Tedy:

"When you take a player who is a down lineman, and you put him on his feet as a linebacker, particularly inside linebacker, it's tough. To be able to read and react as quickly as he does is a little bit unusual. You don't see many guys who can make that conversion."

    "The thing about
Tedy that has enabled him to be so successful is that he is just a smart football player. Doesn't matter whether it's a punt return, punt protection, middle linebacker, goal line. Whatever the situation is, he instinctively picks things up quickly."

Bill Belichick 7/02:

You would like to have 53 Tedy Bruschi's, and be able to play them on every down, but its just unrealistic.

Superbowl 36 Media Week:

 Belichick called his linebacker Tedy Bruschi the "Troy Brown of our defense," "He's a very smart and instinctive player," said Belichick. "He has a very good feel for the game, both in running and passing. As a blitzer he knows where the ball is. He knows where to hit on plays. We ask him to do a lot and he is prepared. He does a lot of things well, no matter what we ask him to do. ...

12/29/01 " Tedy Bruschi is a microcosm of the Pats, an overachiever who keeps making plays he's not supposed to be able to make." - Bill Reynolds...Providence Journal 

12/16/01  From teammate  Roman Phifer:

``I always tell Tedy I like his style. He plays hard. He goes 100 miles an hour every play. It's fun to play with a guy like that. He inspires other people. He has the right attitude and approach to the game. I feed off of him.''

And from Ted Johnson:

``He's just a great football player. It's what he was put on this earth to do.  There are some guys who are meant to play this game, and some that aren't. Tedy was definitely meant to play football. If you see him in street clothes, your first guess might not be that he plays football, but if you turn on the film, and you see him play, there's no question. He plays for the pure reasons of playing, for the sport of it.''


 "That  kid  is  a  football  player," Belichick said. "Even though he  playing  on  regular  downs, he is playing some on third down, he is on the punt  team,  he  is  on the kickoff-return team. You can't say enough about Tedy.  You  put him out there and he just plays good no matter what you ask him to do. He would probably play on offense if we needed him."



"I think Tedy Bruschi is a little bit of an unsung guy (tonight)," said Belichick of Bruschi’s play against the Saints. "The last couple of weeks he stepped in there for Ted and Bryan and really played well in the middle both in the run and pass, and he made a couple of plays last week. I think he has done a nice job."


"You can't say enough about Tedy," Belichick said. "He's a good football player.  He's  smart. He's instinctive. For a middle linebacker, he's quick and  active in there, a contrast in style to Bryan and Ted. I think he's a very versatile player."

Coach Dick Tomey on Tedy:

"He has a motor that never quits.  He has such an incredible intensity. Bruschi will do whatever it takes to win. He is also one of the best leaders that I have ever coached."

   "Can he play in the NFL?  You bet he can. People may disagree and say Tedy's too small or too slow, but if he can't play up there, then they need to change the game."

 "His motor runs all the time.  It runs in practice, and it ran in  high  school.  When you looked at film of him, you wanted to keep watching because it was so great. He's just a wonderful kid."

"The first day of practice, Tedy impressed me more than any first-year player I ever saw.  It was his quickness and his youthful exuberance and his fire and temperament. He has adjusted to college football quicker than any player I have ever seen. He's going to be a beauty."

Totally Tedy

"They tell me I can play, I know I can play, so, shoot, let's just play...."

“The two things I depend on playing football are instincts and intelligence. I didn't have prototypical numbers coming out of the draft or anything like that as a defensive end. I knew how to play the game. I knew how to play defensive football. That's getting to the ball and tackling whoever has it. I felt like I had a feel for that. It took me a couple of years to get used to it once they switched me to linebacker but now I feel I can use my instincts and intelligence and start making some big plays for us also.”


On advancing to the 2003 playoffs:


"As high as we are right now, tomorrow we have got to come down. However many we won in a row, the division title, it doesn't matter if we lose. The veterans are going to stress that around here starting tomorrow."


After the season finale against Buffalo:


.....“Irony.... Isn't that the same score it was up there? Wasn't it a goal line stand and we couldn't get in? Talk about payback. It was very similar. I was sort of shaking my head a little bit how similar it was. It's a little strange, but maybe that's just Foxboro magic working itself again.”


Tedy on the Fans:

"It's the fourth quarter and we have a lead and they're still there," said veteran linebacker Tedy Bruschi. "We look up at them and smile and they smile back at us. It feels like we're one with the fans. We see them brave the elements. That's New England Patriot football and we play no matter what the elements are. They're sticking it out in the stands, so we'd better stick it out."

On the Pro Bowl:

     "I'm not really aware of the Pro Bowl thing. My brother jokes with me, saying, `Ted, I voted for you 10 times today.' I say, `Just chill out. We're getting ready for Jacksonville.' You know me. I'm not going to dwell on things like that. To me, success comes with winning football games. And that's what I want to do."

``I always have a goal every year, and that's to do better than I did the year before that. I'd like to think I've grown and improved myself mentally and physically as a football player each and every year of my career.''

On dealing with the rash of injuries:

“I just do what I do,” Bruschi said. “I don’t worry about the things I can’t control. When it comes down to it, I do the best I can to get myself ready to play.”


"We have heart in here," linebacker Tedy Bruschi said. "We're going to play tough. No matter who's in there, they're going to get the job done. That's what I've been saying the last few weeks. To you guys, I'm sure it's just something where I'm trying to keep the faith. But it's what I believe. We're a tough team."


On finally beating Miami in Pro Player Stadium:


"We got it done. Cool. Now let's move on."



On the injury situation (Week 3) 2003


 "You guys want us to be hanging our heads, well we aren't going to do that. We know we have to come in and be ready to move on with people stepping up and that's what we are going to do."


"Football will never be a business to me.  It will always be a game where as soon as the ball gets snapped, as soon as I get out on that field, I'm going to put my heart out there and be emotional no matter what the circumstances."


Tedy on the Turkey-Day Unis:


"It's just a great look, Don't get me wrong, the other logo is a great one, also. But I grew up watching the Patriots with this logo. To go to the throwbacks is something I like to do because I sort of consider myself a sort of throwback player. I've been waiting seven years to wear this.  You can payroll-deduct me now because I'm not giving it back. I want that jersey. I might even take the pants and the socks. I love this uniform. I'm hoping to maybe put it on my mantle with the other helmet."


Tedy on his Number:


"In high school and college I was 68.  Made that number famous.  I'd still be wearing 68 if I could have  but Max Lane had it when I came here so I had to switch.  I like 54 now.  It has a couple of meanings. Five and four add  up to nine and my mom told me in numerology that nine is the perfect number.  I was born June 9, my anniversary is the 27th, and 2 and 7 are 9 and 54 are the actual number of sacks I had in college because I had 52 and then two in an all star game."

"It wasn't just a win,  What was that win? It was the Super Bowl. And if [the Rams] couldn't get up that one time, that one game, they've got the problems, not us. You can't demean what we did. Nobody can, no matter what you say because there have been 36 Super Bowl champions and we're one of them."

 "I feel so proud because the people there make me feel good. I feel proud to bring that silver trophy home with me."


"There's a sign at our stadium that reads 'Full Tilt. Full Time.' That's my section. I've adopted those guys because I like that motto."

"Tedy being born, that was the most incredible experience.  His arrival totally changed my life. I was thinking, 'I'm a family man now.' It really clarified for me what life is about. It's faith, family, football, and my main job is to be the best husband and father I can be.


"I have extreme loyalty to the organization and whoever they have coach the team is the guy I believe in.  You have to, as a player, commit to the coach you have. If you don't believe in him and his system, you won't succeed. It's that simple."


"I can assure you we don't have anyone on this team named Destiny."

    "You're looking at a guy who's been an underdog his whole life. I'm used to the role. I'm comfortable with the role, and there are a lot of guys who are also comfortable with the role,"

"I'd rather be a player with desire and heart and fire than a player with all the talent in the world.  I've seen so many guys with talent who should be here, but they're not, because they didn't have the heart or the desire."

"To be successful, you've got to want it. You've got to have a burning desire to go out and accomplish whatever it is you're determined to do.

"With me, I've always gone all all out. I give it all I've got and, whatever the result is, it is. Whatever I'm doing, I do it hard."

 ``I'm not a classic anything. I'm just a classic football player.  I've always been characterized as not this or not that. Whatever, man.  Put me out there and I'm going to get it done no matter what.''

"I think the key aspect of me sustaining an NFL career this long is my intelligence.  I know the defenses, different positions. I have had to learn a lot, under different coaches. I value my intelligence in football and what it's done for me. And I go all out -- always have."

Totally Tedy

2006 Season

Paul E. Tsongas Award for Exemplary Public Service

Rhode Island Italian-American Hall of Fame Inductee

2005 Season

NFL.com's All-Interview Team

USA Today's All-Joe Team

Maxwell  Football Club's Spirit Award

Ed Block Courage Award

Co-AP Comeback Player of the Year

(Week 8) AFC Defensive Player of the Week

2004 Season

Added to ProBowl 02/01/05!!

Associated Press All-Pro Second Team

Football Digest All-Pro Second Team

NFL.com's All-Interview Team

(Div. Playoffs) NFL Defensive Player of the Week

(Week 17) AFC Defensive Player of the Week

(Week 4) AFC Defensive Player of the Week

2003 Season

Super Bowl XXXVIII Champion!

Phil Simms' All Iron-Team  Captain

See what he won here!

Howie Long's Toughman

Peter King's All-Pro Team

AFC Defensive Player of the Week (Weeks 2 & 14)

AP All-Pro - Second Team ILB (11 votes)

All-Joe Team- USA Today

The Sports Network's 2003-2004 All-NFL Team


Bruschi wins AFC Defensive Player of the week in Week 14 (details here)


Tedy named AFC Defensive Player of the Week after an outstanding game against the Eagles in Week 2. 

details here: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/6648698

Once again, Tedy is chosen as a team captain.

2002 Season

Tedy chosen as one of the team captains by teammates.

 UA's All-Pac-10 Era Team

DE: Tedy Bruschi (1992-95)

2001 Season

Tedy, along with his team,  captured the most coveted prize of all... the Lombardi Trophy

 2000 Season

1) Ed Block Courage Award (Teammate Voting)

2) 12th player award for 2000 Season (Fan Voting)

3) New England Patriots Unsung Hero Award

Tedy named  #1 in the 100-Best high school football players in Sacramento-area history

 1. Tedy Bruschi Roseville DL 6-1 240 1989-90 Greatest impact defender ever; won games with sacks, blocked kicks, emotion.




Arizona  defensive  end  Tedy  Bruschi, who tied the NCAA career sacks record, made  the  Associated  Press All-America football first team Wednesday for the second straight season.  Bruschi,  the  only repeater from last year's team, had 14 1/2 sacks to tie the NCAA career record of 52 set by Alabama's Derrick Thomas.

UA Pac-10 Players of Year

1995: Tedy Bruschi


After his  junior  year  at  Arizona,  he  was a finalist for the Lombardi Award, presented to the top lineman in the country.



Bruschi,  a  junior,  on  Wednesday  was  selected  to The Associated Press All-America  team.  The  selection  elevated  Bruschi to consensus All-America status.

   "They  picked  one member off one of the best teams in the country, and I'm fortunate to be the one," Bruschi said. "It was a (defensive-line effort) that helped me get this recognition."

Tedy was named the 1994 Fiesta Bowl's most valuable player on defense.

 August 14, 1994

TUCSON - For Tedy Bruschi, the 1993 football season was one to remember.  His  Arizona Wildcats went 10-2, tied for the Pac-10 title and capped their season  with  a 29-0 slamming of Miami in the IBM OS/2 Fiesta Bowl. He led the Pac-10  in  sacks  with  18. He was voted the team most valuable player by his teammates. And he was a second-team All-America pick by The Associated Press.

December 7, 1993

Sophomore  defensive  end  Tedy  Bruschi from Roseville, Calif., was named the team's  most  valuable  player  at  the annual Arizona football banquet Sunday night in Tucson.

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