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Mrs. B.'s Annual Training Camp Reports

2002 Archive

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Here are some of my Archived list posts from 2002 Training Camp.

Bryant Sign


Disclaimer...... the references to "my man" in any of my posts do NOT refer to O-T-I-S  Smith.... rather, you-know-who!


Went to my first training camp of the season.  First of all....what a zoo but I'll get to that later.  I'm sure you're interested in the practice itself.  (Just forgive the heavy Bruschi observations that are sure to be included each day....we all have our vices!)  Some notes:


Didn't spot McGinest anywhere. Seymour and Light were not expected to practice due to surgery recovery and didn't.   Andruzzi, Patrick Pass and Antowain Smith were not suited up today but were present.  Read:  injured? flunked conditioning test?  No clue.


At the start of practice they all lined up to run across the field and MY Man was fired up!  He sprinted and reached the sidelines first, pumping his fist in the air.  After stretching, they broke off into groups and I was in the endzone of the first field so I only saw what was going on there. 


Patten was ON FIRE!  He made some awesome catches with Ty covering him.  Donald Hayes made some grabs too...man is he big!   Troy is Troy,,,, what more can I say.   But Patten was The Man today IMO.


Tedy put a Huge Hit on 15 Jimmy Harris,.....one I'm sure he won't soon forget.


Brady looked good, Lawyer was ticked at himself for a dropped near interception...


Most of the action was way down the other end of the field or on the left side so I couldn't get much.


Now on to the "other stuff".  The place was mobbed.  There were tons of screaming fans... I'd say thousands of them.  This year they designated an autograph signing area between the two goal posts and have assigned groups to sign on particular days.  Today was Defensive Backs.  Some other players stopped along the ropes in the usual areas but there wasn't much signing going on.  (Tedy signed quite a bit on the other side and never made it over to my section at all, so I'm bumming about that.  He did look fine though, even in his annual training camp buzz cut.) 


When Brady came by there were so many pushing, crazy nuts behind me that they bowled us over and my 10 year old ended up with people crushing him.  They pushed so much that the sign that we were behind actually fell over.  Brady bolted but who can blame him.  I predict that Frank (Sgt. Hulka as I call him) will pull the plug on Brady signing any autographs for fear of a riot!  (Btw... some fans asked Frank to see his ring... Man that thing is HUGE!!)


I must say, it was great to see football again, and be there with the players but it definitely was NOT as enjoyable an experience as the past due to the crowds and craziness!  Hopefully, the weekday early morning sessions are more bearable AND....more importantly for me... I can get a quality Bruschi Encounter out of the deal!


Mrs. B (hoping for Bruschi Encounter soon!)


7/27 Brief Notes

Just some quick notes....Went to camp for both sessions today. The morning was full pads and was a LOT less crowded and enjoyable.    Same walking wounded (and out of shapers) as yesterday.  They erected  plywood from the first set of bleachers to the "shute" due to yesterday's frenzy and subsequent "mini stampede."    Patten once again looked sharp, saw Compton get burned more than once, Brady was throwing well; Davey's arm was strong but erratic.   Al took a walk over to the north endzone and got some great pictures of the LBs doing drills.  Faulk saw a lot of action and was actually impressive. Woody played mostly guard.


After practice, the WRs were scheduled to sign but as Tedy walked across the field I gave him a yell and he saw me. We were giving each other that "what up" chin bob thing across the field and  he came right over and gave me a hug... we talked for a few minutes and he signed some things for me and the fans around me.  So... for me,  the morning session was a HUGE success.  Al also got LOTS of great close up pictures which we naturally had developed at the 1 hour between sessions.


The afternoon was just shorts and shoulder pads and was quite boring and somewhat sloppy. (My poor husband worked 3rd shift, hadn't slept and was beginning to fade...)  To be quite honest, I spent most of the session showing pictures and talking to some cool folks who just happen to have joined Zip's list recently ,had read my notes from yesterday, and who just happened to be right next to me at the ropes!    My legs were also sore from standing on that slope for hours (and from the killer quad workout at the gym that I haven't fully recovered from!)  It was a bit more crowded than the morning session but not as bad as Monday.  Linebackers signed after practice so I ended up with my 2nd Bruschi Encounter of the day.  Got some of the pictures signed from the morning session....(Vrabel, Pfifer, Chatham, Bruschi, Johnson)


Hitting the hay... will be back out there again in the morning,


Mrs. B. (the internet is a wonderful thing!)



Took a different tactic this morning at camp and it proved to be the best thing we could have done.  Spent the entire morning session on the sidelines rather than suffer in the endzone area.  We were able to move up and down the field at ease to watch the action.  Just went over to the "crazy" autograph area briefly for the sole purpose of getting Seymour's signature on a mini-helmet.  Succeeded in that and also gave him a double of a really nice picture that Al took of him yesterday.  (This is becoming an annual ritual, one that he remembered from last year and actually brought up to me!)  Anyway... on to practice itself. Both sessions were  in shorts. The morning was mini shoulder pads and the afternoon was in full size.  (Because we go to both sessions, I may be confusing morning and afternoon happenings so I'll just put them together.) 

    Some things of note.... While first team defense was on the field in position and the rest of the guys were doing scout team, they screwed up BIG TIME and Romeo was spewing the F BOMBS!!!  "You're running the wrong F-ing play... Huddle up.... No talking in the f-ing huddle....Pay attention...!!"  His voice was booming!! 

    My man made a nice pick off Huard and took it to the house during 7 on 7s.  Adam struggled  this morning... I've never seen him miss so many FG attempts.  At one point he missed 3 in a row before he got his first one.   Deion Branch looked AWESOME this afternoon.  TC Taylor also made some good grabs.  Patten, who is fast becoming a crowd favorite, was hot again today.    Faulk did some nice work on kickoff returns as did JR.   Jimmy Farris was LAID OUT by Lawyer and was visibly dazed.  Tedy made a nice fumble recovery and took it to the house.

    Quite a few players didn't practice this afternoon...Brown, Hamilton, Otis Smith, Compton, Pfifer were some that I noticed without pads.  Kickoff drills were fun to watch at  the beginning of practice...and some of the D got a kick out of it too.  The players had a ball in their hands and when the one coming from the ball machine came close they needed to toss their ball into the air, catch the incoming ball, then catch the one that they tossed.   Lawyer ended up falling into the crowd at one point (dang.... I was in the wrong spot  ;-).... then later tossed a football to the fan that he landed on!  MY Man took an unintentional low blow from TJ resulting in subsequent groaning and writhing in pain... (I'm sure every male in the area had empathy!) My husband quipped, "that Johnson will do anything to get that MLB job back, huh?"... YIKES!  I would say that Tedy doesn't want to hear  the word "Johnson" right around now....!

    I'm sure that there were more highlights that I'm forgetting to post but at this point, the practices are starting to become jumbled in my mind and it's getting late. I'll be back in the morning... originally expected the crowds to be real light but noticed that they announced QB autograph signings so I hope it's not too mobbed.


Mrs. B. (who heard some high notes today...YIKES!)



So, I thought that a workday Monday morning would be not so crowded....Man was I wrong!  Throngs of camp kids packing the place.... Actually, it was quite comical... the cheers and chants were non-stop.  Bruschi threw his gloves to the crowd and Milloy tossed his dew-rag and the kids went nuts.  I steered clear of the "crazy area."

    Regarding the practice,,,, Antowain, Pass, and GRR were suited up and practicing this morning. It was full pads this morning but I didn't catch much because lots of action was on the Left field.  In my section, we saw mostly defensive drills.   Romeo was rated G today...lol!  Tedy and TJ practiced sacks/fumble recoveries.... Man it was hot!   Also, the kicking team was in our field for most of the morning.  Adam was right on target today and looked much more like himself.  Andruzzi was "on a leash" as my son called it,  pulling a trainer across the field.   Kelly and Cleeland worked with the trainer as well.  The walking wounded crew is shrinking... :-)

    The left field saw lots of action....too bad I missed it!  The offense must have been showed up by the defense again because at one point the entire unit took a lap.  Play resumed and continued right until 11:00 today.  We're heading back out in a little while.


Mrs. B. (some like it HOT!)


7/29 PM

This afternoon was not crowded at all....it was beautiful!!   Guys were in shorts and full shoulder pads.  Hung on the defensive field again as always.  When they first began their drills, they were having the ball boys act as receivers as they were calling different defensive plays.  (The boys in white got quite the workout!)  Some were pretty fast...  Ty Law was itching to have a turn to run...he was threatening to "blow you boys away."  And that he did.  There were a lot of laughs among the guys during that part of practice.  (Forgot to mention a funny exchange between Pepper and Milloy yesterday...he was busting Milloy's chops during one of the drills and taunting him... "this one's got #36 written all over it."  Milloy was coming back with lots of "bring it on's!"  "It's coming for you 36..... Come on 36....")

    Once again, missed a lot of Offensive  stuff in the other field but had front row seats for THE EVENT of the afternoon....A fist fight between Stephen Neal and Riddick Parker.... which "emptied the bench ala Boston Red Sox. (That's if Parker is still wearing Sullivan's #71 as he was the other day,) 

     Towards the end of the practice they worked on 2 minute drills.. I must say.....YIKES!  Brady had one nice drive going for awhile.... completions to Patten, Brown, Patten again, then Branch, (IIRC the order, )then he blew a screen pass and  threw it away (?) and didn't come up with anything.  Huard fared no better.  Brady was up again and the offense still failed to score a TD.  I think there were 3 or 4 different 2 minute situations and the offense failed to deliver,  (Of course the purely optimistic could state that our D is just awesome but come on!)

    Tid Bits.....Tebucky Jones was very vocal out there today.  Branch is joining Patten as a fan favorite,  Forgot to mention yesterday that BB's father was at practice with him.  I'm sure you all know by now that Tylski pulled a Panos today and is no longer with us.  Reugamer was not dressed this afternoon. 

    I'm sure there's more that I forgot but I'm off to the gym and it's getting late.


Mrs. B. (who LOVES living 20 minutes from camp!!)



    Don't know if this will even reach the list buds as yesterday's report is nowhere to be seen but here goes....  

This morning's session was the most low key yet.  It was quite muggy and hot.  They were in shorts and mini-pads and did lots of simulations with no contact.  In my section the defense ran through plays  making reads and adjustments for quite awhile after drills. Kicking team took to my section of the field while the defense joined the offense on the other side.  Adam was right on the money today nailing 40 yarders like cake.   They worked on kickoff returns using Branch and Patten.  No sign of Willie...I had heard (or read) somewhere last night that he was expected back today.... perhaps he'll be there this afternoon.

    Tidbits:  Crowd wasn't bad at all.  Tom Brady just may have competition in the cover boy area (IMO!)  Christian Fauria is one, hot number!! 

    It's late and I'm off to the afternoon session now....


Mrs. B (who's fave is STILL the HOTTEST on the field!)


7/30 PM

  Camp was not crowded at all this afternoon.  There were even tons of bleacher seats open.  Guys were in shorts and regular shoulder pads and it was HOT.  Defense did their drills then worked on slant, out, and fade patterns.  The PG-13 award for today goes to Brad Seely..  they were working on punt returns and Umholtz kept going out of bounds.  He yelled, "C'mon, we only have so many reps here.... stop f@#&ing up, Tony!!"  On the other side of the field, I noticed Otis Smith pick off Davey, Ty Law pick off Brady, take it to the house, and proceed to gyrate..... (gotta love those moves!) then was yelling and taunting ... "Tomm-mmmmy!"  Later they worked on 3rd down situations and red zone situations.  There was some fast paced physical football going on.  Branch made a nice adjustment (don't recall who was covering him)  and scored the first TD that I've seen yet during these drills.    Milloy made a nice pick and took it to the house then his good buddy Ty went running out to him like a crazed fan shouting... Lawyer!!!!! jumping on him and high fiving...  quite comical....(and part of the reason why I LOVE training camp and I'm making these posts.... reading the papers give the technical football stuff but ignores the personal side of being there and seeing the different personalities.)

    Tidbits..... Big Willie was back in action this afternoon and didn't look any worse for the wear.  Noticed the following non-participants this afternoon: Pleasant, Hamilton, Fauria, Chatham, Pfifer and of course the usual, Seymour, Kelly, Andruzzi, Light, etc.  Big Hit of the Day Award goes to Antowain Smith for the hipcheck which he laid on Izzo who was covering him.  Larry flew and hit the deck and was clearly pissed as evidenced by his shouts of F*@!&!!!!!  Victor Green must have been right on with his interpretation of a play during the 3rd down drills because at one point Milloy went over to the coach to talk about it then yelled over to him "YO, V.!" and gave him the thumbs up.


Mrs, B.  (who has tennis in the tomorrow so... (GASP!) won't be attending the morning session.  :-(


7/31 PM

Missed this morning but made it there for the afternoon.  The Bruschi family was there... I would have loved to say Hi and introduce myself....  I can't believe that it was the only session that I missed... Big news of the day....(which everyone knows by now) was the Charlie Weiss was at practice on a motorized cart.  It must have been a long day for him out in the sun...it was very HOT!  He looked pale and his face looked real thin and drawn.  He was wearing shorts and you could see that he wore orthotics up to the knee.   I hung on the defensive side as always.  Guys were in shorts and mini-shoulder pads...(I heard that I missed a physical full pad practice this morning.... NUTS!)  Pepper worked with the linebackers and Romeo worked with the defensive line.  The big guys were kinda goofing while working on balance and coordination .... they looked like they were speed skating in slow motion...

    When both units came together they worked on pass plays with guys substituting in and out.  It was very fast paced as they were simulating real game situations.  The defensive players were standing in front of us so we didn't get to see much of the field at times but I like being 5 feet away from the players!  Heard lots of "Big Bru, Big Ted, Big Mac, you're in!"  from Pepper.    He needs to make a recording so that he doesn't have to keep reminding guys to stay behind the lines on the side line... "We're backing up..... We are backing up, right guys....." Sometimes he even sings it!!!   Coleman and Givens made big catches off Huard.   Antwan Harris (now out of the red jersey) sacked him and was quite excited as he screamed... "that's a sack baby!!"  Special teams units worked on punt coverage, safeties worked on knocking down passes (of the hail mary type...)  On the other field, Adam must have been hot because his fan club (of young ladies and/or kids) were quite vocal. 

   Tidbits... RB, FB and TE's were signing today but didn't go over to that section at all... Instead my man came over and we took our "annual" training camp photo.  Of course, I didn't mind that he was hot and sweaty..... ;-) I noticed that he was hobbling a bit (as he was yesterday after practice) and I asked him if he was feeling the heat.  He told me that he has blisters the size of half dollars on both his feet.  You'd never know when he's on the field though....  We spoke for a few minutes and some fans came over for autographs... He signed some and later I saw him signing more over by the gym when we went to the parking lot.  (BB gave him some PROPS today... check out today's PVN http://www.patriots.com/mediaworld/mediadetail.sps?id=19251 and BB's press conference http://www.patriots.com/news/fullarticle.sps?id=19255&type=general here!)  Deion and Graham are looking good.. Patten made a good grab and my son was happy to report that he dove so far that he almost fell on him... Here's a side note about Patten... my husband took a nice close up picture of him the other day and when my son gave it to him to sign yesterday,  he wrote on it..."To Jacob, Be so good, they can't ignore you!"  He's another class act....

    The PG-13 award today goes to none other than Tedy.... He was covering Edwards and tagged him then yelled out "That was a....... Pussy Route!"


Mrs. B .( who gives a nice pedicure... ;-)



    Single practice today on the main field at Bryant.  It was HOTTER THAN HELL!   We all sat in the bleachers for the afternoon.   Basting in blistering hot aluminum benches in the blazing sun....  It's amazing to me just how stupid some people can be.... Here we all are, crammed into the metal bleachers because the chairback seats at the 50 are reserved for family and VIPS and I can't tell you the number of people who came up and tried to sit there.... Like the rest of us who had been there forever would NOT have grabbed them first.....Duhhhh...Like  we were all so dumb to  CHOOSE a bench over a seat!!  Lesson.....If it seems to good to be true....   When it came right down to it, there ended up being plenty of room.... the people around us must have changed at least 10 times before it was over... Many people just couldn't take the heat and left. 

    Judging by how much I was sweating, (and I LOVE HHH weather!), it must have been unbearable for the guys in full gear.   They started practice with 1 hour of the usual stretching and drills by unit.  Then from 3-4 they took to the field and ran through different situations (passing game, Red Zone, punt blocking)  with the clock.  I initially thought it would be a scrimmage but it wasn't.  They played  no-contact football.  On the first play Vrabel had a near INT off Brady, and the second, Tedy bowled over Scott McCready which got a rise out of the crowd.  (He was running too fast and plowed right into him....)  Brady started slow but then got into a rhythm.  Graham and Fauria had some nice grabs and Hayes had quite a few.  Branch, Patten and Brown are steady as  ever.   Coleman and McCready scored with Huard as the QB. 

     Davey took a lap for a fumble, there were a couple for offsides and Romeo blasted Jarvis Green for going after the QB(sack)  thus stopping the play rather than allowing the D to run it through. "How many times do I have to tell you to stay away from the quarterback?!"  (Must be tough to go against instinct.... but he screwed up so he took the lap.)

    Tidbits:  Before practice started Tom Brady was goofing around with the the special teams guys.... Brady did some long snaps and Lonnie reciprocated by throwing some passes.  Brady also tried his hand (foot...hehehe!) at punting.  Not bad for some laughs , but stick to throwing Tom! LOL  My man was really feeling the effects of those blisters as he could barely walk after practice.... It's amazing though; it's like he has a switch that he turns on and off; the minute he's on the field, it's Full Tilt, Full Time of course!! I'm hoping he gets a break tomorrow so he can heal up. (Especially since I just heard that they are having Saturday off... it will give him a couple of days rest.)    There was no autograph session after practice, and judging by the dragging feet, I'm glad that they got a break.


Mrs. B. (who's sporting quite the training camp tan right about now)


    This morning was a walk through in every sense of the word.  Guys were in shorts, jerseys, no pads at all and sneakers.  Offense did their thing on the left field and defense took their usual spot on the right.  I spent 45 minutes looking at the backs of the defensive players while  they listened to the coaching staff.  It seemed that the other field had a little more movement but not much.

    When it was over, the entire team came and signed autographs rather than just the scheduled group.  Although there were lots of camp kids there we were able to get quite a few anyway.  Jacob secured the entire 2001 starting O-Line alone on a mini helmet.  He also got Graham alone on a mini helmet.  Got the following on pictures.... Redmond, Vrabel, Grant Williams, Compton, Fauria, Inzer, Hayes, Coleman, Compton, Otis Smith, Saylor and the "annual" training camp pic with Tedy.   Could have gotten many more but didn't have any pictures for them to sign. 

    Tidbits:  Spoke to Joe Andruzzi for a bit... he did a bit of running out there with the trainer but said it's slow going.   He seemed really down.  Grey Reugamer seems like a real riot... he had his jersey wrapped around his head and hanging down and with that long chin hair he looked an awful lot like King Tut!    Everytime I look at him he's laughing about something.   When we left, Andruzzi, Williams, Inzer, Graham, Compton, JR, and Ashworth  were still there signing...long after everyone else was probably showered and on the way home.  (Saw GRR along side of us on Rt. 7.)   Got home and read that afternoon practice is cancelled and the guys are off until Sunday. I'm glad for them and ..... Looks like I can get to that mounting pile of laundry after all!


Mrs. B. (gonna soak in the hot tub and take  a dip in the pool!)



Today's session was full pads although it was in the afternoon.  Seymour and Light were practicing with the regular squads today but wore red caution jerseys.  I spend most of my time in the far red zone area of the defensive field and most of the practice was on the other side of the field today so I didn't see much.  (We also had someone with us who was originally from RI but moved to California and is here on vacation so my attention wasn't as focused as usual.) 

    I'll give just the TIDBITS for today.... When the defense was running through drills, they were pumped up.  (The fact that they got some........ A-HEM....  "rest"  this weekend must have done them some good!)  I got my usual hello from My Man!  Troy went down in the middle of the field from an apparent low blow or groin pull.  I didn't see the play but did see him limping and he laid in the middle of the field in a fetal position for a few minutes while the trainers gathered around.  I did see him running some routes later so he appears to be fine.  The Krafts were there today and Myra spent her afternoon cruising around on a golf cart and reading a novel.  (Saw Bob talking to Gil Santos after the practice outside the media tent.)  NFL officials were at practice but they were on the other side of the field from me.  Ran into Miguel wearing his BB Brigade shirt and spoke for awhile. He told me again that he thought I was the "real" Mrs. Bruschi until my post last week about Heidi being at camp  ....LOL!   Showed off my great pics too!  Andruzzi was "on the leash" again.  Chatham did some intense work with a trainer...he must be getting real  close.   Lonie had a date with the peroxide bottle over the weekend judging by his bleach blond doo.  After practice the O-Line was scheduled to sign but when Tedy was leaving the field (after doing extra work with TJ and Pepper) the crowd was going wild.... "Bru-schi! Bru-schi! Bru-schi!" He dropped his equipment and started raising  his hands to get them to chant louder, laughed,  then went over to sign for awhile... TJ joined him then was reprimanded by Frank yet again for taking too long.  Hopefully, they use the field on my side tomorrow morning and I can report on some football!


Mrs. B. (hahaha...Miguel!)


    Camp didn't seem that  crowded today until the "crazy time" autograph session... then I don't know where everyone came from!  Guys were in full pads today which surprised me since they are playing at the stadium tonight.  Once again, most of the action was on the other field....I'm starting to get a complex!  During defensive drills, Big Willie was rocking today!  He and another player (didn't catch who...) were hitting the double sled and it went airborne and tipped right over.  He was hooting and hollering like crazy. They ended up breaking the dummy off the thing!

    Walter was punting in our field while the rest of the squad was working on kickoffs in the other field.  There were NFL officials on the field with them and I saw some yellow flags being thrown...must be working on the new rule changes.  The infirmary crew was in my field most of the morning.  Looks like Andruzzi was practicing for his conditioning run as he ran back and forth numerous times with little rest in between.  Kelly and Chatham must be close as they were working hard out there. Haven't seen much from Cleeland....

    Defense did take to my field once and they were working on different packages with scout team but it was brief.  Went over to the signing area specifically to get Milloy and Law on some great pics  that Al took the other day.  Used my vocal talents and the lure of a great pic to get Lawyer to come right over.  He was heading to another section but I managed to divert him. He loved the pic and asked me for a copy which I instantly produced.  Said he wanted to send it home to his daughters.  Didn't get Ty as Brady came by just about that time and I decided to remove myself from the mayhem.  Didn't see many of the other DBs signing but they may have while I was talking to Milloy.

    Camp is at 2:30 tomorrow and I'll be back.

Mrs. B. (who could never be described as quiet and shy!)


The single session of camp was at 2:30 today and was quite packed. It's the last day for the Patriot's Experience so the crowd may die down somewhat since there will be nothing to draw camp kids and families besides football.  It was very breezy and I froze out there today since I didn't change after tennis.   Once again most of the action was in the left field but did see some in my section.   During defensive drills, Romeo was on Neal during 1:1 drills saying "What was that?!" I hope you're going to make him do that over...." then when he did, he said, "It was better.... but NOT MUCH!"   Then they moved over to the other field and the walking wounded worked out near us.  Mike W. was timing Womack and a big dude wearing 99 (nothing on the roster and I'm not sure who else is injured) running across the field.  Andruzzi and Kelly worked with him as well.  Troy was doing Stairmaster in the corner.  Charlie worked directly with the 3 QB's in our field while the rest of the squad was in the other.  At that time I saw a couple yellow flags fly and later Huard took a lap.

    They moved  to my section and worked on passing routes with DB's.   Hayes made a nice grab with tight coverage from Ty Law.  Deion looked sharp as ever as did Patten.  Givens and Farris saw some action and Fauria made some grabs.  On the other side I could see Antowain catch  some out of the backfield.  They moved onto 7:7's in my field.  Patrick Pass was wide open and blew a beautiful pass from Rohan.  Ivan Fears was yelling "catch the ball!" and Belichick piped in... "You gotta make those!"  He was clearly not happy.  During that drill, I watched MY MAN impersonating a Pats cheerleader on the sidelines.  (Had some good moves too!!)  Later Adam practiced field goals in the windy conditions and was on fire.  Hopefully that will be good news for windy Gillette Stadium.   

    TIDBITS: I could see a "big unit"  across the field with a shoulder all wrapped up and iced for the second half of practice...it looked like Woody to me.  But if it was, he didn't have it on after when he was walking with his wife and kids.   Before the practice, I stuck my head in the media tent and asked Lawyer if he sent his picture to his girls... He said yes... and thanks!  He was in there with Hamilton and Ty Law.  I told Bobby that I had a good one of him too and I'd give it to him after practice.  I spent the second half of the practice in the company of Ty Law's mother and adorable daughter Tya.  She was a riot and came out with some real good ones.  I gave her a picture of her Daddy to give to him and had a little small talk with "Momma Law" as Otis called her when he came by with Ty after practice.  Al got some great pics of him  with Tya right in front of us.  Ty told Tya to call over Uncle Lawyer... but he didn't hear her and kept going.  I tried to wait for Hamilton by the bleachers but the security guard kept asking us to move.  (He even kicked out Ty's crew...) When Bobby came by, he spotted me and came over but stopped to sign a few autographs next to me... The next thing you know, it was like the flood gates opened and the crowd was huge.  It was running late and Frank was having conniptions because people were pushing and shoving.  He signed as many as he could, apologized to the crowd, came to me, got his pic, signed my copy then left. 

    I'm sure there's more that I forgot but that's my snapshot for the day.  BTW... I have received quite a few private emails of late from people thinking that they've seen me at camp...  I have tomorrow (Wed.)  and Thursday left, so if anyone is going I can ALWAYS be found near the defensive unit doing drills at the beginning of practice right after the warmup exercises.  I then make my way up and down those sidelines for the remainder of the practice until the autograph session when I may or may not move over to the other side depending on who is signing.  If anyone is there on those days, stop by and say hi if you like... I'm in a Bruschi jersey (if it's not too hot) and my little guy wears 52 and a red Pats cap.


Mrs. B.  (always watching D)



So much for my theory about smaller crowds because the Patriots Experience is closed.  Very big crowd this morning.  They had a VIP parking area set up and lots of people were in the tents on the offensive side.  At the beginning of practice, they generally walk through whatever they went over in meetings the night before and that took quite awhile today.  Then of course they did their warm-ups and broke off into units.  The familiar call of Romeo could be heard summoning his boys, "Hur-ry, Hur-ry, Hur-ry!!  

     Clearly planning for the Giants as Ryan was saying things like "They'll be pulling these two plays on ya all night".... etc to Ted and Tedy.  Ratcliff Thomas and Maugaula Tuitele have begun working with the Ted and Tedy duo on drills.   During defensive drills, Hamilton was quite animatated and vocal today... I could see the O-Line in the far corner pushing the 5 man sled on their knees using just upper body.  Defensive line was pushing theirs  while crawling.  Defense worked on nickel and dime packages with Pepper as QB while offense took to their field.  Later, both units worked on 7-7. It was in the other field and I didn't see much but I saw  Tedy made a nice play to prevent Walter Williams from connecting.  Brady went to Fauria for a TD. TC Taylor made a nice grab under tight coverage.  Branch tipped the ball and Tebucky intercepted.

    After practice, we went over to the autograph area because Linebackers were signing and I had some good pics of that unit.  MY Man was on the field with Heidi and son, but I didn't even know that until the end.   Right next to us was a boy in a wheelchair and Vrabel signed his hat then took it and went to the other guys that were signing, (Willie, Pfifer, etc,) and had them sign it too.  :-)  When we left, Tedy's wife was parked next to us, so I introduced myself and we spoke for a bit.  She was very nice and Tedy Jr. is the cutest little guy!  I told her how happy my kids were when he came to my classroom and how much I appreciated it. She said it was nice to finally meet me and thanked me for some things that I had sent for the boys.

TIDBITS: No sign of Charlie this morning. Woody wasn't dressed to practice nor was Troy or Graham.  The big #99 from yesterday that was doing timed runs with Mike W. was Setema Gali...(I checked the roster board.)  He, Andruzzi, and Kelly were running again.  Adam got a new short haircut!..(just in case you care...lol),


Mrs. B. (who is a shrimp standing beside Heidi!)



  This afternoon's session was not as crowded but there were two types of folk there.... VIPs in business attire (with women in dress pants and heels...YIKES!) and football fans.   The wind from this morning died down and it got quite warm.  Before practice, I gave Ty the pictures of him and Tya and he was very gracious.  The afternoon practice seemed long today...lots of walk through situations using 2nd and 3rd teams.  During defensive drills you could hear Lawyer singing and I saw him dancing at one point.   Hamilton was still in the same mode as this morning, too. 

    Troy worked with a trainer and took some bullets while keeping his feet planted.  The guy was firing them and he caught them with ease...god, he's got good hands! This morning he worked with him too..... turning 180 degrees just as the ball was coming and making the catches without a bobble or a flinch.  Defense worked with scout team again (nickel, dime, 3-4) then full squad took the field.  BB called for 11-11 then 7-7 and the tempo rose... Heard lots of "Louie-Louie's" and "Linda-Linda's"...lol Some plays of note.... Tedy deflected a pass and Je'rod Cherry made a nice INT.  Branch is just UNBELIEVABLE..... he certainly doesn't look like a greenie, good hands, very quick and runs nice routes  He is the REAL DEAL!!!!! ... Givens made some nice catches and Farris made a nice one right up the middle.   Sealy and Mangini spent lots of time with the backups running through different simulations.... the vets took a knee for quite awhile resulting in my assessment that it was a LONG practice.

    Tedy came over after and I gave him the pictures of him and Tedy Jr. from the morning and I said goodbye in case I don't talk to him tomorrow..... It's hard to believe that my camp adventures are fast coming to an end!

    TIDBITS:  Charlie was back on the field this afternoon.  Huard and his snapper (forgot who...) took a lap for a fumble during 11-11.  Vrabel was goofing on me this morning.... He used my Sharpie to sign a picture and kept signing things and started to move on... I said "Mike, don't forget about my Sharpie." He said, "Your SHAHHHHPIE?"  Don't you have another one in your CAHHHHH??" I said sure, but my CAHHHH is in my GARAHHHHHGE!"  We had a good laugh... what can I say... I'm from Rud-eye-lin!


Mrs. B (who loves Training Camp!)


8/8 and Final Camp Report!

  I can't believe that my fun has come to an end! There was just one practice this morning.... scheduled from 10:00-11:30 but it actually ran past 12:00.  Guys were in shorts and mini shoulder pads.  The crowd was huge even along my sideline.  Unfortunately, after drills, everything was on the other field.  Lots of kicking game work..... onside kicks, kickoffs, returns, punts, having the team line up like after a safety.
    Offense must have been REAL bad at one point because the entire unit took not ONE but TWO laps led by Brady and Huard with Kenyatta Jones and GRR holding up the rear. Unbeknownst to many "fans" in the stands who cheered ,them as they ran by, the laps were not for their benefit, rather a penance for bad performance.   Salt in the wounds, anyone?
    It must have worked because from afar I could see a great grab and TD from McCready followed by a Hail Mary tip off TD by Hayes.  FB Dragos scored in the other endzone.  Huard and his snapper (same one as yesterday) Patrick Downey took a lap for a fumble..... deja-vu? Patten scored a nice one too. Couldn't see much else as we were on the other side of the field and the players were in front of us.  Heard Pepper's familiar bellow of "We're backing up!" as the guys were too close on the sidelines yet again.
    TIDBITS: Woody was back in action today wearing a red caution jersey. Big Richard was back in blue....as he shed his red jersey.  Cleeland is still in red.  Troy worked with a trainer on lateral catches and did some ab work on a Swiss Ball.  Kelly and Andruzzi did some running. Saw Graham with a large ice wrap around his knee.  Charlie was present.
    There was a whole camera crew and media group in the corner filming  all morning.  A security guard told me that it was the people from  WFAN doing a show there.  Tedy came by after practice and I got to say goodbye again and scored a hug.   He brought Ted Johnson with him to sign Jacob's jersey, who commented about our being at camp everyday and spoke to Jacob for a little bit.  Made my little guy's day.  The O-line stopped at our section as well as Troy, Hamilton, and a couple others who weren't scheduled to sign today. Gave out lots of doubles of the guys to send home to the wives.  Saw Milloy in his boxy ride beside us on Rt. 7 at the redlight... Practice is cancelled for the afternoon so maybe they have some time off.

    All in all, I must say, I had a completely AWESOME training camp experience this year and I'm glad to be able to share my somewhat unique view with fellow fans who are not as fortunate as I am.  I know many people are hoping they move training camp to the stadium but I for one hope things stay as they are... I have a good routine going and I'm afraid that my access will be limited there.

    I'm off to NH for two weeks of relaxation on the lake but will be coming home for the Eagles game and my first visit to Gillette!  GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. B.  (will be having TC withdrawals big time!)


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