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Updated    12/05/10

7:54 PM

Site now pretty much in archive mode.

Go Pats!

Player Appearances/Candids


With Bobby Hamilton at Independence Mall 04/18/04

With Ted Johnson 4/18/04

Ty Warren (didn't do the autograph because they only had pics with the wrong number!)

Tedy addressing the crowd in Providence 05/08/04.

Christian & Tedy hold the Lombardi Trophies.

Fauria, Paxton, Hochstien, Green, Cloud, Warren & Bruschi in Providence

Tedy with the Lombardi and Providence Game Ball.

World Champions visit Providence.

(photo ProJo)

With Christian Fauria in Providence.

Karen & Lonie 5/9/04

With Troy Brown at his Celebrity Bingo 5/13/04

Bethel Johnson

David Givens

Pepper Johnson

West Valley Inn Card Show 5/15/04

Presenting Bruschi Backer Hoodies

Haverhill Boys Club: Christian Fauria, Kliff Kingsbury & Asante Samuel (Picture: Lea FTFT54)

"DJ Lonie" at Cabo San Funway, 5/20/04

With Jarvis Green at the Active Force benefit.

Chowing on Paxton Tacos while Dan Koppen and LP chat.

TedyB was in the house!

Lonie Visits & We Have a Courtyard Tailgate! 06/03/04

Look who's here!


Checking out the Guns!

A big Bear Hug!

Snapping to the kids across the courtyard!

"Can I be Adam's holder?"

Taking pix with the kids.

Grilling up some of Mrs. B's Famous Steak Tips!

Lotsa Ink!

Checking it ALL out!

"Shake it like a Poloroid picture..."

Signing the pix.

Go Pats!!

Troy Brown at the Block Party 06/12/04.

With Katia and Patrick Pass.

Farewell and Best Wishes to Bobby Hamilton.

Honorees Charlie and Maura Weis with Dan Koppen at Challenge Unlimited benefit 06/15/04.

With Charlie Weis (and The Ring!)

Wearing Dan Koppen's ring.

Joe Andruzzi @ Warwick Mall 09/13/04



With Pires and the newest Pats Fan, Christopher!

With Corey Dillon in AZ.

Ashworth, Gorin & Fauria in AZ

OLine studying in AZ

Troy Brown, post game.

Graham greets his peeps.

Post Game


Christian Fauria @ the Warwick Mall 09/20/04 (Thanks R&K) ---->



Christian with Kate & Rhiannon

Matt Light at his Casino Night 10/04/04

Tom Brady

Vrabel's the first celeb out....

Don Davis

Brady at the table.

Mike Vrabel

Rosevelt Colvin

Tom Brady

Tedy Bruschi

Still Alive...

Almost out...


Giving all the details...

One of the last celebs standing...

With Mike Vrabel and Larry Izzo

Big Sey 93

Mary's St. Louis Pix

Rosevelt Colvin at The Extra Point (Warwick Mall)

Patrick Pass 11/15/04

Joe & Jen Andruzzi @ Our Sailing Star benefit 12/13/04

Your hosts...

Dinner w/ the O-Line up for bids...

Lonie Paxton & Matt Light

Paxton and Hochstein

A pool game with Corey Dillon on the auction block.

Pool with Willie Mac?

Tedy signing a ball

How about 18 holes with Tedy and Ted?


Lonie with his new toy!

Tedy and Koppen in Miami 2004

Checking in

Adam and Graham





Tedy stops by the tailgate 01/02/05

Ty Warren at Warwick Mall 01/03/05

Rotman Signing 01/11/05

Corey Dillon @ Rotman

Tedy B

Seymour & Harrison

Big Sey recognizes Mrs. B.

Big-Sey and Rodney

Getting yet another Bruschi item signed...

Tedy and Zip share a few words

Lonie at Warwick Mall 01/25/05

Joe Andruzzi @ the Warwick Mall Rally 02/1105

"I've worn this hat to 19 SuperBowls..."

Colvin and Chatham

Rosey flashes 3!

Christian takes the stage.


Christian and Joe on the air.

Bryan asks the questions...

"Can I have a Hug?!"

Mr. GQ

Matt Chatham

Hey Champ!

Joe waves to Mrs. B


Christian @ the Burlington Mall in April (thanks Jenine)



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Bruschi Backers  TEDY'S TEAM

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