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Go Pats!

 Click HERE for 2007 Tailgate adventures!

General Tailgate Information Directions Charity Information
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 Welcome to the THE RAZOR'S EDGE TAILGATE!   Once again, it looks like another season of Tailgate Roulette due to  the construction of Patriot Place and the continuing changes of the property surrounding the staduim.    Our intent is to remain at our location along the pedestrian walkway where we've been set up for the past couple of seasons, however it is considerably smaller this year. (The lot, accessible from Entrance P2 is now called Lot 3. See below for details.)  Although the  sites may change, our philosophy and open door (ok...tent) policy remains the same. Our merry band of Patriot faithful include a group of "regulars" but we always welcome the company of fellow Patriot fans (and those of opposition as well).  Generally, people show up with their gear and food but we welcome anyone to stop in and join us with or without supplies and rations.  There is always plenty to go around and for those that insist on contributing "something" we have set up a donation bin for Charity. 100% of the money collected this year will be donated to the Tedy's Team  See below for more info.

Tailgate crew 09/09/02 Inaugural Game at Gillette Stadium

As all hard core Pats fans know, Patriot Sundays are not just about the game; rather the entire experience of the event!  So, the pre-game and post-game tailgates are an important component in the success of a Full Tilt Full Time Pats Experience. 

  Al and I tailgate with Zip and crew each week and partake in all of the rituals that it entails.  Of course, the company is a lock, the Bruschi Brew is a given, Monty's post game steak tips are always welcome (and  according to some, so is my cold weather chili and warm weather linguini and clams....)  We arrive early and stay late; partake in  the merriment, consume far too much food and drink ... (hmmmmm.... do Jello shots qualify as a food or a drink??), share Pats talk and camaraderie.

 Naturally, being the social butterfly that I am, I flit from place to place with nary a closed jaw.... Al mans the grill whilst I  provide the "hot air" on a cold day and catch up with all my buds, scoring hugs along the way.... At this point, my shy guy has joined forces with the regulars and he and Monty can often be seen indulging in the weekly flavor of premium cee-gars.  (I'll stick with sampling the latest microbrew, thank you very much!)

    The outcome of the game is never a guarantee, although if you ask Zip or Karen, a Pats win is always predicted!  But, one thing is for certain, regardless of the score we all leave Foxboro having enjoyed the most excellent company and  companionship of friends.... something that cannot be dampened even by a Pats loss (which doesn't happen often!  Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Click HERE to read about our weekly adventures!!

  Tailgate Directions

Visit Gillette Stadium.com for complete stadium, parking, and general  info!

Directions From Patriots.com

Gillette Stadium By Car

From Boston: Interstate 93 South (S.E. Expressway) to Interstate 95 South; Take Interstate 95 South to Exit 9 (Wrentham) onto Route 1 South. Follow Route 1 South approximately 3 miles to Gillette Stadium (on the left).

From Cape Cod: Interstate 495 North to Exit 14A onto Route 1 North. Follow Route 1 North approximately 4 miles to Gillette Stadium (on the right).

From Maine, New Hampshire: Interstate 128 South to Interstate 95 South; Exit 9 onto Route 1 South. Follow Route 1 South approximately 3 miles to Gillette Stadium (on the left).

From Northern Connecticut, Vermont, Upstate New York: Interstate 90 East (Massachusetts Tnpk.) to Route 495 South; Exit 14A onto Route 1 North. Follow Route 1 North approximately 4 miles to Gillette Stadium (on the right).

From Southern Connecticut, Rhode Island: Interstate 95 North to Interstate 495 North; Exit 14A onto Route 1 North. Follow Route 1 North approximately 4 miles to Gillette Stadium (on the right).

Train Schedule

Gillette Stadium by MBTA - Patriots Games ONLY

Patriots Games last modified: August 10, 2007

From South Station
South Station 5:50 P.M.
Back Bay 5:55 P.M.
Dedham Corp. 6:10 P.M.
Norwood Central 6:15 P.M.
Foxboro/Gillette Stadium 7:05 P.M.
From Providence
Providence 5:50 P.M.
S. Attleboro 6:00 P.M.
Attleboro 6:10 P.M.
Mansfield 6:20 P.M
Foxboro/Gillette Stadium 7:00 P.M.

Trains will depart 30 minutes after the completion of the game.

General Information:

  • Tickets are $10 for the round trip and may be purchased for cash only. No other Commuter Rail tickets or passes may be used.
  • Coolers and backpacks will not be allowed on the trains. No personal possessions may be left on the trains. Trains will depart Foxboro 30 minutes after the conclusion of the game.
  • For more information about attending Patriots games via MBTA, log onto their site at www.mbta.com , or call 617-222-3200, or the ticket office info line at (800) 543-1776.


Directions To Entrance P2
Now called LOT 3 (2007)

From the North:

(If you get there too early they may not have the cones set up yet to allow traffic to travel "on the wrong side of the road" to get into the lot. If so, you'll need to go past the entrance, do a U-Turn on Rt. 1 and enter from the South.)

From the South:


 Continue on Rt.1 North past the stadium and enter P2 on your right.

The Lot:  As of 2007 is not called LOT3 (formally called Explorer Lot)

 Our goal is to set up along the grass at the pedestrian walkway between Lots 3 and 4.   

Parking and Grounds Map PDF


 Look for our tailgate setup which looks like this:

If they don't let us set up along the grass,  look within the first few rows since we're early birds and will be close to the front of the lot.

Best bet... drop me an email and I'll give you my cell phone so that we may hook up :-)


Our core group meets off site to insure that we arrive together and have enough space to set up the tents.   We are back to meeting up at the Dunkin Donuts on Rt. 1 NORTH of the stadium  1/2 hour prior to the scheduled lot opening.

Charity Information

 The Razorís Edge Tailgate has selected Tedyís Team as their Charity of  choice once again for the 2007 Tailgate Season. This year we are choosing, as we did last year,  to join our efforts towards Tedy Bruschi's Charity, Tedy's Team, in our Game Day Collections.  After his stroke and recovery efforts, Tedy dedicated his philanthropic efforts towards joining forces with the American Stroke Association.  Strokes are the leading cause of disability and third leading cause of death in the United States.  There are innumerable worthy charities and we cannot reasonably aid them all but we believe we have selected a worthy option and ultimately hope that by doing what we enjoy, tailgating for Patriots game-day, we are able to bring about a little help to one worthy cause.

I have spoken with the Charity Director and they are glad for any of our efforts and exceedingly supportive of our Full Tilt - Full Time crew.  Please feel free to review the considerable information on their Website at: www.strokeassociation.org/tedysteam

Tedyís Team focuses on organizing two charity runs a year (the Boston Marathon and the Falmouth Classic), and all of the donations are sent to support the American Stroke Association. All of our donations will go directly to the American Stroke Association through Tedyís Team.

As always our Tailgate remains an open place of welcome, hospitality, revelry and Patriotic Fervor.  There is always food, beverage and friendship to be shared by the many guests and members of the Razor's Edge.  The Donation bin is always present and while we do urge you to consider that as a method of appreciation for the offerings, it is by no means a requirement.  Hopefully we can exceed all past efforts on all fronts.  Please do share the knowledge of the charity with the friends you bring to us and if you ever have trouble finding it please do ask as we try to ensure it is very visible but as the tailgate ranks swell on occasion this can be challenging.

Thank you as always, and now, letís get ready for some Football!


Below we will keep a running tally of all Tailgate Donation amounts and a single check will be given to Tedy's Team  at the conclusion of the Tailgate Season in early February!


Buffalo Bills $77

Denver Broncos  $37

Bengals @ Zip's $31

Miami Dolphins $121

Indianapolis Colts $55

New York Jets $88

Chicago Bears $85

Detroit Lions $106

Houston Texans $54

New York Jets Wildcard Game $438 WOW!!! 

Playoff Games @ Zip's $111


Total:  $1,203


Jets (@Zip's) & Chargers $159

Bills $86

@Bengals, Browns, @Cowboys, @Dolphins, Redskins, @Colts, @Bills, Eagles (@Zip's house and Tailgate) $486

Ravens (@Zip's) Steelers, Jets $61

Dolphins $66

Giants (@Zip's) $142

Jaguars $32

Chargers $32

Superbowl 42 (@Zip's) $200 


  Total $1264



2005 Donation of $600.00 was made to The Tomorrow Fund from The Razor's Edge Tailgate.

2004 Donation of $1054.00 was made to the CJ Buckley Foundation (Our Sailing Star) on behalf of the Razor's Edge Tailgate.



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