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Go Pats!

2006 Tailgates


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Washington Redskins

08/26/06 (preseason)


    Having just arrived back in RI from a week's vacation, The Cardozas unloaded the van of vacation gear, restocked with tailgate gear and headed out to pick up Bama who was up for the preseason tilt. We met up with the crew at our usual Dunkin Donuts rendezvous  then headed into P2 and set up along our coveted perimeter... right on the side of Westy and his mini-crew.


Top Bruschi Backers... Mrs. B and Zip!

   Clearly THE HIGHLIGHT of the night for me was greeting my best bud with a hug and having to stand on tip-toes to do it!!  It's soooo great to have Zip back on his feet and we're all eagerly awaiting the arrival of his new FTFT 4 legged Bruschi Backer!! After setting up the tailgate area and hoisting the Bruschi Banner together for the first time in quite awhile, we all settled in for a late summer evening of Patriotic camaraderie, libations and more food than we care to think about!


    We had quite a large crew this week, despite the absence of the regular season set.  Zip's guests included Bill and Melissa, Bob, Joel, Susan, and their friend  and tailgate newbie Marty.  Our neighbors Bobby and Diana and their friends Scott and Kelly rounded out our crew and they had a great time as well.  Robin, Geoff and  their friends pulled in along side and also brought more food than necessary... just  like the rest of us!  Also popping in during the pre-game was my Training Camp partner, Mike, Angie, Mark Morse, The Sheridans,  and Bill B with his son Cameron down from Vermont.


Kelly, Diana and Karen serve it up!



 Bruschi Brew 10 (final appearance) was flowing and platters of ribs, chicken, swordfish, kielbasa, brats, wings,  lasagna, veggies, chicken, etc. went round and round.  Of course, various snack foods, appetizers, and staples such as burgers were aplenty as well... Once our photo was taken (Bama left early to head into the stadium :-( and missed it), the banner was rolled and tents were lowered.  Big Al and I decided to head up to the heavens for the first time in 3 years to check out our real seats!


Bama and Big Al doing what they do best... :-)

Joel's massive Feta Burger!

Zip and Angie catch up..



    After securing a Margarita for the road, making the 10 mile hike up the ramps,  and attaching our oxygen masks, we settled in.  Thankfully, Beto brought his binoculars which allowed us to actually see the numbers on the jerseys of players as things were unfolding on the field.  I was also thankful for my hoodie as  the wind was whipping up and drying out my contacts...  All in all though, it wasn't that bad and we may continue to finally occupy our seats on a more frequent basis,  especially since we received a visit from our old neighbor from The Fox,   Randy,  and we reminisced about all the great times that we had huddled together in that old stadium.  It was great to catch up on old times!


    The preseason tilt turned out to be a 41-ZIP  blowout, we headed back to the lot and sparked the grills. Mrs. B's  Post Game Steak Tips as well as more rounds of the pre-game fare went round  and post-game discussion dominated the lot.  Tired, cold, and way too full, we packed it up  around 1:00, dropped Bama off at his hotel and headed home... to sleep in our own beds for the first time in a week!


Click here for complete album!


Buffalo Bills



    Are YOU Ready for some Football??  The long awaited and much anticipated season opener had finally arrived and  Jacob and I set out early to meet up with the crew.   Since Big Al was in Madeira Island with his family, my little man had the honors of kicking off the season and did a great job of helping out.  Armed with a huge batch of Buffalo Chili, our tailgate gear and two packed coolers, we were ready to begin the 2006 season of Patriotic support and tailgating fun!


    Unfortunately, we left the Dunkin Donuts  too early and weren't allowed to queue up on Rt.1 causing our 10 car caravan to pull a few U-turns on Rt. 1 in order to get back in line when the lots actually opened.  Thankfully, we were able to score a spot along the tracks, although a bit further up in the lot than normal.  We quickly got set up... filling 4 tents and spilling over a few cars deep on each end.   Of course, the mascot hung in its place of honor.. just the right height for a kick or two!



    Seasoned tailgaters Charts, Wolfie,  and Bill and Melissa  accompanied Zip and  regulars Monty and Christa, Darren and Madelyn, Laureen and Joyce, and new regulars Robin and Geoff set up shop. Jim was down from Rochester and scoped out the "Hockey Stick Shot" crew in the lot within no time!  Kathy and  her friends, as well as Zip's neighbors and Don and Karen had grills a-blazin as well.   Mike, Angie, mucho Planeteers including Ras, Joephoto,  Cookie  and Dennis, the Drink-a-lots Keith and Rachel and Matt were drop-ins as were listniks Robin, Miguel, and Ed Bryant. Bill from Nashua Sports came down with his son, who has grown beyond belief!  Vincent, Julie,  and their Montreal crew hung for a bit... bearing good news!  (Congrats... a new Pats fan on the way!  Congrats also to Laureen and Larry who are bringing a new fan into the fold as well! ) Naturally, various spouses and friends joined in and rounded out a nice big crowd for the inaugural tilt.




My date!

He's BACK!!

Part of the Planet...


    Tons of food, jello shots, (courtesy of Bren who appeared on  the Jumbotron in her Pats Cheerleader outfit at the Skins game) , and various libations were aplenty.  Bruschi Brew 11:  Back on Track was unleashed as the crew had  bottled 60+ gallons the day before!  Monty and Darren missed their Stogie-Smokin Pal, Big Al but will hook up in a couple of weeks.  The tailgate was quite mellow despite the huge numbers and we packed up fairly quickly to head in for the 1:00 start.  Jake and I headed up to the seats and enjoyed a birds' eye view of the boys on the field and a close up of the Stealth Bomber overhead... hehe! 


Laureen and Zip catching up.


  (Taken from Wolfie's 6'5" perspective!)


    Tedy was inactive and the game was a close one at 19-17  but ... A Win is a Win and we'll take it!  Post game, we sparked the grill once again, serving up steak tips and burgers, and attacked the guacamole and chips while reviewing the plays... We popped the champagne, toasted our team, shared a few laughs,  and were thankful for good friends, good food,  and good times.... Go Pats!!


Click here for complete album!


Denver Broncos



    The long awaited rematch between our beloved Pats and the Denver Broncos couldn't come soon enough for the hardcore Razor's Edgers... however, due to the nationally televised Sunday Night Football game, we had to wait until 8:15 for the kickoff.  Tailgaters were ready to go hours before and were stocked with rations and equipment galore.  Mrs. B was sporting her new Mrs. B "Dress" and Big Al brought along the newest batch of Backer hats. 


    Unfortunately, our scheduled 3:30 meet-up proved to be about 1/2 hour too late as they obviously opened lots 5 hours prior to game time rather than the usual 4 hours.  So, as soon as all parties were accounted for, we headed in.  Unfortunately, our usual section of the lot was sectioned off and reserved for employee or media parking. We ended up parking in one of the rows pretty far back but at least we were together. 


Getting comfy!

    After setting up and Mrs. B's worry about the wind and safety of the tents was quelled , grills began sizzling and the chili pot was bubbling in no time.  Jose was Zip's guest and there were quite a few new folk as well.  Rich and Jenifer took in their final game of the season before becoming parents :-), Jessica joined in,  and Monty was accompanied by long timer, Dave.  Darren was joined by Matt from Pats Planet who filled Madelyn's seat for the late night game, and of course, Ed Bryant bopped in towards the end.  Planeteers and Razor's Edger's Cookie and JoePhoto  joined in as well as Mike, who most definitely prefers a good tailgate these days!  Drew made his way over for a bit as did Chris Woods and his mom.

  Myspace buds, Dave and Mrs. B!

    From the unbelievable but true file, Dave, a Super-Pats fan whom I know from myspace actually set up right across from us!  He and his crew also usually park in our usual location and set up their famous Pats Bar and TV tent... Lots of laughs and Patriotic reverie took place, (as well as a few shots!)  We're all hoping to get back to our usual location but we'll be sure to try to hook up in the same vicinity in the future as well.  (Look for the giant Patriot on top of the pick-up roof.) 


    Tons of food went round as usual  and meat of every type imaginable took center stage...  Swordfish, ribs, Zip's Bronco Balls (don't ask!)  steak tips , chicken, Kielbasa, and more accompanied Mrs. B's chili and Zip's home-made salsa.   He obliged with jello shots as pay for his Jumbotron appearances and multiple toasts went round. Naturally, Bruschi Brew was the beverage of choice as was Sam's Octoberfest for me and Hennessey and Diet for the Sleuth. 


    Since we weren't in our usual location, it was hard for many folks to find us but we did end up with some special visitors who made their way over... Tully's Dad and girl came by as well as Lonie's brother with his.  I ran into Robin and Geoff set up a few rows away who couldn't find us when pulling in.  (We've now exchanged cells for next time just in case.)


    After the obligatory group photo, securing the tailgate and meeting up with Palin,  who flew over from work to take our extra ticket, we headed in.  We ran into Tully's girl on the way  and wished each other well then headed over to the seats ready to watch our boys Bash the Broncos!  I must say, the crowd was nice and loud and on their feet for most of the game when needed but it was for naught as we once again fell to Shanahan and his men, 17-7.  There would be no Bruschi Handshake on this day... but there's always next time.


    Post game, we fired up the grills once again, rehashed the game, had a few beverages and closed up shop pulling out around 2:00AM... Big Al and I unloaded the van when we got home, cleaned up and headed to bed awaiting the alarm that would be going off in 2 1/2 hours... 


Click here for complete album!

Miami Dolphins



    The Razor's Edge Crew was out in full force ready to take on the Parking Lot Roulette Challenge and hook up for an October Sunday at 1:00 (my favorite!!)   Armed with cell phones and ready to coordinate on a moments notice we met offsite then headed in together and secured a perimeter spot along the pedestrian walkway since our usual lot in fact has been designated as employee parking.  Luckily, there was plenty of room for all of us to pull in and set up in  a row and Dave (with his Pats bar), his wife Heather and their crew were just a few spots down from us.


Jacob, Amanda & Jeremy

JoePhoto & Sleuth Self Portrait


    We had a huge contingent of Pats fans this week and even a few Fish to add to the mix.  Mrs. B's cell phone was ringing off the hook and even Mike suggested I get a secretary...hehe!  Our group included Al's coworkers, Steve, Craig, and Jeff  (who agreed to his usual pre-game wager with Zip) and his friend who had a great time too.  Monty's guest was fellow listnik Jacob,  who surprised me since I had no idea that he would be in town :-)  Coach was Zip's guest du jour and had a nice warm tailgate day to enjoy;  just the way he likes it! Jeremy was in town with friend Amanda and  Robin, Geoff and their friends as well as Karen, Don and Kathy and her crew extended the tailgate area on both ends.  Darren and Madelyn, Joyce and her crew, and Robin and Bob also set up their gear and added to the over abundance of food going round.  The Carreiros really did take in their final game this season before bringing their new little Pats fan into the world... Mike was in the house as well, it appears permanently trading in the suite life for the lot life...hehe.  Jim was once again down from upstate NY and I promised that we would try to make it to Buffalo NEXT year...


Now I REALLY feel short!!

Denise & Barry from SoCal


    Visiting us this week were Barry and Denise from the Orange County Patriots Fans,  Baze from Texas, Lonie's brother, cousin,  and friends, and of course, Planeteers, Keith & Rachel (the Drink-A-Lots), JoePhoto and Ras who was set up close by but spent time heading back and forth between tailgates bearing food :-), TBrown's Lady, D Chester and ?.    Numerous phone calls took place between the Make-A-Wish family, the Geracoulises, and me  but their tight schedule did not allow a tailgate visit this time around...   We also were joined by the father of Vernon Carey of the Dolphins who happened to be near us and felt comfortable enough to spend the day :-)


Mystery Guest at the Tailgate?!

Mrs. B & Vernon Carey's Dad


     True to form, way too much food went round, including chili, numerous steak tip recipes, quahogs, brats of every flavor and type, swordfish, mahi-mahi, Monty's menagerie of meats, standard burger and dog fare, London Broil, extra spicy hot chicken wings and snacks galore.  Bruschi Brew, Octoberfest and Margaritas were flowing freely and between jello shot toasts, visits to Dave's bar were in order.  Big Al sold tons of Bruschi Backer caps and it looks like we'll even have to place another order :-)

Dave's Bar is OPEN!

    Mother nature was very kind...and in fact it was too hot for some during the game... a 20-10 win over the Fish.. assuring that Mrs. B and the Zipster were blessed with their post game Tedy Time! It was quite comfortable during the pre and post game tailgate though,  and everyone seemed to have a great time. Post-game, we enjoyed our champagne toast and Jeff's show of repayment by wearing a Bruschi Jersey upside down (his choice, so confident in his team pre-game that he put it out there...)  Vincent joined us for the post-game celebration thanks to an early night.  The lots stayed pretty full quite late and we broke down the site and headed home 4-1 and at the top of the AFC East; a perfect place  to be heading into the bye week. 


Bruschi Backers in da house!


Click here for complete album!


    Indianapolis Colts



    Coming off a trek to Minnesota with fellow Road Trippers, Bama and Steve, a mini-reunion was in order!  Steve was originally planning on coming to the game as Monty's guest and Bama was hoping to get a ticket of his own, however thanks to Monty's Revs making it to the playoffs and his travel to watch them advance to the Championship game, he offered up his ticket to Bama who was more than happy to oblige!  It was also a highly anticipated game and tailgate for the Razor's Edgers not only because of the tilt against the hated Colts, but it was to be Zip's first tailgate with his new Guide dog, Quinn!


Karen, Marci, her friend & The Paxtons

Fathead 54 corralling The Colt


    After picking Bama up at 2:30, we headed to Dunkin Donuts to await the arrival of the rest of the crew.  Luckily, Robin who was coming from the South tipped us off that the lots were open at 3:15 and was able to shoot in and secure a spot along the pedestrian walkway (Explorer Lot where green and purple intersect)  which worked out perfectly again this week.  Once tents were set up, grills started blazing and the stoves were fired up.  My chili was gone in record time and clam chowder served to warm up evening tailgaters.  Beto's swordfish was praised as usual and we managed to save a piece to put on when the Paxton crew arrived.  Little necks, various meats, chorico, brats, veges,  and Robin's stuffed pumpkin did the trick to fill us all contentedly...  Bruschi Brew was flowing, Margaritas were too as well at Merlot and various non-alcoholic choices to whet the whistle..


Zip & The Mighty Quinn

Buddies Rich (Bama) & Lonie


    We had a full crew of course, and filled 4 tents to the hilt... Zip's guests included Quinn, Bren, nephew Chris and first timer Cathy.  Robin and Geoff and friends filled their tent and grilled up tons of Jerk-Everything, while Robin & Bob and Darren  set up in the center taking advantage of the generator to watch the early games on TV and soak up some of the new lights.  Chris,  Kelly and her dad were in house, and Kelly didn't fail to bring her hot water pumps and various hot beverage packets.. just right to go with birthday cupcakes.   Naturally, Karen, her brother,  and Don had plenty of food to share and a big birthday cake for Don as well. 


Listniks Steve and Miguel

Robin and Karyn catch up


    Cookie and (a very chilly) Mike were early arrivals and as usual partook  of the entire tailgate experience.  Visitors included The Paxton crew of  Lonie, Karyn, Hunter and Chrissy and their friends Art and Nora from California, Planeteers Joephoto , Ras (Sean) and  Sir Drink-a-lot, Vincent and his crew from Montreal, listniks Miguel and Chris Woods with his dad, Bill and his son from Nashua Sports Collectibles, Marci, taking in her first Pats game at Gillette, as well as various people stopping by to chat and check out Lonie's ringsMrs. B was even asked to take a picture with someone.. just because! 


    Jello shots were a-plenty and the hanging Colt was prominently on display insuring that the proper mojo to Corral the Colts was taking shape.  Of course Ed's song, complete with choreography was a hit and served up lots of laughs and some off-key participants...  (link to audio coming!)


Mild Horses
By Jagger, Richard, and Bryant
Copyright, Not So Much

I love losiní and raising a fuss!
I threw my line-men, under the bus!
Graceless Payton, itís just who I am!
Bring me some decaf, and cut me some spam!

Mild horses, are cominí to play,
Mild, mild horses, we ride them today!

I know I give them the play at the line.
ĎSpose we could hud-dle, but I donít have the time!
Iíve got to strut for, the folks in the stands!
Danciní and pranciní and waving my hands!

Mild horses, are cominí to play,
Mild, mild horses, we ride them today!


    Unfortunately, the boys came up short and no amount of mojo-making could pull off what the men on the field couldn't... serving up  the Colts their first loss. We fell to the Ponies 27-20 and once again felt the sting of a rare loss at home.   The post game tailgate lacked celebration but included way too much food and more than one person could be heard saying... "No thanks... can't eat another bite!"  After the traffic cleared a bit, we broke down the tents, dropped Bama at his hotel and arrived home around 2:30, ready to head to work on Monday morning... Somehow, working on 3 hours sleep is much easier when the Patriots win... go figure!



Click here for complete album!


New York Jets




        Still feeling the sting of last week's home loss to the Colts, but ready to atone this week against the  division rival Jets, the Razor's Edge Crew set out stocked with plenty of rations and rain gear  ready to host visiting Jets fans and  offer up some Gillette Hospitality.  Big Al and I served as the pointmen and queued up directly from the south and called the waiting crew at DD for the go ahead once the lots were open.  It worked out well and we were able to secure a nice spot in our new favorite location along the grass. 


    Skies began to open just as we started erecting our tents and setting up our 5 wide haven...  Chris and Kelly's brand new EZ-Up was welcome for sure as Monty was out of town again this week for the Rev's MLS Cup Championship game.  It worked out perfectly with the 3 large tents flanked by the two smaller ones and proved to be very necessary as we effectively crammed in loads of people when the skies opened up full throttle.

Zip & Quinn enjoy breakfast

Dana, Robin & Lisa...just like old times!!

    Regulars Chris & Kelly (with friend and fellow 5-0) , Don & Karen, Robin & Bob, Darren, Robin & Geoff (joined by Geoff's parents this week) and Zip  & Quinn, with Joel, Jen,  and visiting Listnik Dave Levine (of Good, Bad & the Ugly fame... ) all set up gear in earnest... Of course, we were all thrilled that Dana and Lisa joined in this week too and we've missed them!!  Naturally, too much food and was brought, offered,  and consumed by all... but it wouldn't be a Razor's Edge Tailgate if that wasn't the case.

GBU Dave takes in his first game @ Gillette

Our tailgate haven

      Bren arrived with a throng of Jets fans who made the pilgrimage to Gillette and fit right in.  Theresa (Garbanza) pulled up  with Sean (Soothsayer) from JetsInsider.com and their crew for their annual trek.  We all had a great time and shared good food, beverages and great conversation.  It seems as though everyone enjoyed themselves and felt comfortable coexisting under the tents despite the tight quarters and nasty weather.


    Sean (Ras) from Patriotsplanet set up across the way from us and Dave's crew had their bar and complete setup  a few cars down... Planeteers Joephoto, Peg and Sir-Drink-a-lot made their appearances as well as Ron and Mark from the Murphy's Patriots crew, Mike,  Sue  in her classic Tri-Corner and her family, Bill, his wife and their son, and late-comers Ed Bryant and Miguel as well as many many more drop-ins and friends of friends... (sorry if I forgot to list you!)

Mrs. B and the Jet Boys

Female Football Fanatics!


    Rations included (but weren't limited to...hehe) Robin's blueberry pancakes, Don's breakfast burritos, bagels  with cream cheese and smoked salmon for breakfast then  my chili and chowder, steak tips of every flavor/variety known to man,  Joel's awesome tuna steaks, Kelly's kale soup, sausages and brats galore, chicken, swordfish, etc. etc. etc.  accompanied by Bruschi Brew, Margaritas, hot beverages and every variety of ice cold beer... and non alcoholic choices.

Sooth & Mrs. B

Our tailgate spot taken from the ramp

    Thankfully, there was a temporary break in the torrential rains to allow us to slip outside and take a quick group photo, but it wasn't long before the water was flooding around our feet once again... the worst of it came just prior to game time right after I changed into dry clothes and donned my poncho to head into the game... unfortunately, my hoodie sleeves got soaked while lowering the tents and  they emptied themselves upon us... so, it was all for naught! 


Self Portraits!


    After securing the site, Big Al and I headed in and literally walked through the clouds on our way up to our seats... in fact, Zip reported rain during the first quarter in his  front row seats and  we had none up in our  nosebleeds so I believe that we were actually higher than those rain clouds!  (Who woulda thunk there could possibly be a positive side  to my seats?!  hehe)  Of course, rain nor shine doesn't stop every person in my section from getting up and down and cutting across my row throughout the game causing me to have to get up and down far too many times once again this week... sigh.......


    We entered the game very confident in our ability to correct last week's errors and come out victorious... however, for the second week in a row, our boys did not play up to par and we came away on the losing end... A last minute fumble by Brady dashed all hopes as we pulled within 3 and had the potential to tie it up within the final seconds...  Unfortunately, this loss  against a division rival was not only  hard to take in itself  but it was our 3rd loss at home this season and second loss in a row ... a feat that hadn't been done in 57 games... since 2002.  :-(  The Mighty Quinn has  to turn over a new leaf and get a win streak going at Gillette!


     We heLauren stops by to say hi!aded out of the stadium incredulous... and set about to face our rival tent mates... Zip repaid his wager to Sooth, we sparked up the grills and ate plenty of food, drank some post game beverages of choice and cranked up the generator to light the tents and watch the post game stuff on TV. Lauren stopped by for a couple of minutes to say hi before heading back to her tailgate and few more Planeteers popped over too.    A very soggy and cold Mrs. B bid her fellow tailgaters and friends goodbye and headed home when it was all said and done... with optimism that her boys with right the wrongs and come out strong against Green Bay next week...


Click here for complete album!


Chicago Bears




    The greatly anticipated showdown against Da Bears had finally arrived!  Due to flex scheduling, game time switched from 1:00 to 4:15 which was a great relief instead of an 8:30 switch!  Thanks to Wayne and Donna who couldn't make the game, we were able to purchase their 3 seats and bring Jake out for a game.  Likewise, our neighbors Bobby and Diana used our seats and also brought along a couple of friends.  Our usual method of heading out first to scout out the actual gate opening time worked like a charm once again this week.  Our taligate haven now consists of 5 identical tents which we set up along the grassy walkway perimeter.


    Our new location is absolutely perfect and is very easy for visitors to find as well as being accommodating to the Zipster and the Quinnmeister in suiting their needs and insuring an enjoyable tailgate and stadium entrance and exit for the duo.  Weather on that fine Sunday was unseasonably warm again and yes.. Mrs. B was still sporting her beloved flip-flops!  The biggest advantage however, was the fact that we were sans walls and  the Razor's Edgers could spill out beyond the confines of the tents.

Monty and Big Al spark up the stogies

Larry, Laureen & Robin kicken back


    Monty was back in his usual spot with Chris, Kelly, Kathy and Darren, with assorted guests in his neck of the woods and Laureen and Larry made their first appearance together this season.  They hung out in the mommy-to-be tent with fellow expectant parents Geoff and Robin (congrats!)  Robin and Bob set up shop next to us as did Bobby & Diana and Chowdah down from the Patriots Fan Club of Rochester with his son who was taking in his very first home tailgate and game.  He was happy to have Sue's kids to play with and keep him company for sure!  It was family day at the Razor's Edge as Christa's parents were also in the house as were Kathy's dad and his wife. 

Chowdah and Mrs. B

Planeteer Crew

    Zip's crew included guest du-jour Web, along with Bren, Becky, and others whose names I didn't catch.. (sorry!) Mike was in the house and  Planeteers JoePhoto, the Drinkalots, Cookie (and Dennis) were in the house and we were joined by the Chesters, Kirtjc2, MGOBlue, her husband,  and the Bideaus and we all headed over to hang at Ras's tent for a bit since they set up a few rows away due to a late start.  Also in the house were a crew from UK Patriots who recognized the Mrs. B on the back of my jersey and stopped over and who also are Planeteers.


Karen & Westy Pre-Game

    The tailgate itself saw its share of Bear hanging, jello shot toasts, Bruschi Brew consuming, chili eating and sampling of every kind of meat that could possibly be grilled.  Al opted for Margaritas which went well with Kathy's super hot wings and I stuck to Blueberry beer, a gift from Chowdah and the ever present Diet Coke :-)  Late arrivals to the gate included Phil (Wicked Pissah) and Ed, of course :-) 

Thanks to Web, Our tune for the day was of the holiday variety:


Urlacher Got Run Over

Sung to the tune of:

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer


Urlacher got run over by a halfback

Stopping our running game he won't achieve

You can say there's no such thing as offense

But as for me and Pats fans, we believe.


He'd been braggin' about his defense,

And we said 'We're good to go!"

But he forgot about Maroney

Who really likes to put on quite a show.


When they found him Monday mornin'

At the scene of the attack

There was a stiff-arm on his forehead

And incriminatin' cleat marks on his back.


Urlacher got run over by a halfback

Stopping our running game he won't achieve

You can say there's no such thing as offense

But as for me and Pats fans, we believe.


Now we're all so proud of Dillon,,

He's been takin' this so well.

He's not nearly done with football,

Running hard and strong and tough and raisin' hell.


It's not football without Brady,

Moving well, avoiding sacks.

But we just can't help but wonder:

Is the body language good or just off track?


Urlacher got run over by a halfback

Stopping our running game he won't achieve

You can say there's no such thing as offense

But as for me and Pats fans, we believe.



    Game time found us heading to sweet seats in 137 with a terrific view of an exciting game.  The crowd did its job and was loud and on its feet at all the right times.  The boys pulled off a 17-13 win despite 9 turnovers between the two teams.  Our first outing on the new Field Turf proved to be a positive one and Quinn shook off the loss monkey on his back... Post game, we opted to forego the Tedy handshake since the place was packed and we might not have made it down anyway... besides.. the end of the game was so exciting, we didn't dare leave our seats! 



Bears Fan Payback Time!


Click here for complete album!


Detroit Lions




      Once again the Razor's Edgers had no problem timing the lot opening and Big Al and I set out early and secured the spot then called the troops the minute they opened up shop and started collecting the entrance fees. Before long, six tents were set up and the crew was ready for some breakfast (yummy blueberry pancakes courtesy of Robin and Geoff) or in the case of Monty... ice cold brew!


    The weather forecast called for frigid temps so we all bundled up considerably... however, with the sun shining brightly and the lack of wind, our tailgate remained open air... just the way I like it!  Of course, we all came prepared with walls to enclose the haven should the need arise but happily, we were treated to a beautiful December day. 


Geared Up!



    Once again, there was a huge crew with Bino taking the reigns as Zip's guest.  He had a big group again this week as did most of us.  Laureen and Larry made their way up again, Robin and Sue each did a solo run and the usual "regulars" Chris & Kelly, Monty, Kathy, Darren, Robin & Geoff, Karen & Don, the Cardozas and Zip (with a very dapper Quinn) set up in earnest providing way too much food as usual!  Mark Morse, his sons,  and friend scored tickets to the game and set up right aside us.. and Dave and Heather popped over on their way to meet up with their crew and of course Mike was in on the fun.


    Naturally, Planeteers Joephoto, The Drink-A-Lots, TBrownslady,  and Ras were on hand as well as a crew who found The Razor's Edge Tailgate on the internet and took me up on the offer to join in the fun. Of course, the fact that they came bearing Montecristo's for Big Al and Monty was something that certainly put a smile on the boys' faces. We certainly hope that they enjoyed their stay  and will feel free to join us again sometime!



The "I found you in the Internet" crew!


Also visiting was (ready?) Lonie's cousin Scott's friend Denise from California and her group of friends including Tim and Dan who is a local season ticket holder.  The huge USC fan called me on Scott's recommendation made plans to come by with her crew.   We were glad that they decided to get a taste of an NFL tailgate and game and swing by for some pre-game and post-game fun.  Tully's dad, Adam, his sister, and BJ  amazingly found their way to our new location despite not knowing that we even moved... and although shy at first, Olivia found a companion in Madelyn and joined right in with the video game entertainment. True to form,  Ed Bryant and Miguel made their late arrival as well.


Mrs. B & The Cains

Listniks, Mark and Miguel


Food included the usual staples of chili, a myriad of brats and sausages, steak tips, Kathy's "the-fumes-even-choke-me" super hot wings, Monty's "baby cow" and every other kind of meat imaginable.  Naturally, Geoff and Robin's asparagus spears made their weekly appearance as well... The Cardozas opted to substitute the usual swordfish for salmon this week and it was scrumptious!  Fearing that there would be no "Lions related fare", Kelly came to the rescue by providing homemade cookies shaped like Lions complete with manes which we devoured as  a pre-cursor to the upcoming event.


   After the group photo was taken, toasts were made, Jessica and her mom made their way by from the train to say hi,  tents were lowered and Pats fans got  fully geared up, we headed into the stadium and up to the seats.  If ever there was a day that we were thankful for the sun, that was it!  We spent a very comfortable afternoon in terms of weather but nerve wracking in terms of the game.  Expecting a blow-out, Pats fans were surprised that it was so close and only really heated up in the 4th quarter.  Thankfully, our boys pulled off a 28-21 win and made it two in a row on the new field turf and we had not one but two wager paybacks post-game.


Lions Fans paying homage!


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Houston Texans



    A somewhat smaller Razor's Edge Tailgate crew geared up and set out for the final regular season tilt at Gillette on an unseasonably warm mid-December morning.  Big Al, Jacob,  and I got in line, called the crew with the  "gates are open" signal  and  then we  quickly got to work and set up four tents in our usual location.  Missing a host of regulars, it was quite the mellow morning and even the lot itself remained sparsely populated until much later than normal.  Zip, Bren and Quinn were on one side of us, while Monty's crew (2 Daves and a Dad)  and Robin and Geoff were on the other.  Mike made his way around throughout the day.  The tents remained open-air for the entire season as the weather has continued to be kind to us!

The Breakfast Club

Jake's new Old School  jersey

    While breakfast was being served in the far tent, Al started off with "gaggers" ... hehe.. that's weiners for those not in the know.  He served up some swordfish while Jake and I headed over to the pro-shop for a new jersey for him since he was finally retiring his 7 year old Ted Johnson with the worn off letters!  I ran into  Vincent from Montreal in there who was doing some shopping as well and said he would stop over in a bit.   When we headed back, Keith and Rachel had arrived and Angie had come over for a pre-game visit. 

Joephoto's in the house!

Jake and Monty

     It was so mellow at the gate that I even managed to sit by the fire, a very rare occurrence for sure!  Hunter and Chrissie came by with a crew of Lonie's friends in from California and brought along some of the infamous Pocket Shots!  I also got a call from Debbie Boda who runs with Tedy's Team and she and Tom came by to take in the tailgate prior to her first game at Gillette.  She thanked me for putting a link to her site on mine and was thrilled that her football auction had gotten lots of hits since then. Wolfie and his wife were in the house and as he said, it's easy to remember the names... Chris and Chris.. hehe!


    The usual fare of chili, swordfish, brats, shrimp, and  Monty's selection of meat and went round and the beverages and jello shots were aplenty. The Bryants showed up in time for the photo as did the infamous Joephoto :-)  Various pictures were shot in front of the banner, we secured the tailgate and headed in a bit early to head up to the heavens. 

Monty posing with Angie :-)


Debbie  from Tedy's Team



    The weather was sunny but the ever present wind was present up top as usual... I'm not complaining though as for a December day, it was gorgeous.  The Pats came out ready to play and our defense made and took advantage of many turnovers, easily defeating the Texans 40-7.  Since much of the stadium had emptied out, it was an easy feat to maSelf Portrait!ke our way down to the banner for post-game handshakes.  Tedy came right over to me, I wished him Merry Christmas and he did the same, making his way down the banner.


    After the game, Dan (Denise's local friend) came by with Colin for a bit, Debbie and Tom swung back over after heading to the team post-game dinner area.  I had my usual post game meal of a cheeseburger and Diet Coke, we talked for a bit then decided to pack it up a little early since Jake had homework and I had tons to do at home as well.  It was nice to be home by 6:15 and reflecting, it was a nice mellow tailgate to round out the regular season, allowing us to save that energy for playoffs in a couple weeks!






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New York Jets

Wild Card Weekend Game




Who would have thought that we would be meeting up with the Jets at home for a second time this season? Certainly not the huge contingent of Jet Fan/Friends making the trip up for the Wildcard Game and the final tailgate of of the 2006 season.  Bren had contacted me early in the week to let me know to expect a crew!  The Jets Insider crowd came out in full force and shared in Garbanza with Jets fans including Limolady and Bren...the fun.


Who would have also thought that Mrs. B would be wearing flip-flops at a tailgate in January and that temps would be in the 60s?  The final tilt at the Razor rounded out a season where heat and walls were not required.... certainly the overall warmest weather of my tailgate career.


Prep started on Saturday with shopping and cooking so come Sunday morning, Al and I picked up Erdo Ed who rode up for the game on his bike and jusHunter and Chrissie with the pre-game mojo!t happened to be staying with a friend in our town.  We arrived at the stadium ready to call the crew waiting at Dunkin Donuts the minute they opened the gates. Then we were instructed to move out of our spot on Rt. 1 as we were partially blocking the entrance to another lot, but miraculously, when when we left to do the infamous U-turn, the outer gate to P2 opened and we were waved right in and jumped right to the front of the line!  People didn't waste time grabbing spots and the lots filled to capacity in record time this week... thankfully, we had room for our 6 adjacent tents and Pats and Jets fans alike.


As usual, food was aplenty and beverages were flowing freely.  Chili was on the stove and followed various breakfast offerings by folks in each tent.  Karen and Don, Robin and Bob, and Robin and Geoff among others had breakfast burritos and early morning foods to share. Zip's crew included Charts, Chris, Jeremy and Jen offering the usual Bruschi Brats and special skewered New York Sirloin kabobs.  Of course, Monty's grill was ablaze with various meats for the carnivores in the crowd.  Al's swordfish was a hit and burgers always go over big as well.  Bren brought along Mac n Cheese and Limolady provided NY wine and Italian cookies.   List pals Monty and KimRegulars Darren,  with delicious clam chowder, Laureen and Larry,  with usual box of Joe,  and Chris and Kelly,  with jet shaped chocolate chip cookies, (and their  assorted guests) all took part in the fun,  had food to share and shared alike.



Hunter and Chrissie, Garbanza, Dave Mike, listniks Bill, Ed Bryant, Kim and Miguel (with Nancy), Planeteers Ras and JoePhoto, all took part in the fun and Dan Pires even stopped by as I was painting Ed,  assisting in his Kabuki transformation Jello shot toasts were shared by all, and chants of J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets! followed by Suck, Suck, Suck! were heard throughout the lot.  Good natured ribbing took place and betBig Al, Kabuki Ed, Brenjetsfan and Mrs. Bs were laid down between Zip and Sooth with the winner having to pay homage to the other's team during the post game tailgate. 



As game time drew near, final beverages were consumed, the tents were lowered and secured and we headed in, ready to win the rubber match between divisional opponents and the only one that mattered. With the sun shining and a slight breeze blowing up in our section, we were quite comfortable and did our part as the 12th man to secure a victory.  Pats won 37-16 in an exciting game that was close Noise, Noise, Noise!!until the end.  We headed down to the banner for the final handshake of the season, but Tedy was called over for an interview and upon finishing blew by with quick hand slaps on his way into the locker room. Saw Johnnie "Noiseman" on the way out and stopped to chat for a minute and take a quick pic.


Post-game, the celebrations ensued, multiple champagne toasts went round and the lots were alive with the excitement that only a playoff game can provide.  Folks even had fireworks blowing close by!  We all ate once again, talked football, watched the late game on TV and hung out until it was time to head home.  As promised, Sooth toasted our team and paid homage and instructed... Bring it home for the AFC East!  I agree!!!   Go Pats!



Sooth Toasts The Pats!!



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