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7:54 PM

Site now pretty much in archive mode.

Go Pats!

2005 Tailgates


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Jaguars (WildCard)

Archives: 2001 2002 2003 2004            

Bonus Pics:  Steelers @ Zip's house 09/25/05,  Atlanta Trek 10/09/05,  Miami Trek 11/13/05, Kansas City Trek 11/27/05, Broncos @ Zip's house 01/14/06


New Orleans Saints

08/18/05 (PreSeason)


Hot Summer Nights...


    Having just completed a 3 week stint at camp, Mrs. B and crew (Big Al, Jacob & Palay)  were ready to watch the boys on the field going at it with players other than teammates.  Bama was in town, having taken in the final two practices at Gillette with the Cardozas and joined us for the game.  We picked him up at his hotel, then met Zip and Jen at the NAPA rendezvous and headed in. True to preseason form, we had no problem securing our usual spot and setting up ASAP.  Don & Karen (from Zip's list) set up on the side of us and Mark, Patrick and crew pulled in a bit later.  Of course, my Planeteer Crew of Cookie, JoePhoto, Keith and Rachel weren't far behind.

One of the few pics of us together at a TG!

Bama at Gillette

Angie and Zip catch up

    And OF COURSE... food was aplenty: The Cardoza's pregame menu consisted of Little Necks, Chourice, & Onions, Lamb Chops, Mahi-Mahi, Burgers, Veges & Dip,  and preseason Sangria and Coronas.  The Zipster provided his usual vat of Jambalaya and Karen and Don put out a huge spread as well.  Needless to say, everyone ate more than enough and were already in midseason form!  Channel 5 came by just as we were taking our group picture, Ed Bryant popped over, along with a newbie, known to me only as "The Magician" and Wolfie, his dad, and  more of Zip's friends joined in the fun.  Angie stopped by prior working her first day of her internship in the media department and I ran into Debbie in the ProShop and invited her and her mom to stop over for a bit. 


This is Patriots Planet!

Always time for a Stogie...


    After Hpnotiq shots, gearing up, securing the tailgate and lowering the tents, we headed in. On the ramp, I met up with "The Poet" hawking his wares and stopped for a poem and a pic.  Zip made his way down to his seats and Al and I opted to stand rather than head up to our nosebleeds.  We secured a nice spot behind 106 and suddenly I was approached by a fan from Ohio who recognized me and came over to say hi.  We chatted a bit and Big Al goofed on the situation stating, "There's 68,000 people in Gillette and somebody picks out Mrs. B!" 


    We watched the first half from our perch then moved down to sit with Zip in Fred's  two empty seats in the front row.  The game had many ups and downs, Flutie got a huge ovation, and I missed seeing Tedy out there desperately.  I scanned the sidelines and club looking for him but he was nowhere to be seen.  It looked like we would finish victorious but the last few minutes seemed to last forever and we went down 27-37.

Let's get it ON!

Hometown boy on the field...

Big Al likes the view!

    Post-game we headed back to the tailgate, sparked the grill and enjoyed the infamous post game steak tips and conversation.  Westy stopped over to say hi, Jess joined us, we shot the breeze, then closed the lots as usual.  I left the tailgate with plans to head into school to set up my classroom prior to vacation but spent the entire day with Jacob doing this instead:


The results of his pulling a TedyB, breaking his thumb flying  over  the pile at football practice!


Click here for complete album!



New York Giants

08/18/05 (preseason)


Training Camp Hopefuls' Finale

    Headed out for what we thought was going to be a small tailgate for the final preseason meeting of 2005. Surprisingly though, it turned out that we had quite a large crew!  Very nice for the final exhibition game, especially since the tailgate proved to the be THE highlight of the night.    Al, Jacob and I headed over to meet up with Zip and Chris and also hooked up with a Don, Chris and Kim(?).  We pulled into the lots and had to actually wait until the actual opening of 4:00 in the queue, insuring that our perimeter spot was a go. 


    It turned out to be quite a hectic day for me as it was my first day of school and I had to rush right out to get to the rendezvous on time.  Luckily, we averted a strike on the final evening of the contract which was a huge relief but left me very unorganized for the year's opener. Palay and his brother Matt used our tickets (long story...) and joined us at the spot with football in hand much to the delight of Jacob and the teens of the surrounding tailgates.

JoePhoto bearing Hpnotiq gifts

Cousins in the House!

Angie makes her daily visit.

Finally get to meet Bideau


    We opted for lamb chops, boneless chicken, mahi-mahi, snacky stuff and Corona's for me with wine for Big Al.  Zip provided a sampling of delicious Blackberry Mead and multiple grills were blazing... Don set up as did Robin.  Debbi stopped by with Lindsay and her friend, and  a surprise visit by cousins Dick, Dolores, Ron and Odette was also welcome.  Of course, the Planet crew of JoePhoto (with Eddie), Keith and Peg showed up. We even got to meet Bideau who made the trek over from his regular lot with his daughter.  We looked like nuts trying to find Keith's car in the crowded lot, and Al and I eventually gave up trying to find his home base to take a picture with the Planeteer Banner.  Along the way, we came across a dude playing guitar with amps and all. (Listen HERE!)  Angie stopped by again on her way into work and as always it was great to hook up with her.  Westy came by with his son to say hi as well and I was glad to be able to help him out with some rechargeable batteries for his camera.


    Ed Bryant came adorned with his Duck Bill in honor of Wesley Mallard and treated us to a song:


Training Camp Hopeful


A Song Parody Specially Written For:

They Might Be Giants Versus They Might Be Patriots’ Backups, Special Teamers, and Practice Squadders

September 1, 2005 Gillette Stadium

To Be Performed By:

Wesley Mallard and The Oregon Duck and Cover Band



Hank Poteat was a training camp hopeful,

Kyle Eckel  is a training camp hopeful,

And in 72 we had Brian Goepel,

Now it’s Ray Ventrone, runnin’ through the orange cones!

Each o line in Smithfield, Rhode Island learned tricks from Scar by which we could buy land,

 but if you pad Law you won’t be in Ty land, you’ll be wading in Poston bull!

Even Ahmad once was just Bobbie Moore. Quack quack quack

He changed his name to MJ’s Shill, kiss

Guess it’s just the profit’s will! rub fingers

We name no stars unless there’s a gazer

But take a look at Torrey and Kaczur

Cuz every edge will help at the Razor

Do Chad and Guss fear a phaser shot?

Nobody’s business but the Scotts

Even Brady once was just one nine nine

As you sow so shall you reap

Now Mankins guards the Cassel keep!

So come on home from NFL Europe,

There are thirty-two rosters needing a stir up,

Been long shots before, now it’s time, kid, cuz you’re up,

Do the rookies know how the cutdown works?

Nobody’s business but the Turk’s!


Click HERE to HEAR it!!



Flutie takes the Helm

Guess what goes here?!

Happy Birthday, Girl!

After Hpnotiq shots and securing the tailgate, we made our way into the stadium.  True to form, BB sat all of the starters  with the exception of Adam, Lonie, and Josh.  Some of the guys were dressed in Jerseys and shorts but, the real big name guys weren't even on the sidelines at all. We lost 27-3 which was not surprising since we saw the last of Ed's "Training Camp Hopefuls" on the field.  Around half-time I started with an incredible, throbbing headache and couldn't stop shaking due  the chills.  Needless to say, the post game steak tips went round but I could think of nothing but getting home and hitting the hay.  Jessica stopped by after her shift and Joe presented Peg with a "Second 40th Birthday" cheesecake.    We finally cleaned up and pulled out at 1:00 and I crashed all the way home.  I rolled into bed in anticipation of an early wake up since I had school in the AM, knowing that the next tailgate and game with be The Real Thing. 


Mrs. B a bit under the weather...


Click here for complete album!


Oakland Raiders


Kicking off the 2005 Season...


    The long awaited day had finally arrived! Big Al and I got all of our errands done throughout the week to get ready for an early departure.  Craig came by to make the drive with us just as I was putting the finishing touches on the five gallons of Sangria.  We headed out to the NAPA and hooked up with about a dozen cars.  Everyone was anxious and after hugs went round (and Monty showed up) we made our way down Rt.1.  Excitement grew as we approached the stadium and saw people grilling in earnest. However, when we reached our lot, the parking attendants hadn't opened it yet and the Troopers forced us to go up Rt1 North. GRRRRRRR!!! We ended up pulling a U-Turn and got in line to approach from the other direction.  Naturally, our perimeter spot was taken by the time we got in the lot so we ended up in the 2nd row of the aisle.  Not our first choice but luckily we had enough cars to make it fit.


    Our crew consisted of many regulars and visitors alike.  New parents Laureen and Larry were back in action as were Lisa with Mr. Dana who didn't miss a beat after taking the year off to win her cancer battle. (Missed ya, girl!)  Listniks Darren, George, Chris, and Rich were all there.  Monty had his grill cranked up before we could even unpack our car! Robin was in town and Lindsay, Debbi and her mom set up with us as well.  Vincent made the trek from Montreal with his new bride Julie and their friends.  Of course, all mentioned had their respective guests with them as well!  Mike, from my Training Camp days stopped in as did Angie before heading into work.  The Drink-A-Lots (lol...Keith and Rachel) snagged tickets and were able to make it as well. Bama's son and his Raider fan friend joined in the fun as well.

Paxton Crew Arrival

Cigar Trio

Small Planet Crew this game

    Our menu consisted of Little Necks and Chourice, Swordfish, Home made French Fries and Steak Tips.  Vats of Gumbo provided by Jen, and Zip's Jambalya were there for all to enjoy.  Robin had shish kabobs going round, and of course, Monty had every type of meat, poultry and fish to offer... (even Ostrich!)  On the beverage front, Bruschi Brew 10 made it's maiden appearance, my Sangria was a big hit, Al brought Rumplemintz in honor of Lisa.   Hpnotiq as always was a staple, and jello shots made a reappearance for the regular season.


    The Paxton crew arrived early and got to enjoy an extended tailgate stay... bringing along two Raider fans  and  Tiffany from CA to enjoy some Razor's Edge Hospitality.    Of course, we had a great time together as always and I couldn't believe that Karyn actually missed the fact that she was in the 3 Games to Glory III DVD at the After Party.... She got quite a bang out of it and we shared many a laugh over it.  (Of course, when we're together, laughter is usually the norm!)  Lonie indulged the local fans by allowing them to try on and take pictures with The Rings.  He then requested a photo... of the Karen/Karyn  Sandwich :-) Westy popped over and was actually shaking when he tried on the rings.


    TBC's crew also joined us and loved the steak tips!  It was nice to finally hook up as the extended invitation has always been out there but Joya was actually able to find us this time around.  I was also introduced to a former player (who's name escapes me now but I'll get it right after a simple email.)   CN8 was in the lot interviewing fans and I explained all about Podcasting to the reporter.  Lonie and Tiffany had their turns at the mike as well...


Tiffany and Big Al

Proud Mama!

The "Sandwich"


    The Zipster provided the song this week set to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance:


Patriot Hat Dance
New England just won the Lombardi
It's time for a Razor's Edge Party
I can't think of a finer manner
Than by unfurling the Superbowl Banner
Tonight we've come again
To witness a Patriot Win
The Raiders can't compete
And quite Soundly shall be beat!
They're living in 2001
They don't know that season is done
That the Fumble was really no Tuck
You can still hear the Raiders cry -

Fa la la la la la la la
Fa la la la la la la la
Fa la la la la la la la
Fa la la la la LA!

Then Randy gets the Pass
The Pats knock him right on his ass
When Jordan tries to scat
Then Seymour will knock him flat
When Brady throws a Dart
He shreds their defense apart
When Dillon finds a crease
The yardage will never cease
Al Davis files suit
It's a crazy way to root
His offense has big guns
But his Defense is just undone!
The Pats are very deep
No weakness' do they keep
Like BB they are smart
And all play with Bruschi's Heart!
New England just won the Lombardi
It's time for a Razor's Edge Party
I can't think of a finer manner
Than by unfurling the Superbowl Banner



Click HERE to HEAR it!!


After various toasts went round, the tailgate was secured and we headed in for the big event.  Al and I made the decision to go up to our seats for the first time in 3 years because we didn't want to  miss anything.  It was a good decision but it was really, really windy and it was cold!  I had forgotten how much of a temperature difference there was up there.  The pregame show was great... Rolling Stones from Detroit, Kanye West from LA, Santana and Michele Branch right here, as well as Green Day and the surprise guest... Ozzy Osbourne singing Crazy Train Live as the guys ran through the tunnel!  The true hightlight however,  was the unfurling of the banner from our most recent SuperBowl win. 


Pre Game Gala

Head Honcho



    It was an extremely emotional night for me... especially because Tedy was on the sidelines throughout the entire game and even came over to the banner for a handshake post game!  I was choked up for most of it and was so thankful that I was able to make my way down to the banner for my shake.  Post game, we celebrated with champagne, sparked up the grills, reveled in the Pats 30-20 win...  and enjoyed each other's company, hospitality and Patriots football talk. Naturally, we closed out the lots and left around 2:00.  Big Al and I pulled in at precisely 2:54, unpacked a bit then headed to bed by 3:30 for my 6:00 alarm.... No worries though.. it's all good  in Patriot Nation!


Tedy coming to the Banner...and the Backers reaction!!


  Click here for complete album!

San Diego Chargers



     Who could ask for a better day or time for an October tailgate?  I LOVE Sunday's at 1:00!  The weather was absolutely beautiful and felt more like a summer day than a fall one.  Big Al and I set out with neighbors Bobby and Diana ready to rumble!  After a bit of parking lot roulette (that same old Rt. 1 U-turn action)  we finally all hooked up together and set up in earnest.  The crew included my group, Zip's massive entourage, Monty with Bama,  Laureen and Larry's crew, Robin and Bob, Dana and Lisa, Darren and Madelyn who all set up in and around the three tents.  We were also joined by Chowdah, Jim and crew from the Patriots Fan Club of Rochester.  Great to see Brian again after his last memorable trip down for the Snow Bowl against Miami in 2003.

Lisa and Dana

Rochester Fan Club

Mrs. B and Harry

    Naturally there was plenty of food and various grills and Coleman stoves blazing.  I started off with Bloody Marys and had "my veges" while Big Al turned folks on to "Gaggers" to start.  (btw, in Rhode Islandese it's Gaggahs!)  I was informed that they're known as NY System Wieners everywhere else, but here I'll take my gagger with extra wiener sauce, onions and Guldens mustard, thank you very much!  Next, we moved on to swordfish, various sausages, kielbasa, and chourice with onions and peppers.  As always, everyone had food to share and it was hard to keep track of every plate that was past through those tents.  I did manage to remember the awesome filet mignon that Web cooked up though! 


Zip getting geared up

    Numerous people stopped in as well and as always, everyone is welcome!  Angie made her way in prior to work, Odlirama, Patti37 and Ras-Al-Ghul from Pats Planet hooked up.  Marissa and Mike enjoyed their first ever game and tailgate...(I'm sure there will be many more!) Debbi and Lindsay joined in the fun and Phil and Sharon popped over as well.  Ed Bryant made his usual late appearance too. 

    Cigars were smoked, mead was sampled, and Web provided this week's tune... Although there was a large group singing along, none of us will be quitting the day jobs anytime soon!  Here's his massacred masterpiece:


Sung to the tune of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man’


It’s one o’clock on this Sunday

The sell-out crowd shuffles in

The home team’s right in front of me

By tonight they will have their third win


We say “Son, do you know the Chargers?”

“We don’t know how far they’ll go.

But they’ll be sad and meek when our win is complete,

That much we really do know.”


La la la, de de da

La la, de de da da dum


Win us this game, you’re our quarterback

Win us this game today

Cause we’re all in the mood for a victory

And today is the Patriot’s day


Bob Kraft in the box is a friend of mine

He takes good care of me

And he’s quick with a clap or a pat on your back

And there’s no place that he’d rather be


He says “Zip I believe in Coach Belichick”

As a smile spreads across his face

“I’m sure when the season is over

The Pat’s will be in first place!”


Bill is a true football genius

Who has no Charger fear

And he’s talkin’ to Tedy, who’s not really ready

But probably will be next year!


And the offense is practicing formations

And the defense is ready for war

Yes, they will win the Detroit Superbowl

This one will be number four


Win us this game, you’re our quarterback

Win us this game today

Cause we’re all in the mood for a victory

And today is the Patriot’s day.


    New Razor's Edger Harry joined us for the first time and so graciously provided Opening Ceremony DVDs for us to give to those that donated to this year's charity, The Tomorrow Fund.  Thanks Harry!  Bama was happy to pick up some new Pats Babes as well.  Of course he squeezed me so tight when he hugged me, that I said it was like a mammogram and he immediately came back with "No, it's a Bamagram!"  Bama got game!


The Bamagram!




    Jello shots, toasting to our 21 game winning streak as well as Big Willie Hpnotiq's  went round locking in the mojo.  Unfortunately, the Pats played sub-par football and San Diego came out strong.  Couple those two things and it spells Blowout.  Our boys lost 41-17 in a crushing defeat but unlike most "fans" Big Al and I stayed right to the end.  It was nice to see Tedy looking healthy and strong on the sidelines, but it's still just sinking in for me that he's not on the field.  Get Well Soon, TB!  Post-game, football talk filled the air, steak tips went round and the listniks bid adieu until next weekend's trek to Atlanta!


    On Field Action... and Tedy B walking by.

 Click here for complete album!

Buffalo Bills





    After Tedy's October 19th announcement that he was planning on returning to action, The Backers were anxiously awaiting the next big revelation... the announcement of his return to the active roster.  The official word came on Saturday, October 29th, accompanied with... SNOW!!  How appropriate was that!?  So, Saturday meant running errands and picking up tailgate supplies and thinking of none other than, Tedy! 


Dana, Lisa & Monty ready for action!

New Baby Bru for Zip's Nephew!

Zipster and his Bruschi Brew!


    Sunday dawned sunny and mild and the hours just seemed to drag until tailgate time... We hooked up at our usual spot then headed into the lot armed with Buffalo Chili (of course!) Swordfish, Lamb Chops, Steak Tips and Little Necks (especially for our visiting California Crew.)  Zip offered delicious stuffed pumpkin, and naturally there were mucho grills a 'blazing.  Monty, Darren, and Big Al wasted no time sparking up the cigars while the Two Top Backers (Zip and Mrs. B) had a special Bruschi Brew 10 Toast  in honor of Our Boy and our special bond.)


    Razor's Edge Regulars Robin & Bob, Dana & Lisa, Darren, Monty & Christa as well as Zip's HUGE crew offered tons of food choices and added to the Patriotic spirit of the tailgate.  My Planeteer Buddies (Sir Drink-Alot with Mrs., Joephoto, TroyBrownsLady, and some imposters ;) hung out as well and took a group shot.  Mike from the Suites stopped over as did my girl, Angie,  on her way into work.  Andrea, Bruschi Backer 314 came by to introduce herself and say hi too.  Newlyweds and Al's coworkers, Dorian and Nicole took in their first Gillette game and tailgate.... nothing like starting right at the top, I say!  Steve, our fellow List Trecker came up from CA for his first of three consecutive games...(and has kept his winning streak alive!)

Dorian & Nicole

Karen & Karyn & The Crew

Tiffany checking out the Chili

Keith & Rachel

    I headed over to say hi to Westy at his spot, and met up with Karyn and her huge crew on their way over to our tents.  She was the  chauffer and entertainment director for the dozen California girls who came up for the game and fun-filled weekend adorned with winter hats and gloves!  (Early return reviews... a great time was had by all!)  54 Jello Shots were provided by the Zipster, Hpnotiq Toasts by Yours Truly, and a befitting Halloween Tribute was a highlight of the night:


'Twas the Night Before Halloween




'Twas the Night Before Halloween in Foxboro Town,
Tailgates were setup and bustling with sound.
Razor's Edge Backers in bright fifty-fours
Eagerly waiting for what was in store!

Monty was grillin' some Delicacy
Karen no doubt had Buffalo Chili
Lisa and Dana had Scallops in Bacon
Laureen and Larry were Martini making!

Robin again was back in our midst
I'll mention Darren or else he'll be pissed
Speaking of Pissah, he's no where around
But Rich and three Jennifers are here to be found.

Ed Bryant, the Sleuth, Coach and Chris Pierce
Wow is this tailgate starting out fierce!
Christopher, Kelly, Drew and C.J
It's shaping up as a glorious day!

There in the stadium something is starting
A Halloween Nightmare we'll soon be imparting
Too many bandwagoners and Buffalo too
Listened to horrors that the Champs were through!

When out from the tunnel a roar will be heard
Bruschi is back to show that's absurd!
With Hypnotic Willie and Vrablnikoff too
Out comes the Pats with loud chants of "Bruuuuuu"

Team first of course, but that includes him
Buffalo skeptics will simply stay dim
Until he ignites us with a sack attack
Or notches and Int and then runs it on back

Whatever the manner, whatever the way
The key is to bring us a Victory today
So Join me in ending this over long rhyme
Let's have a win: Full Tilt and Full Time!



     After all pregame rituals and mojo-making acts were under wraps, we headed in to the stadium, nice and early so as not to miss Tedy's return.  The place was Electric and the announcement of Tedy's name, last... brought the place to their feet. (video) Although the boys barely squeeked out a win, Tedy's play was Full Tilt Full Time as expected!  And to cap off a super comeback... Tedy bolted over to the banner post-game for quick hand slaps with Backers (much to the chagrin of Suzy and the rest of the ESPN staff!)  Thanks Tedy... We Love You, Man!!


 Click here for complete album!

Indianapolis Colts


It's a Monday Night Par-tay!

     Facing our second night game in a row, the Foxboro Faithful were out in full force and ready for the pm tilt.  Getting to the lots a bit late for the early opening we weren't able to hook up in our usual perimeter spot but Monty secured a nice end spot to accommodate the entire crew.  Due to car trouble, we were down to two tents,  however mother nature cooperated and allowed the overflow to party in comfort outside of the shelter.

    Naturally, Chili was on the menu as were linguica, kielbasa, mahi-mahi and the usual steak tips (served both pre and post game this week.)  Bino had filet mignon cooked to perfection and naturally, Monty had a variety of meats to share, once he finally got his fire blazing with a borrowed can of fluid.  Bruschi Brew X, Chocolate Stout, Sams Octoberfest and Pinot Grigio filled our cooler in addition to the variety of non-alcoholic choices. Jenn provided the Hpnotiq this week and we were also treated to a bottle by the visiting Doug and Paige of Murphy's Patriots. I had to check and double check the weather looking for our usual wicked weather get together....(remember Tennessee 2003 playoff Frozen Bowl and last year's Ravens' monsoon?!)

Miguel, Steve & Mike

Dugan, Zip, Rampage, & Mrs. B


Chris, Charts, & Zip

    There were many guests this week including listnik Miguel who graciously offered up his season tickets as a donation to support his favorite charity, The Bread of Life.  Zip had a huge crew again this week!  The Sheridans, Charts, Bino, Jen, Chris & Kelly, and many others whose names I never got could be seen in the house.  Regulars Darren, Ed Bryant, Robin & Bob, Monty & Christa and  Rich & Jen were in mid-season form. Vincent was down from Montreal and spoke French with Dad who popped in. Steve was still in town from California and spent two days in a row at Gillette after taking in the Revs game with Monty and his crazy crew the day before.  Joya called and I met her to walk her and her crew over to join in the fun.  Planeteers Keith, Rachel and Joe were in the house as was Mike from the suites.  My brother Kevin took in his first game at the Razor with his brother-in-law, George.  Heck... we even lent a grill to the guys tailgating on the side of us whose buddy was broken down on the highway with their supplies!

Joe, Keith & Rachel

Brigette & Big Al

Vincent & Steve

Karen, Al & Joya

    Bino's trivia contest, many toasts, and mutual recording sessions between Dugan and Mrs. B took place helping the time to fly by.  My phone rang off the hook but I made sure to call the Paxtons for our coast to coast shooter toast. :-)  After gearing up and securing the tailgate, we headed in, anxious to crush the Colts in our house once again.  Unfortunately, they played the better game and our boys came up WAY short, getting crushed 40-19.  Tedy waved to the Backers on his way to the locker room but true to form, did not stop after the loss. 

Hpnotiq Shot Time!

Kevin & George

Murphy's crew & Joya's Crew

Chris  aka Wolfie

    Back at the tailgate, steak tips went round, game discussion and dissection took place and Joya called to see if we were still hanging out, bringing her crew  (including TBC!) back for some post game company and refreshments.  All in all, it was a great night and successful tailgate....now if only we could have changed the score!



 Click here for complete album!

  New Orleans Saints



Finally, a Sunday at 1:00 and Two Wins in a Row!!

    Wooohoooo.... a Sunday at 1:00, my favorite time for football!!  Just coming off  our Miami Trek and week of rebuilding my computer, this game snuck up on me before I knew it.  We expected a huge crew including our guests;  neighbors Bobby and Diana, co-workers Steve and Amy,  and Jacob.  We headed out, loaded up with chili, chowder, lamb chops, steak tips and more.  Of course, there's always tons of food to sample and share under the Razor's Edge tents and we set out expecting to eat a variety of tailgate foods. Various snacks and my favorite Portuguese pastry, custard cups were welcome as well! Early morning coffee with Baileys & Kahlua started us off right, leading in to Zip's Schnapps jello shots and various Bruschi Brews.

Bobby, Diana, Amy & Steve

New Orleans folks Jerry, Tracy and Jen with Mrs. B

Ed, Lee, Darren, & Madelyn

Mother & Son and Portuguese pastry..

    We timed it perfectly and caravanned in with our 14 cars and were able to queue up inside the gates to await the 9:00 lot opening.  We secured our favorite perimeter spot and even ended up with 4 tents thanks to Don and his wife who provided additional shelter on the beautiful fall Sunday morning.  Zip had a huge crew again including (but not limited to..lol) Chris (Wolfie) and Dan, Kathy & Brian, Chris & Kelly (with delicious Kale soup), Jaji and (?)...sorry!, and visiting guests, Tracey and Jerry, Saints fans who were up from LA for the game.  Darren and his "regular" Madelyn were in the house while  mom, Kendra has taken the season off due to babysitting issues for new Pats fan Courtney. Wicked Pissah was in the house as were Rich and Jenifer.   Jeremy joined in as did Ed Bryant  contributing this week's song: 

Three And Out

sung to the tune of

When the Saints Go Marching In


O, when the Saints go three and out, oh when the Saints go three and out,

We'll be Tedy, Willie, and Vrabel, when the Saints go three and out.


O, when the Saints go three and out, oh when the Saints go three and out,

We will practice Asante-ria, when the Saints go three and out.


O, when the Saints go three and out, oh when the Saints go three and out,

We'll give them the full Monty Beisel, when the Saints go three and out.


O, when the Saints go three and out, oh when the Saints go three and out,

Everybody must get Mike Stoned, when the Saints go three and out.


O, when the Saints go three and out, oh when the Saints go three and out,

Will you go home to Houston, Antowain, when the Saints go three and out.


O, when the Saints go three and out, oh when the Saints go three and out,

They'll Seymour of Branch and Brady, when the Saints go three and out.


O, when the Saints go three and out, oh when the Saints go three and out,

Will Lecharles drive off in a Bentley, when the Saints go three and out.


O, when the Saints go three and out, oh when the Saints go three and out,

There'll be no cigar for their redhead, when the Saints go three and out.


O, when the Saints go three and out, oh when the Saints go three and out,

Do you think Joe Horn will play a sad note, when the Saints go three and out.


O, when the Saints go three and out, oh when the Saints go three and out,

We will toast them with a Bruschi, when the Saints go three and out.


O, when the Saints go three and out, oh when the Saints go three and out,

We will toast them with a Bruschi, when the Saints go three and out!!!


     Monty and Steve (who loves my chili) were in true tailgate form, and we were also joined by Jim down from the Rochester Fan Club.   Numerous Jello shots ensued as did the typical Hpnotiq Big Willie mojo Vincent and his Montreal crew stopped by, as did usual drop in guests, Debbi and Angie who was on her way into work.

Cigar Buddies!


    After securing the tailgate, and heading in to Wayne's great seats, we watched our boys win two in a row for the first time all season!  Tedy came by for his handshake as did Ellis Hobbs who hi-fived along the front row on his way into the locker room.  Big Al and I ran in to Murphy who was headed right home so he offered us his wrist bands to attend the post game dinner. Knowing that we had a crew back at the tailgate, we sent our keys ahead and decided to take him up on this one-time offer.  (When opportunity knocks....!)  Jacob grabbed some food but I opted for a couple of waters as I was parched from yelling throughout the game.  We ran into Willie and Joyce right away and spoke a bit.  We also saw  Lonie, Tiffany, and Patrick Pass and said hello.  Tedy walked by us with Tedy Jr. in his arms and I presume father and son headed out to the field for a private romp... We didn't stay too long, and headed back to our crew for post-game steak tips, banter and camaraderie until we were thrown out of the lot.   It was soooo nice to get home in the evening instead of the middle of the night for a change!  But those prime time games are the price we pay for being the defending champs.


Post Game Hand Shakes..!



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New York Jets


    Still digging out from our Kansas City Trek, and banging about the house with suitcases still hanging around, this game crept up on me!  Since Kelsea now has her permit and needs driving practice, she chauffeured me around on Saturday to hit BJs, the market and the packy.  Saturday night meant chili making and other necessary prep.

Zip & Joel

Taking cover

Bren and Chowdah

    On Sunday morning, we awoke to a light but steady snowfall with slippery back roads but clear sailing ahead on the main drag.  Kudos to Zip and Monty for suggesting that we change our rendezvous spot back to the DD north of the stadium as it worked out perfectly for the queue and we were able to secure our spot without worrying about being sent around for the u-turn.


     The tailgate started out very mellow and was very quiet for a couple of hours despite the division tilt.  Chowdah and Jim were down again from the Rochester Patriots Fan Club, BrenJetsFan  made her annual trek and was joined as always by Garbanza.  Our crew consisted of Al, Jacob and Palin. Monty and Christa were there of course,  and Zip had a big group again... Joel was the guest of the week and Chris, Kelly, respective fathers, Caleb, Beth, Rich, Jen,  and Don (with the 4th tent) were in the house. 

Zip & Bren's Annual Photo

Hockey Shots!

Brady and Co.

    Later, the tailgate tents filled up  to capacity as TBC's dad and huge crew popped in.  The Pissah made an appearance as did Planeteers' Joephoto and (?...sorry, missed that name!) came by. My training camp partner Mike came down for a bit too as did cousins Carl and Paul.  Of course, the chili pot was on the stove, Zip's Jambalaya was always a hit and Joel's perfectly cooked Surf (Tuna) and Turf (Filet Mignon)  was to die for!! Naturally, there were steak tips in abundance and we all ate much more than we ever needed to.


    Jim couldn't wait to take us over to a neighboring tent to sidle up for the  infamous Hockey Stick Shots.  In turn, that crew was quite thankful to receive a delicious bottle of Bruschi Brew X.  Hypnotiq shots went round, as did Rumplemintz  (hey Lisa!) for the cold weather game and Ed Bryant hosted a trivia contest.


     Come game time, all were psyched to take on the Jets for our second divisional home game this season.  The fact that Ted Johnson was honored made Jacob smile and although we were wet and cold, it was  a great day for football.  Tedy came by for post-game handshakes and was quite cordial, lingering for a bit to give Zip a "We got another one under the belt" while I was treated to a "Hello Karen".  Al's camera froze up and failed to capture the moment, however, it's catchy as a post game "formatting" of my camera by the darling daughter resulted in erased pictures from the tailgate as well... (I'm putting out the word for donations from all who were in attendance to help document this week's tailgate adventures... thanks Bren and Joel so far!)

Triumphant Tedy heads over to the banner.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12th Man is Alive and Well!


    Gearing up for a rare Saturday showdown, the Razor's Edge Tailgaters set out early on the frosty (almost) winter morning. Having been called out by the team for lack of crowd noise we were prepared to do our part and were raring to go.  Our revised rendezvous spot of the DD North of the stadium worked like a charm yet again and we were able to all queue up together with little effort.  Due to the snow banks our section was closed off but we grabbed prime front row spots along the access road.  Set-up was done in a flash and Big Al soon began cranking out cheese omelets in record time.


The next Tom Brady?

Darren working the Grill

Geoff, Robin & Kelly


    We enjoyed a very mellow 'gate with regulars Monty, (with Christiana this week), Darren, (with Jeremy) and Zip (with Bill, Melissa, Chris, Kelly and guests) setting up tents and cranking out the rations.  Geoff and Robin from Zip's list joined us this week and seemed to enjoy themselves.  It was awesome to see Dana and Lisa again and we've missed them the last few weeks.  Naturally, JoePhoto stopped in as did Ed Bryant bearing this week's tune and bringing a slew of friends.  Vincent with  his Quebec contingent and new bride Julie spent awhile with us as well.  Of course, the weather was balmy for them compared to their home town! 


Angie stops over for her weekly visit

Our Neighbors to the North

Tailgate search party?


 Co-worker and fellow teacher Stephanie and her husband John used our seats and Jacob and Palin rounded out our crew.  My niece Shailyn enjoyed her first game as she surprised her boyfriend Matt with an early Christmas present of game tix and Dillon jersey.  Naturally, there were more folks who popped in as well as our door is always open.


Lisa & Dana in da house!

Direct line to Ernie

Get Loud People!!


Chili was called for as were staples of swordfish, burgers, kielbasa, gaggers (wieners)  and steak tips on our grill.  Monty's usual variety of fish included salmon and snapper this week.  Zip's Bruschi Brew/Captain Morgan soaked Brats were a huge hit (and I ate WAY too much this week!)  Monty's toast and pledge to be loud and my usual Big Willie Hpnotiq toast were in order and our "singing"  (er... chanting) of Ed's tune served to psyche us up and get us ready to answer the 12th Man Call...


They Call Them Buccaneers
(No Previous Tune I Know, but I hope it sounds traditional)
Copyright, 2005, Ed Bryant

When scalawags take to the sea, their purpose is quite clear,
They think we’ll like them better if we call them buccaneers!

Be mindful when you take the wheel, there’s rascals to your rear,
And staring hard at your sweet aft; don’t trust them buccaneers!

For two long years, afloat at sea, no heifers, no, all steers,
Don’t ask for any manners from a ship of buccaneers !

Depraved, deprived, devolved, decrep’t, their name might reach your ears,
When Sodom eyes Gomorrah, aye, she calls him Buccaneer!

And who’s that cutlass-totin’ lad, a’ preyin’ on the fears,
Of every rookie hopeful trying for the Buccaneers?

The guy who looks like Lucifer after just a couple beers?
No, the one who looks like Chuckie, is he with the Buccaneers?

Those Raiders were too soft, he cried, I needed new frontiers,
And so I brought my whip to bear on these poor Buccaneers!

If you like dance, you’d better try the Swinging Chandeliers,
But if you like Griese kid stuff, then behold the Buccaneers!

He was just a minor Applewhite considering careers,
Till the devil brought Phil Simms’ kid to the nasty Buccaneers!

That fellow Rice was full of Rice, until he changed his gears,
Now Simeon don’t monkey ‘round, cuz he’s a Buccaneer!

When Gannon throws his picks, we score, and reap resounding cheers,
But for trippin’ up on kick returns, can’t beat the Buccaneers!

And where’d the damn Lombardi go, these last, well, say, four years?
There’s three lost unaccounted, ah, but one’s the Buccaneers!


Scalawags...?   NOT!

Nice shot of the Zipster



    Much to the delight of all of Patriot Nation, our boys came through and delivered the most complete game of the season.. shutting down Cadillac and shutting out the Bucs 28-zip!  Tedy had an awesome game and came bounding over to the banner to extend Christmas wishes to the Backers... I don't know about you, but  for me, seeing that sight was the biggest gift of all!

Merry Christmas Bruschi Backers!!

Zip and Karen get their handshakes :-)


 Click here for complete album!



Miami Dolphins


Throw Back Sunday



     As a nice wrap-up to the season (and to my Christmas vacation), we headed out on New Year's Day dressed for the elements and ready to ring the new year in right.  Pats announced on Saturday night that Tedy would be inactive but it didn't stop the plethora of 54 Jerseys and Hoodies from taking over the Tailgate Haven known as the Razor's Edge.


Jacob enjoying his lamb chops

Self Portrait

What do you mean, Tedy's not playing?

Laureen, Bob & Pete


    Since many folks had partied the night away coffee, hot chocolate and a variety of other warm beverages were on tap. Naturally, Mahi Mahi (dolphin-fish) was in abundance and the chili pot was empty in record time.  Zip's Bruschi-Brats once again made an appearance as did Monty's variety of grilled meat and fish.  A huge crew was on hand... and long lost "regulars" Laureen and Larry closed out the season by joining us once again.  New "regulars" Chris and Kelly were on hand as was the rest of Zip's huge crew.  Jose had the honors of being the guest du-jour and sported his classic Patriotic face paint. Don set up the 4th tent providing an extra large enclosed area in which we ducked the elements.


But I ONLY drank just one beer!

Mrs. B & Jose

Will...the next generation

Hpnotiq time


Thanks to the last minute heroics of Jen (and Monty's extra ticket) , the disaster of Zip's ducat forgetting snafu was averted when she drove down from NH to deliver them and got to take in the game unexpectedly. Drop in's included Ras-A-Ghul, JoePhoto, and Maelli from Patriot's Planet who unfortunately all missed one another. Sue was in town with the whole family and Kathy, Brian, Jen, Robbi, Christa, Dave, etc were in true form.  Vincent's buddies stopped by to say bonjour, and of course, Ed Bryant showed up with this week's tailgate song:



Miami Dolphins
Copyright, 1970, the Houston Oilers
New Lyrics By Ed Bryant, 2005

Miami has the Dolphins,
Nick Saban’s football team,
With Ron Brown and Senior Seau,
Zach Thomas in between!
The Broncos, Jets, and Panthers,
Have all been tailfin-slapped,
But when they come to our house,
Our phasers are on “Zap!”

Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, it’s been a long time since they won!
Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, today let’s beat them just for fun!

Each year they flock to Nick’s house, the tale is a real snore,
Could those marine mammals pass up their fifteen minutes more?
It’s quite a rocky horror, did someone order “toast?”
This passes for excitement on the Geriatric Coast?

Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins just for fun!
Flipper’s a ringer, look at his finger, Miami Dolphins come undone!

Along came Dan Marino, the kid could pass for miles,
And look good for the camera, just always flashing smiles!
But when each season ended, some other queue bee’s team,
Would carry home Lombardi, leaving 13 just a dream!

Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, send all good fishies straight to heaven!
Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins eight and seven!
Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, there was a time, yes, they were great!
Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins eight and eight!


    Angie didn't make it down today because she was occupied with members  the 85 AFC Championship Team who were being honored on the field prior to kickoff.  Since the starters only played the first quarter, the game was unremarkable until the 4th when Cassel scored his first career touchdown  followed by a history making drop-kick extra point by Doug Flutie.  The Pats came within a 2 point conversion of tying the game but came up short.

Jose works his magic

Big Al's Man.. Andre Tippett

Weekly Pepper/Tedy hug

Hanging on the sideline

    Post game, we sparked the grills, and sought out warm beverages. CJ, Tully, Brigette and their crew came by for a quick bite post-game and I got to congratulate TBC personally on his play and most notably his sack!  We hung out until 7:00 then we bid our friends goodnight as we all need to thaw out and Big Al had worked 3rd shift and had yet to sleep. Later, we learned that our next foe will be Jacksonville next Saturday night @ 8:00.  Bring on the Snow, Baby... Go Pats!!


 Click here for complete album!


Jacksonville Jaguars



Let's get Wild!!


    Saturday night couldn't arrive soon enough for the hard core Razor's Edge crew!  We were psyched to play our first Wild Card Weekend home game in years.  The Zipster and I were so excited and ready to roll that he called me precisely at 10:54AM because he was going stir crazy with anticipation,  as was I. While getting ready, I got a call from Joyce McGinest checking to be sure that we had bought our Hpnotiq!  I assured her that we did and commented that Willie seemed to be getting younger rather than older and she agreed, stating that he was like a fine wine, getting better with time!!


Let's hear it for the Pats!

Hi Larry & Keira!

"Jim Beam" & "Tequila Rose"!

Shooter Time!


    With Chili pot filled to the brim, two coolers filled with rations and beverages we headed out early to meet up with the huge crew at DD.  When the last of our group arrived we headed in for the "4:00" opening at 3:15 and found people already set up with grills a-blazing.  So, rather than setting up along the grassy perimeter we ended up in the front row which gave us ample room to park our 15+ cars, set up the five tents, and provided us with additional space in front of the cars along the road, not to mention great site lines and easy access to the handy-cans!   The usual core white tents of Monty, Zip and the Cardozas' were joined with Don & Karen's and Geoff and Robin's expanding out our haven to five!  


    Now, squeezed into those five tents were no less than 100 guests and visitors throughout the night!  To our good fortune, Patsfan Westy was set up right next door with his ample tent set-up, electricity and heat!  Ducking in for a toast or two provided elbow room and hardcore fan companionship.  So... the disclaimer is out right now:  Omitting mentioning anyone from the tailgate report is not intentional and is not meant to insult!  There literally were so many people coming and going that I couldn't keep track!


Medium ... perfect!

Geoff & Robin

Montreal Crew


    Zip's guest list was extensive and he pulled of the nearly impossible with the ticket switch-a-roo roulette!  Jose took in his second game in as many weeks and regulars/frequent guests Chris & Kelly, Kathy & Brian, Bill & Melissa, Rich & Jen, Drew  and  Ed Bryant  were in the house as were Chris (Wolfie) & Dan, Sue & Bob, Joel, Bob  and a few new faces.   Geoff and Robin and their crew joined forces with us this week and seemed to have a good time. :-)  Don and Karen once again set up shop and also brought along an extra bottle of Hpnotiq which was necessary due to the huge size of the crew.  Taking part in the "girls night out" were Donna, Christa and Jen.  Listnik Kim served as Monty's guest this week.  Miguel was in the house and took in a better game than his last foray to Gillette (the Colts)  and Darren set up shop with his father-in-law.  Laureen, sans-Larry came with a crew and grabbed the train for the return trip.


TBC Crew

Kim & Jose

Paint Time

Visiting Westy's Tent


    Many people popped in,  including Vincent and Julie and their crew from Montreal, Debbi and her family, Angie on her way into to work, Mike from the Suites and JoePhoto (with Hpnotiq) and his guest.  Also swinging by for some real tailgating  (and chili!) were Joya, Brigette and friends, as well as Tiffany with her girls. Marisa and Mike brought some delicious empanadas, turning on the crew to some authentic Spanish food.  My chili was a hit with the west coasters and east coasters alike and Zip's overflowing Jambalya pot was on the stove all night.  Monty had some perfectly cooked London Broil and  wayyyyy too much meat and fish was going round by all that evening.  Big Al couldn't wait to sample Chris & Kelly's Kale Soup and Karen & Don's spiced cider hit the spot. 

Big Al's in Heaven!!

And so is Jose!

Big Willie Mojo


Naturally, Jello shots (with appropriate toasts) and Hpnotiq to give Big Willie the mojo  and samplings of delectable beverages like Tequila Rose passed the lips of Razor's Edgers as well as staple of Sams, Bruschi Brew and Merlot. When we were sufficiently toasted out...many phone calls back and forth to the Paxtons had been made, we were geared up and ready to go,  we headed in for what promised to be an awesome night.


    Beginning right from opening kickoff complete with fireworks, the Gillette crew was ready to roll and stood for the entire game!  After a slow offensive first half, they kicked it into gear for the second,  whipping the Jags 28-3!  Big Willie broke 2 Playoff records by recording 4.5 sacks during the game and became the all time post season leader with 15, proving that 2 1/2 bottles of Hpnotiq did the trick!  Tedy B was dressed but didn't play and came by the banner post-game and assured Zip not to worry because he's OK....  We headed back to the tailgate, popped Champagne, toasted our boys and shared in Pats revelry,  then headed home to watch the Sunday games to determine our fate for the following week.  Regardless of the next foe, we were psyched and proud of our team as always!

I'm OK!

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