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Updated    12/05/10

7:54 PM

Site now pretty much in archive mode.

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Online Journal...


Once again, in the spirit of Mrs. B's Training Camp Reports, I'm making a blog about my SuperBowl adventures....


01/23/05.... Let it snow!!! On the day of the Blizzard of 2005, my boys just received the Lamar Hunt Trophy and earned their 3rd SuperBowl Trip in 4 years (and their second  trip in a row)!  My post season hoopla began on Thursday 01/20 as a reporter from Channel 4 in Boston came by to do a piece on "Bruschi's Biggest Fan".  Unbeknownst to me, it also appeared on Channel 12 on Friday evening but I missed that one too...lol!  Big Al and I planned an AFC Championship Party at the abode to watch the Pats take on the Steelers, however, Mother Nature had different ideas, dumping 3 feet of snow on us and forcing us to cancel.  Needless to say, long distance toasts via the internet and cell phone calls took place and we "shared" the game with listniks across the globe.  During halftime, Big Al answered the phone singing "We're halfway there, we're halfway there..." only to be confronted with a reporter from the Globe looking for Karen Cardoza.... I did a half-time interview then fielded and made calls to all of my buds in enough time to get back to the action.  The Steelers lasagnaHpnotiq,, Bruschi Brew,  proper attire, and various rituals came through and it's on to Jacksonville for me!! 


01/24/05  Thanks to Mother Nature, I had the day off from work so it afforded me the perfect opportunity to do a full update on the site, answer lots of emails,  and also  scour the internet looking for a hotel.  I wanted to stay as close to St. Augustine as possible but searched to no avail.  Karyn and Big Lonie called to  let me know where they were staying but naturally it was booked solid.  So, after surveying the situation, I decided on Daytona, right on the water, 50 minutes south of St. Augustine,  It appears to be a direct route, straight down 95 between the two cities.  So, with flight, hotel, and car booked, the only things I'm missing now are.... Tickets!!


1/25/05 Headed back to school today with the kids all riled up from the snow, from being home for three days and because of the big Pats WIN!  Teachers and students alike commented about seeing me on the news on Friday night...gosh...wish I would have caught it myself!   I put in for my day off and figured things were falling into place. After school I got a call from the reporter that I spoke to last week about doing some filming this weekend for a Comcast show she was putting together.  Since I had class tonight, I headed out early then  Al called to give me the number of a reporter from the Orlando Sentinel who had called the house looking for me.  I returned his call and did an interview about our upcoming trip. I checked my voicemail when I left and had another message from a reporter from Neighbors looking for an interview. When I got home, I found out that due to high demand,  I would NOT be able to purchase tickets through the team as former Fans of the Year had in the past.  The wind came right out of my sails.... I've now got a non-refundable room booked and a flight that I paid for in December. Buying through ticket agencies at a minimum of $2500 each  is not something I can even think about... Al and I will still be making the trek... although right at this moment it's hard to be excited about it.  I'm sure I'll be back to my usual self soon, but talking to reporters is the last thing I feel like doing right now..


01/27/05  It still hasn't really hit me yet that I don't have tickets but the reality is, unless something unexpected happens we'll be watching  the game on TV.  I'm still hoping that something turns up but if not, I'll need to accept the fact before we actually leave.  At that point I'll need to make peace with the issue and go down knowing that I won't be going to the game but going just for the good time.  I know that I will not spend my time down there scouring the place for tickets and wasting all of my time on the streets doing so.  What it really comes down to is this... As long as my boys win that game, it doesn't really matter where I watch it...I'll be happy!!

    I spoke to Joyce McGinest on the phone yesterday and look forward to seeing her and Willie next week.  Since everyone is spread out, it will be different than most treks but I'm sure we'll hook up at some point. Today, Holly from the Comcast show called to confirm our filming session for Sunday.  I also spoke to Neighbors newspaper and someone from the Orlando Sentinel again. I have a couple more requests in my inbox but haven't returned any of those calls yet. It's been a busy week and I'm trying to keep on top of things around here.  Between the snow, making the arrangements, being back in school at night, the site, media engagements and the arrival of my brand new great-nephew Dylan, my plate is full.


01/28/05  Details of the big Send-Off Rally came out today.. Unfortunately, I already made a commitment with the Comcast people for Sunday morning so I won't be able to attend.  Last year, Al, Jacob, and I stood outside for 3 hours in the bitter cold just to see the guys get on the buses.  This year, they are pulling out all the stops and actually having a rally for the regular folk...(Last time we could hear the cheering and hoopla taking place inside the club while the commoners froze outside just to catch a glimpse of the boys heading to their buses.)  Don't get me wrong, it was my choice to go but it's nice to see them doing the rally for everyone this year, not just the high rollers.

    The reality of not having tickets is starting to sink in... I was thinking about some of the things that I'd need to bring for the trip and when I got to clothing for the game it hit me... I WON'T BE GOING TO THE GAME....I started to well up... It will certainly be strange. I went to 3 other away games this year and I'm going to this one - the biggest one - but I'm not really going. Someone sent me an email saying that they're praying for me to get tickets... I think that will be the only thing that will work since getting them will take a miracle! 

    Busy weekend ahead... I had to blow of the Square Mile Readers book club meeting tonight to do the Mom's Taxi Service duties... Jacob has a the State Wrestling Tournament all day Saturday and Sunday if he moves on. Sunday is already booked up so I'll have to head over after the Comcast shoot and catch the end of the meet.  I have tons of homework to do for my class and of course, the usual housewife/mother duties don't disappear just because I'm the Worlds Biggest Pats Fan!


01/29/05 Spent the entire day...16 hours at the the RI Middle School State Wrestling Tournament with Al and Jake... and..... get to go back tomorrow too!  (Even knitted a new scarf while sitting in the bleachers  and would have finished it except I ran out of yarn.)  On the way there, I got a call from the Herald asking me if I was going to the rally tomorrow and told them that I had a prior commitment so I would not.  Then, as I thought about it, I decided to call Holly to see if they wanted to either join me there or change the time.  She decided that it would be great to catch some footage there so, I'll be heading out to see My Boys off after all!!  She'll come back here for a bit, then I'll head back out to Coventry to watch the rest of the tournament.  Meanwhile, it's 10:00 and we just got in and I haven't eaten yet so I best get to it, then straighten things up a bit here and get ready for tomorrow.


01/30/05  I got up at 6:00 so I could get a few things done before heading out to the Send-off Rally.  Nicole called to say that the hotel valet lost their keys so they were running late and would meet me as soon as they could.  I got there around 8:15 and there was already a crowd forming but I had no problem getting a spot to park.  There was a stage set up in the East Suite lot and they were playing the 21 DVD on the big screen so people had something to do while waiting.  It was a nice touch to offer free Dunkin Donuts coffee and hot chocolate and both WEEI and DD were passing out posters.  There were lots of families there and I got a kick out of watching the kids while waiting. I ran into Steve Silva from Boston.com who did the Fanatical piece last month and we talked for a bit.  Also saw Schuster in all his regalia but didn't see anyone else that I knew close by.   Holly, Nicole and Dan were able to park in the media lot and we hooked up with no problem.  .


They got me wired for sound and we were good to go....  The program started 1/2 hour late and when Nicole went to turn the mikes back on, hers was dead.  Holly hunted around for a new battery and finally got it working just in time.  The cheerleaders came on stage and did a couple of numbers then John Rooke took the mike and served as the MC.  Pats vets including "The Hog" Hannah and Steve Grogan said a few words as well as the politicians.  Thankfully, they were brief!  Mr. Kraft and Belichick spoke followed by the players, Brady, Bruschi, and Brown.  Since we still needed to shoot at the house, I headed towards the exits only to be told that we had to wait until the buses left before they let any of us out.  People were getting ticked off and started shouting... After they pulled out, I headed over to the car and zipped right out and down to meet the crew. 



I took the back way (shorter but  scenic route) home figuring we were right on schedule.... Unfortunately, Dan sliced his finger open while removing the tripod from the car.  We headed upstairs to try to stop the bleeding but it didn't take long to realize that he needed to go to the hospital.  So, they got to see more of RI than they bargained for on this fine Sunday afternoon!  We spent a few hours there, got him stitched up while Nicole snapped pictures to document his adventure, and grabbed a bite at D'angelos... (not bad cheese steak either says the Philly boy, Dan!) then headed back to my house to retrieve their equipment.  Holly and I went down to the shrine to take a few pictures then we rescheduled the rest of the interview for tomorrow during my free period. Although there were some bumps in the road, hopefully it will be smooth sailing ahead!

See Boston.com's Rally Photos


01/31/05 Back to work today. It hasn't hit me yet that  we'll be heading out on a trek on Friday since I'm just trying to make it through each day.... This certainly will be a busy week ahead.  When I got to work this morning, there was one period with the kids until my unassigned.  I had made arrangements with Holly, Nicole and Dan to come and finish the piece that we started yesterday but had to put off due to Dan's accident. They got there right on time and we did the sit-down interview while the kids were at music.  When they got back, Holly shot some footage of us in the classroom just doing what we do. Everything seemed to go well and they got to see why I love my job so much!    The rest of the day went by pretty quickly then  I headed straight out for my Spanish class after work.  "Yo me llamo Senora Cardoza!"  I got home around 7:00, met Debbi to pick up some Pats clothes that I ordered then started working on the site and doing laundry.  When I'm finished with today's update I've got some  projects to do that are due for tomorrow night's class and I'm hoping to get to bed by 11:00.(Yeah, right!)


02/01/05 Pretty quiet on the Pats front today.. Bowling Day for the kids at school so we were out for most of the afternoon.  Took my kids to the dentist after school then headed to Warwick for my 6:00 class.   Got a call from the Orlando Sentinel just checking to see if I happened to get tickets before they ran the story.  Unfortunately, my answer was NO....  Having trouble with that dang Cox email account again so I'm frustrated trying to get access to my mail... Watched a bit of Media Day coverage on NFL Network, FSNE, and ESPN while surfing to update the site and came across the best news of the day:  Tedy can say Aloha next week as he's going to the Pro Bowl!  I know he's not focused on individual accolades but it's nice to see him get the recognition that we fans know he deserves!!  FTFT!!!


02/02/05 Busy day at work today as the kids' elective was dropped so I didn't get a prep period and they were with me all day.  While scoffing down lunch in 20 minutes I almost choked....not from the food, rather from reading this article: http://www.boston.com/sports/football/patriots/articles/2005/02/01/fans_forced_to_tackle_big_markup/ I was sad and disappointed when I first  found out about the ticket situation, but now I'm angry.... Guess I now know why there weren't enough tickets available for the FOTY's to purchase....  The Orlando Sentinel business article came out today as did the Neighbors article.  I got a call from Boston's Channel 7 to find out when I'm arriving in Jacksonville.  They asked me to call them back when I arrive.   I also got a call from the Pawtucket Times doing a story on local teachers and their students' reaction to the Patriots.  Came home, did errands and now I'm trying to get the site updated early because I've got a headache brewing and need to get to bed by 11:00 to nip it in the bud.


02/03/05  Al called me at work today to tell me that he thought of one last place to check for tickets and made a call.  I'm not getting my hopes up and tomorrow will be the last day that I allow myself to concentrate on it....When we get on that plane, I'm turning the page... The Times article came out this morning and I tried scanning the Neighbors article as well as Tedy's SI article about the making of the Milk Ad but alas... the old scanner is on the blink again.  After work, I headed out to BJ's to pick up some meat for my sister-in-law who wants to make Mrs. B's Famous Post Game Steak Tips on Sunday.  I'll whip up the marinade tonight and send it over with instructions so she can have a fine SuperBowl tailgate meal!  I also headed over to Bob's to pick up some TEDY-WEAR.... a winter FTFT hat, a grey FTFT tee and my personal favorite....!  I'm trying to do my update early so I can finish the laundry and get packed for tomorrow's departure. 


02/04/05  Well... I'm OFF!  Got out of work at 12:30 and I'm heading out the door to do a few errands then we're hitting the airport.  Haven't heard anything from that "last hope" so that's it.  We'll have a good time anyway, since the only important thing is getting that win, regardless or where I watch it.  GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Prediction 24-10 Pats...


02/04/05 PM.... "The Eagle---NOT!----has landed!"

Friday flew At TGIFridays @ the Airportby at work,,, Left at lunch time with the kids all hugging on me and getting all fired up about the game.  Headed to the airport early.  Never heard from Al's connect before we left but we weren't surprised.  As promised, I decided not to dwell on it and was determined to stay positive.  True to form, we hit our usual TGIFridays haunt and I hunkered down with a few tall Sams. I was psyched about finally leaving,  however,  sitting in the airport I begin to feel funny.... I'm looking around at all the people geared up and excited about the game.  Part of me can't believe that we don't have tickets.  I can't help but wonder as I look at the different faces whether or not they have tickets or if they are in the same boat as me.  How did they get them?  Do they know someone? Are they even football fans??  Or... did they pay ridiculous amounts of money whether they can afford it or not?  Why do I feel Tradition... Tall Sams and phone with Ernie!so inadequate?  Should I have charged it even though I can't afford it...Fan of the Year??  Some might say I'm not big enough if I don't just go for it.  I decide that I'm just too smart to lose my common sense and that I'm doing the right thing.  My phone rang, bringing me back to reality,  and it was  Joyce on the other end checking to see where we were and if we were still heading down.  She was staying in Orlando so we  wished each other well and said that we hoped to run into each other throughout the course of the weekend. TGIFridays was packed with fans and I offered a seat to a girl who was alone.  We got to talking about lots of things and turns out she's good friends with Bryan Morry's wife.  Talk about a small world. Naturally, the phone lines were open between Carmona and The Cardozas and they were ringing non stop.

Before boarding I gave Karyn a call to find out the name of the hotel that they were staying at and to get the exit number. She also said that the team and family hotels were under tight security and credentials were needed to get in. She told me that Madison wasn't going to the game and that we could stay with her and the rest of the crew during game time (which made me feel better knowing that I wasn't the only one who would be watching on TV.)  I told her I would call when we landed.  Our flight was uneventful except for the flock of Eagles fans on board and the stewardess who continually mentioned the Eagles through out her spiel. I guess it doesn't matter if Pats fans enjoy their stay or not...  I thought about the game situation while on the plane and came to peace with it... we had a plan and people to stay with so it was all good.... especially if we could get into the After Party then the entire trip would be worth it...kind of like wrapping up unfinished business from last year.

We landed, got our car and headed south towards Daytona Beach.  I called Karyn and she said that they were in the hotel lounge and would be dBig Lonie & Karen at the family hotelown there for at least an hour so we decided to stop there on our way.  When we walked into the lobby a guard asked for credentials but luckily Big Lonie was sitting right at the end of the bar and yelled "Hey, the Cardozas are here!!" so the guard let us in knowing that we weren't trying to BS him.  The place was hopping!!   Recognized lots of family members from former trips.  IR players Klecko and Ashworth were there too but naturally the rest of the team was locked down at their hotel since it was after curfew.  Lonie had me try a Yingling draft which we called Ding-A-Ling for the remainder of the weekend... I sat next to a gentleman at the bar and naturally got to talking. Lonie and Al Turns out he was Belichick's cousin.  We never did get his first name so Lonie just  called him Belichick all night ;-).  The Andruzzi crew was out in full force and were having a grand old time as usual.  Jimmy was telling Al war stories about their deluxe accommodations in the "Worst Western" hotel!  I secretly hoped our hotel would be worth the 200 bucks a night we were paying...  We stayed till about 1:00 then bid our adieu to set out for our hotel an hour away.  We found it quite easily and knew it was right on the ocean as we could hear the waves rolling in.  The location was nice, but <ahem>  it was not my kind of place...and definitely not worth the dough but beat sleeping in the car. (I'm so spoiled staying in nice hotels and am willing to pay for it....gotta love those Heavenly Beds!)  I tried to go online to check my mail and the message board but alas, dialing 9 at the hotel provided nothing but a busy signal. I crawled into bed at 3:00AM hoping to catch a few hours sleep before heading north in the morning.


    Woke upView from our hotel.. Daytona Beach around 6:00AM in dire need of coffee... Al headed down for some while I showered as best I could... Right outside our door!(What an adventure .... there had be water between the tub and the sub floor because it moved!  I felt like I was standing on one of these half-balls that they have at the gym for balance...) We got ready, packed up our stuff for the day and decided to check out the view from the hotel. It was a beautiful site... right on the water with the waves rolling in.  We took a few pictures then headed out towards St. Augustine.   We decided to take the scenic route and drive along the ocean straight up A1A.  It was incredible and I was amazed at how close everything was to the water.  They must have had quite the time during the hurricanes this year. 


As we got closer I gave Karyn a call and she said that he whole crew was planning on eating at Cracker Barrel and that we should join them. Timing was perfect as we pulled in the lot at the same time as them.  We waited outside on the rockers and introductions went round.  Our party of 16 was split among a few tables but we soon found something in common to talk about.  Liz, Carly, Courtney and I admired each other's Pats-Wear.  Tom and I discussed the merits of phonics and Scott supplied us all with his super cool invention: Pocket Shots!  The crew took turns goofing on my RI accent and we soon became fast friends.

Al & Lonie @ the Cracker Barrel

Team Hotel


Heading to the buses.

Mary (Maelli @ Patsplanet)

Proud Mama!

"Paxton's Parlor"

Joephoto, Karen & Mary

Lonie & Steve

Tom, Lonie & Scott

Peg & Joe

Notice the curtains on the Pat's floors... Business Trip!!!

We headed over to the team hotel to hang out and wait for Big Lonie to get back from the stadium with the team. On the way in I saw Anna (from my board) and the cheerleaders were just heading on to their buses.  Got to talk to Jessica, and exchanged hellos with Charisse and Diana.  We took over the couch area of the lounge and one of the crew dubbed it "Paxton's Parlor". Started off with Bloody Marys then the Yinglings were flowing freely. Hung for the afternoon and soon we were joined by a big crowd as the buses returned. Players hung out with their families in the lobby and I spoke to Patrick Pass for a bit.   I had a lot of phone calls and played phone tag with George and others but the connections weren't too great.   Mary, Joephoto and Peg from Patsplanet came by and hung with us too.


Jarvis Green & his twin

Patrick Pass

Brother to Brother

Alyson & Karen

We ate, drank some more then headed over to the family hotel to close the bar.  Talked  to Alan  and Alyson, saw a few guys who came in to see their families...Patrick Pass, Colvin etc, and talked to Jarvis and his twin brother. Spotted Willie Sr.in the lobby as they checked in there for the night and said hello but Joyce had already gone up to bed. Talked with Joya a bit too.  With the clock ticking, we  headed back to Daytona via the highway and I tried with all my muster to stay awake  to keep Al company on that long stretch of road. He kept spotting some animals grazing on the side of the road and said they were deer but I missed them all.  Got back to the "palace", still couldn't get online and discovered that half of the electrical sockets and lights didn't work... No worries though... we had a great day, shared lots of laughs and made some new friends... Words of the day:  Gaycacken, Pocketshots, and Ding-a-ling.



Game day dawned early but I barely slept all night anyway only getting a few hours from 3:00-5:30 then lay awake for another hour thinking about the day ahead.  I took another tippy shower and donned my new SuperBowl velour outfit, I Tedy shirt, and game day mojo lei.  Naturally, I had my Throwback 54 jersey  with me for game time....  Al and I grabbed some coffee downstairs but had to drink it out of plastic soda cups...(?!)  We headed up to the family hotel to rendezvous with the Paxtons before starting our day.  Big Lonie came down and sat with us for a bit while everyone ate at the continental breakfast.  He was white as a ghost and was as jittery as I was...already!  Saw Heidi across the room in line getting some food for the kids.  Talked to Auntie Bev a bit and then she went over to feed Joe's three.  Tully's mom introduced me to his father and we had some coffee while waiting.  The room was full of jerseys and it was clear just who belonged to who.  Lots of the women doctored theirs with various rhinestones and custom messages in all types of sparkles and glitter paint. 


When Karyn and Madison were ready, we headed over to the Team hotel and met up with the rest of the crew.  We all went into the tent for the Pre-game Brunch... but once again I could barely eat and opted instead for mostly fresh fruit.  Lonie's plate was still full as well and he had a hard time even sitting still...  As we left, we passed by the ESPN guy set up outside and made it on TV.  Al and I just Family Brunchwalked by but the Orrs made the best of their minute of fame and yucked it up!!   We gathered for our group photo in "Paxton's Parlor" and everyone was going crazy with excitement.  Those that were actually going to the game The Whole Crew!!waited in long lines for the buses to take them over and the rest of us settled in on the couches. (I almost cried seeing everyone getting ready to go... but I made it through.)  The day dragged.... and dragged... and dragged.  Al spent time outside smoking cigars and talking to Ernie on the phone, I drank gallons of water with lemon because of my butterflies, Seth and Madison played pool endlessly, Chase and Ashley kept heading outside to get in the ESPN shots, Rich disappeared and took a nap in the car,  and Courtney and Carly went shopping.  Liz and I spent hours talking about everything under the sun and hung out holding our seats for game time.  Some of David Patten's family set up some chairs and joined us as well as Randall Gay's (I think).  There were 4 guys down from NE who came along and who turned out to be a lot of fun too!


Prior to game time, I donned my jersey, and Al and I had the Big Willie Hpnotiq mojo toast.  Excitement was in the air and everyone was more than ready for the game to begin... Watching the pre game show, I almost lost it again, especially when Alicia Keyes sang America the Beautiful and the Service Men and Women sang the National Anthem.  I could recall the feeling of excitement that I had the year before in Houston seeing it live...but I was here and my team was about to take the field and make history.  Finally... Kick-Off!!  We were a rowdy group, jumping up and cheering loudly, celebrating successes and suffering when it got too close for comfort!  During halftime, the entire room sang along with Paul McCartney and even the young ones joined in with the Na-Na-Na-Na's.... When the Pats were up by two touchdowns we all breathed a collective sigh of relief and the guys began making the hats in the back room. Once again... the emotional roller coaster for this team... Bruschi INT, that's MY BOY!!, 3 and out, Eagles score... NO! this can't be happening... I'm sure they suspended hat  production... and we all were pacing and praying and pleading to the football Gods....onside kick... Nice! .. 3 and Out... DAMN!....Rodney INT!!!!... WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!! SuperBowl Champs AGAIN!!!!! 




Oh Yeah!



No sooner had we won though, amidst the hugging and hooting and hollering, the police turned off the TVs and told us we all had to leave the building because they were locking it down. We bought some of the first hats made... (for a whopping $42 each...YIKES!)   paid our tab then headed out into the cold to wait for everyone to get back. Madison was freezing and didn't have a coat.  After awhile one of the head CSC  security folks recognized us and let us back in to wait in the lobby.  Seth and Madison promptly fell asleep.  Lionel Ritchie came in as did members of the Black Eyed Peas.  The family buses started pulling in after midnight amidst fireworks for the arrival of each.  Seeing everyone coming in with those seat cushions got to me again but there was no way that I could be depressed having shared the game with a great group of people.  Karyn and Lonie finally arrived on one of the last buses, then there was a HUGE fireworks display... the Team must have pulled up out back.  Sure enough guys started filtering in and heading over to the party.  Karyn spoke to Lonie and he said he would be down any minute so we went outside to wait.  Turned out to be quite awhile and we were starting to get nervous, but sure enough, he came to the side door and had us all follow him in! 


Seth's all tuckered out!

Madison too!

We're BACK!!!

Black, Eye, or Pea??


WE WERE AT THE AFTER-PARTY!!!  We entered the main room and the Black Eyed Peas were playing on stage. I ran into B-Lowe (PVN), Bryan and Carrol  (PFW), grabbed a couple of Sams then we went to find the rest of the crew. Everyone (Big Lonie included) finally lost those butterflies!!  We grabbed a bite to eat and shot the breeze. Congratulated Tully, Kevin Faulk, and Patrick Pass whom I ran into to.  Some other guys were mingling as well but most opted for the private VIP area (complete with Lionel Richie crooning and the Lombardi trophy on display) ....Ran into Joyce McGinest in the hallway and she gave me a big hug and told us to go with her.  At the door they were checking wristbands so I told her I would catch her later.. (you know me.. I always feel funny about those things although I'm sure that we could have gotten in with her...) We headed back to the main room then Snoop Dog came on stage and suddenly the doors to the VIP area opened and lots of the guys came out to catch the set.  Snoop wore a custom jersey with 12 on the front and 55 on the back with the "name" Back2Back on it.  He put on quite the show and the place was rocking!  Never did catch a glimpse of Tedy the whole weekend but Brian Morry's mother told me that she talked to him as he went by earlier in the night. The cheerleaders were in the house and were taking pictures left and right...Al missed that opportunity as he was in line at the bar... Ran into Jarvis and congratulated him as well. We saw RAC and wished him well and Al noticed him check out the Bruschi Backer hat that he was wearing and smile. 



Karen & Carrol

Lonie & Madison with the Cheerleaders

Karyn & Hunter


Back to Back!

Superbowl champs...

Click here for my VIDEO of Snoop!! 




At around 4:30, we said our goodbyes to Lonie, thanking him profusely for everything and headed out with the last of our crew. Hugs went round and we bid each other good night.  It was a killer drive back for Al... I literally couldn't keep my eyes open and my head bobbed all the way home.  I prayed that he wouldn't doze off but alas, we did make it safely back to the hotel just as the sun was starting to come up.  I just HAD to put Sports Center on to catch the highlights and watched a bit while Al crashed, then smiled myself to sleep!  Since our return flight wasn't until the evening I didn't set an alarm but woke up around 8:00 anyway.  We decided to pack it up, check out and head up north.  Of course, there weren't any coffee cups but this time not even any cream so we hit the nearest Krispy Creme to get the caffeine jolt. 

The Champs heading home!

Just as we were pulling off the exit in St. Augustine  we noticed police cars on the other side, and lo and behold, our World Champs were heading home!  We headed over to the family hotel and called Karyn but they had already checked out as well. We decided to grab a bite at the Renaissance and sat there reliving the events that had transpired. I opened the paper and there was Tedy's huge "Got Milk" ad...Had the tables been turned I would have been looking at Donovan McNabb's milk moustache! 

Jacksonville Skyline

Roman Phifer, Asante Samuel and  Earthwind Moreland (I think) apparently didn't take the team charter home and were still around.  Since we had some time to kill, we headed over the outlets and I did a bit of shopping.. .(Gotta luv that Coach!) then headed up towards Jacksonville to catch our flight.  We figured we had plenty of time but it took over an hour just to get through security. Remind me not to lug so much stuff in the future!   Funny thing... for a SuperBowl that had Eagle fans outnumbering Pats fans by at least 10:1 how come I only saw a handful of folks sporting Eagles gear in the airport?!  Our flights were uneventful and we got home around 11:00PM psyched about the win and our trip... Despite not going to the game, the crappy room and the drives... we had an awesome time and is one that we'll never forget. Our SuperBowl experience has come full circle... with the game last year and the brunch and After Party this year...  Special thanks to Lonie, Karyn and Big Lonie for EVERYTHING, to Liz, Rich and their wonderful family for their excellent companionship and  new-found friendship, and the rest of the crew for lots of laughs (and Pocketshots!)  throughout the weekend.


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Returning to work on Tuesday morning I was met with cheers and hugs from the kids...."The Patriots Won!!  We're having a SuperBowl Party!!!"  It was a crazy and busy week for me trying to catch up with life... I had class until late Tuesday night and spent Wednesday and Thursday nights out running errands and such so I had the monkey on my back in terms of everything I had to do!  On Friday afternoon, I rejoiced knowing that I would have the weekend to get caught up.  Al and I went to the Rally at the Warwick Mall mainly to say goodbye to Brian Morry and Pires... and to congratulate the boys of course!  Joe Andruzzi, Christian Fauria, Matt Chatham and Rosevelt Colvin were there doing their final show of the year and taking questions from the audience.  One cute little girl asked Christian for a hug because it was her birthday and he gave her the hugest bear hug known to man!! I'm sure she'll never forget that moment as long as she lives!!   We spoke to Bev on the way out, wished her well and told her that we would keep our fingers crossed about Joe's upcoming free agency status.... We headed home and I started working on the site in earnest which continued right on through to this afternoon.  I'm almost done then I'll finish that laundry, go through my mail, and hopefully be done in time to settle in and watch THE MAN in the ProBowl tonight!


Joe says hello

Matt Chatham


Mr. GQ!

Can I have a Hug?? It's my 15th birthday!



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