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Heading to Houston

Online Journal...

Super Bowl XXXVIII


In the spirit of Mrs. B's Annual Training Camp Reports, I'll be chronicling my  journey to Houston.... Let me preface by saying that since receiving the Fan of the Year Award  on December 27th my life has certainly changed!  Not only have there been two home playoff games and tailgates since then but now instead of just doing my thing to prepare and recap, life  has become a media blitz!  I have literally received daily calls from one media outlet or another... I've also been logging many hours at the computer playing catch up with my website and  answering the many emails that I've been receiving as a result of the increased site traffic.  But I haven't had time to visit my favorite message boards to read and/or post so  people must be wondering if I dropped out of sight! (I'm still here, Patriot Nation!!)   Thus, having finally gotten caught up (I think...) I will begin the journal today (one week prior to my departure) and attempt to update daily.


Friday, 01/23/04

    My day began with some uncertainty and excitement.  I had received a phone call the night before from a representative of the Sharon Osbourne Show to tell me about a Tailgate Cookoff segment that they were considering doing next week with a Patriots fan and a Panthers fan. If it was a go, she wanted to fly me out to LA on Monday, tape Monday night and Red Eye me back to the East coast on Tuesday.  I was excited and honored but was starting to stress out by the time I got to work on Friday.  (The thought of national TV is a once in a lifetime opportunity but the logistics of it were tricky.)   Regardless... I was hyper all day and just wanted to know either way so I could  plan my week.  (I had  made up my mind that, although I was nervous and would lose 2 days pay and seniority, if everything fell into place then it was meant to be and  I would go, but if not... no problem as my life would actually be easier without the trek.) 

    Around 10:00 I got a call... but it wasn't from them, rather from the Patriots.  The girl told me that she was calling on behalf of Mr. Kraft to inform me that as Fan of the Year, they were allowing me to purchase tickets to the big game!!  WOOOOHOOOO!!! (One less stress in my life, thank you very much!)  I made it through the rest of the work day not knowing whether or not I would be going in on Monday and Tuesday so I scrambled to get things in order just in case there was a sub.

    When I got home, Al and I set out to the stadium... I was giddy and hyper!  (Just ask Zip about our multiple phone conversations!)  It was bitter cold when we got there and I quickly headed to the window to pick up my prized possessions.  People in the parking lot must have wondered I if was a quack because I was literally jumping up and down when I finally got tickets in hand!!  We headed over to the pro-shop to scout it out.... (not much there...there's been a run on the place!) and the manager recognized us right away.  I mean, how can he not... we spend enough hours and dollars there!  He told me that he saw the Herald picture and that my barstools looked great...lol!


Baby it's cold outside!

Taking care of business.

I'm soooo excited!



While I was there Mary Catherine from Sharon called to tell me that they decided to do the segment with professional chefs rather than fans. I was cool with that and told her so.  She did say however, that they would love to have me out for something some day because I was so much fun... I told her that the Fan of the Year of the Super Bowl Champions would love to do it sometime!  When we left, we headed to the mall to pick up  Bruschi Super Bowl jerseys at Finish Line but they only had kids' in stock and were expecting the adult sizes on Saturday. 

    I ran a few more errands, answered more email, updated the site  and hit the hay around 1:00 exhausted from the mental energy that was spent... but excited as the big day draws near!


Saturday, 01/24/04

Got up at 5:30 because I had to wake Kelsea up to go to work with my dad. Made a pot of coffee and sat down at the computer to get busy...I planned on just hanging around doing laundry in the morning and meeting Zip later in the day. Around 10:00, my neighbor across the street knocked on the door and said that she got a call from a reporter from WB56 inquiring as to whether she knew the Fan of the Year.  When she said that it was her neighbor, she asked her to come over to give me her number to call her.  Pretty darn good detective work on the part of Laura Clarizio... even the Sleuth is proud.  Seems she narrowed down the town and street and started calling people to see if they knew me.  I guess she REALLY wanted that story!  Anyway, she came and shot for a couple of hours and we even had quite a few laughs as well! 


Later we kept our lunch date with Zip and Jim who came down from Nashua to pick up their Superbowl tickets. We have season tickets to Providence Performing Arts but theatre was the last thing on our minds so we blew it off in favor of friends, food, and football stuff. We once again feasted at the Outlaw BBQ and I actually made a pretty good dent in my plate this time.  Of course the fact that we devoured Carolina Pulled Pork might have had something to do with it!  The owner, Dale was gracious as always and spent quite a bit of time shooting the breeze at our table.  He showed off an Awesome Patriots Backgammon table that he made!   We said our goodbyes and we headed our separate ways, full and psyched because life is just so good!


I just finished marinating my steak tips and making lasagna for tomorrow and I'm getting ready to watch the news clip which will be on at 10:00.  Tomorrow, I'm heading to Gillette for the Boys' sendoff, then going up to Zip's to join our tailgate crew and other Pats fans for a Super Bowl sendoff bash.  We'll be feasting, watching last week's Colts game then SB36 and sharing good food, good times, and good friendships to last a lifetime!


Sunday, 01/25/04

Headed out to Gillette this morning to see The Boys off on our way to Zip's house.  Let me just say... it was FREEZING!  Of course, I can deal with it on game day because I always dress right, however, I must admit that I wasn't prepared for it today.  Sneakers and ankle socks just don't cut it with below zero wind chills.  It was packed but Laura from WB56 spotted me in the crowd and did a little interview but it didn't end up on the air. (Girls with life size Brady cutouts and those wearing wedding veils carrying "Marry Me, Tom" signs make for much more interesting TV than me!)  


The guys trickled out to the busses and each time a player came the crowd erupted.  Of course, I used my "Walking Media Guide" skills to identify them as they approached.  There was some kind of rally inside which I'm assuming was for the Club/Suite people while us regular peeps braved the elements outside.  Big Al almost got some pics but we were past the busses and if a player happened to come over our way to take a picture or video of the crowd, the media folk on the inside blocked our view.


We headed up to Zip's for our Super Bowl Sendoff party with lasagna and steak tips in tow.  Tailgate regulars and  newbies alike joined together to share optimism about our upcoming game. It actually took me at least 4 hours to fully shake the chill that I picked up at Gillette.   We watched the AFC Championship game and broke out the champagne to celebrate. (We Won!...lol) Of course, I picked way too much and left stuffed.  We spent a wonderful low key afternoon getting more and more excited our upcoming trip and the Big Game again!


Monday 01/26/04


Fairly quiet Pats day today... Woke up with a scratchy throat and ears, stuffy nose, cough and YIKES.... 2 monster cold sores... UGH!  Made it through work and Jacob's wrestling meet and was originally supposed to do an interview for the Chronicle show on Channel 5 but logistically, it didn't work out.  I was thankful as I wasn't looking forward to being on camera today... kinda tough when you can't breathe and you're self conscious about the lip! 


Big Al headed over to Finish Line again.. in search of Super Bowl Bruschi jerseys for Zip and I (that were supposed to come in every day since Thursday) but alas he had no luck.  I was glad to read that Tedy practiced today and that things look good for Sunday.  It still hasn't really hit me yet that I'm actually going to the Super Bowl!!    I'm getting excited but in light of the way I'm feeling right now, I'm not my usual hyper self.  Since there is little Tedy news other than 50 of the same kind of article about his injury, I don't have much to update so I'll likely be doing the right thing and heading to bed at a decent hour for a change.


I'm getting my junk together for work tomorrow, then it'll be lights out for me!  I have a radio date with Matty in the Morning on Kiss 108 at 7:10AM along with Linh of AbsoluteBrady so I best be off to try to catch up on some sleep and shake this thing!


Tuesday 1/27/04

Got up at the usual time and debated about going into work or not... but I figured I'd have Wednesday off to rest up  due to the snow so I decided to go for it.  Nicole from Kiss108's  Matty in the Morning called me at 7:00 as scheduled to be sure that I was ready for our 7:10 air date.  Linh from Absolutebrady.com was live in studio and I was on the phone for our interview which lasted 20 minutes and was a lot of fun!


Had a nail appointment after school...(gotta get those Flying Elvis's in shape for the trip...) then went to the mall to pick up my new Super Bowl Bruschi jersey.  While we were there, we missed perhaps THE BEST interview of media day...GRRRR....  One of Kelsea's friends told her that she saw Tedy on the 6:00 news on channel 12 talking about.... ME!  I guess the reporter asked about the fans and he said something about me and that he knew me and Al and what a nice family we have, and also that he visited my classroom. Then she said that Tedy said he'll come back again this year if they win!!  I called the station to see if it would be repeated at 11:00 but they weren't sure because everything was coming out of Houston.  Needless to say, it wasn't on but I plan on calling the station to find out how to get access to that tape!!


Tomorrow should be a snow day, so I'm being bad and staying up late sorting through all of this media day stuff... (Love it when the boy is in the news but it makes for lots of digging!)  More to come tomorrow when I can really sit down and get to it...

Wednesday 1/28/04


Well, I gambled... and lost!  What a dud of a storm.  Only a couple of inches so we had school.  I got up at 5:00 and did my update albeit not completely since I ran out of time before going to work.  Only half of the kids showed up so it was a low key day.  I made some phone calls during my break to inquire about the infamous Tedy Tape. Channel 12 gave me the number of a guy in Cranston who can send it to me for $35 bucks.  (Bummer that they only played it once unlike some stories that you see over and over and over again...)  Anyway, I have to submit the request in writing then wait for it to be done so I don't expect to see it for a couple of weeks.  Lots of people at work saw the interview and came up to me to talk about it... but unfortunately I didn't see it... It's killing me!!  I'm so curious as to how the subject of ME even came up! 


Came home from school and tried to get through to Scott and Gresh at 790TheScore while updating my site but didn't make it in because they weren't taking many listener calls today.   Meanwhile a reporter from The Times called me and I did a short interview about going to the game.  The Neighbors newspaper came out today and it was a decent article.  I got two phone calls about doing interviews in Houston but I don't think I'll be able to make either one.  Frank Carpano of 10 wanted to do a story on Friday afternoon but we're not getting in until later at night.  John Deluca of Channel 6 left me a voice message  about hooking up as well and I left him one back but I have a feeling that he wanted to do it earlier in the week.  I guess I'll find out tomorrow if he calls me back.


The Zipster flew down today with Jim...Hope they had a smooth flight and I can't wait to see them Friday.  Tonight I need to get my laundry done so the kids can pack their bags for the weekend to be ready to drop off tomorrow night.  Since I'll be gone by the time they get out of school on Friday, we'll need to say our goodbyes in the morning and be sure to have everything in order before then. I'm still feeling a bit crappy although (Thank God!) my cold sores are healing!! 


I've got tons to do... around the house and to prepare to go. Of course, Inside the NFL is on so I have to take a break.  Looks like I'll be putting in some even later nights tonight and tomorrow to get it all done.  For some reason... it always works out though as I'm usually good in the clutch.


Thursday 1/29/04

I'm so anxious... I'm going crazy.  Woke up with a headache and just feeling a bit crappy so I called out.  (I went to work sick on Tuesday and Wednesday because I thought I would have a snow day Wed. to catch up on sleep and get better.... WRONG!) 


I spent today doing my checkbook, going through mail, catching up on my site and typing up the kids routine info for the weekend. Got the flight and hotel info ready for the family as well.  I listened to PFW in Progress and  my boys Scott and Gresh while watching ESPN and NESN in the background.  Big Al never understands how I can listen to everything at once but it's the usual for me.   


Saw my good buddy, the Zipster on The Best Damn Sports Show Period tonight along with the Visa Ultimate fan of the Panthers.  Zip had the paint and Uncle Sam hat going and looked great!  Although it's not my style, major props to him for representing Patriots Nation so well!  I ran back and forth from the TV to the bedroom while I packed not wanting to miss anything. 


The Pawtucket Times article and the Neighbors article came out today and I posted them up.  I watched all of the newscasts tonight and got increasingly more hyper and excited as the time went on knowing that I'll be in Houston in less than 24 hours!!  I literally was jumping up and down while packing my gear... (Jeez, I feel like one of my students!!)  I so wish that we could have gone  to Houston today but I couldn't take another day out of work unpaid.  (As it is, I've lost 3 days seniority due to my other unpaid road trips...) How relieved was I to see Tedy B running at full speed in practice you ask?!  Woooohooooo... 54  FULL TILT FULL TIME!!!


This will be my last "live" entry as I don't have access to my Web software from my laptop but I'll post daily entries on the message board then transfer them over when I get back.. IF there is time.  We're not staying close to anything so I  don't really know how much time I'll even have to go online by the time we get back to the hotel. 


I'm going to work tomorrow morning then we're taking off in the afternoon.  I'm looking forward to seeing my crew.. and getting there ASAP!!  We won't land until 8:30 but then I plan on hooking up with at least some of my buds... I did speak to Big Willie's mom last night and we talked about hooking up on Saturday afternoon.  There are so many people I want to see and we have an even shorter time there than normal so I hope to get as much in as I can.


Time to hit the hay.. although I'm beat I have a feeling that I'll be lying awake for awhile like I used to do on Christmas Eve when I was a kid.  I'm sooooo excited; this has been a year that I'll never, ever forget!!  GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Houston We Have Contact!

Super Bowl XXXVIII Trek

Friday 01/30/04

Well, I knew I would be in for a sleepless night and I was right.  Of course I went to bed long after midnight as usual and got up at 5:00AM.  Since I didn't sleep because of the excitement, it didn't much matter how much time I actually spent in bed.  I worked the morning and fortunately, my students had gym and art in the afternoon allowing me to leave a little early. We were all excited and I kept jumping up and down!!  The classic line came when one of my more excitable students actually said to me in the hallway "Calm down, Miss!  You're embarrassing me!!"  Talk about hyper!! After hugs all around I was off.  However, when I got to my parking spot, someone had blocked me in... grrrr!  After 1/2 hour and  multiple pages on the intercom, I finally asked teachers parked along side of me to move so I could do some finagling. Thanks to Debbie from the office, I finally got out.  I was sooooo ticked off and frustrated that I could feel the road rage setting in so she backed me out while I calmed down (not that I'm an intense person at all, mind you!)


Our trip to the airport was uneventful which was a good thing and after going through the maneuvers we promptly made our waLeaving Providence, ready to roll!!y to the TGIFridays to start our trip off right.  The place was mobbed with Pats fans and we were all pumped ready for action.  Our bartender from the last time (long story... stranded at the airport on the way to Houston in Nov....) remembered us which was cool.  Somehow the subject turned to the Fan of the Year and some people recognized me.  We met Paul and (sorry... forgot his name) from MA and hung for quite awhile. He whipped out the current issue of PFW (with my FOTY thank you letter in it)  and actually asked me to sign it.  LOL.. my first autograph!  We exchanged numbers, took pictures and promised to keep in touch.


The flight down was fine and I watched 3 Games to Glory on my laptop causing quite the logjam in the aisle.  People were literally standing around watching with me.  Most of the flight contained Pats Fans and true to form, we all sported our gear proudly.  When we arrived in Houston, we got in line for our car along with tons of Panther fans coming off a Charlotte flight.  I had to laugh because we New Englanders gear up big time and they were all in plain clothes.  A few guys did wear hats but not many of the women showed any team stuff.  I found it funny because for the first time,  I didn't have to bring tons of different shoes and things on a trip because my suitcase was filled with nothing but Pats wear. Tees, jerseys, sweats and  sneakers and I was good to go.


We got our car and a map, headed towards our hotel and prayed we didn't get lost.  Thankfully we made it fine and checked into the Hampton Inn.  YIKES... NOT the kind of hotel that we are accustomed to AT ALL but we took what we could get.  At least it was clean and straight down 290/610 to Zip's hotel and the Intercontinental.  We called Zip, and headed out his way  at midnight to meet for drinks in the lounge of the JW Marriott where he was staying.  Big Al enjoyed the scenery while I enjoyed the conversation and Nutty Irishmans with Zip and Charts.  We made plans for an early breakfast at the family hotel and called it a night.


Saturday 01/31/04

The alarm went off at 6:30 but of course I was wide awake most of the night so after showering and gathering our things for the day, we set out to pick up Zip and Charts for breakfast.  We enjoyed a delicious buffet at the Sheraton Suites and lingered over coffee for awhile since it wasn't too packed.  When we left the restaurant, I ran into Bev sporting her Andruzzi gear.  She told me that they would probably be hanging in the lounge that evening and to join them.  The Chathams spotted me and we talked a bit as well.  Joyce and Willie McGinest came down and we  laughed once again about the Big Willie Hypnotq story.... Of course, I spoke to Joya for a bit and met her sister and mom.  While we were there in the lobby, Heidi came by with the boys and stopped to talk to Zip.  They're so cute...  and not surprisingly full of energy!! 


Having had our fill, we headed back to Zip's hotel for a bit and he set about shoring up the details with the Visa people.  We had plans to go down to the Fox Sports Net Samuel Adams party at Brian Oneals (or Neal Obriens ... something like that... LOL) Irish Pub.  Since there were 5 of us we decided to take cabs downtown rather than worry about parking etc.  After securing them from the hotel we headed out.  As soon as we got there, Zip and crew wisely grabbed a table on the "patio" because it was mobbed inside.  Good move, since the closer to 4:00 it got, the more packed it got as well.  It was great to meet up with the rest of the list crew as well as other NE fans that recognized us from the Patsfans.com message board and/or the various Media gigs that the FOTY duo have been up to. 


Charts, Helen, Zip and Karen

Fellow Little Rhody girl, Charisse

Our group...

kicking back.


We had a great time there... although it took forever to get a  beer because I think the Texans underestimated how many New Englanders would show up and just how much Sams we drink!  Steve DeOssie pulled in on his Harley and passed out a few stogies. I took a picture with him and he was cool.  Ordway was more reserved but the greatest guy there was Greg Dickerson.  He actually hung with us for awhile and couldn't resist petting Ostend.  (See, the golden child is not ONLY a chick magnet!)  At one point I took off to try to get some beer and was gone for almost an hour.  I ran into Scott Cordischi and then later Andy Gresh from 790TheScore.  I spoke to them each for awhile then having secured a couple of brewskies thanks to the old guy with the VIP pass... made it back to the crew having missed the group photo. 


Steve DeOssie & Mrs. B

Ed, all the way from Japan!

Tailgate regulars..

The FOTYs and Greg Dickerson


Everyone was getting hungry and most of us hadn't eaten since breakfast so somehow we ended up leaving to beat the rush.  We piled into various cars and I thought we were heading to the team hotel for dinner.  Somewhere along the route, the plans got changed and we ended up at Craig's house to hail a cab.  Most of the crew needed to head out to find tickets and we didn't so we wanted to head back. We called a cab and the rest of the crew headed out to a local Mexican joint to eat.  We waited for hours and finally after they returned  from their dinner, we were able to secure a ride back  to our neck of the woods from George and Mark.  Needless to say, we were starving, tired, and frustrated by the time we got back.  We headed up to the restaurant at the Marriott and all ordered the Chinese buffet because it was ready.  We wolfed it down so fast it was as though we had never seen food in our lives. Zip and Charts retired to their rooms, we headed over to the Sheraton had one drink and finding no seats and no Bev we headed back up the highway.


Sunday 02/01/04


WOOOHOOOO... the day had finally arrived!!  We geared up and left our hotel not planning on returning until the wee hours.  Zip and Jim had arrangements to travel to the game with Visa so we picked Charts up and headed to the Sheraton fKaren, Al & Charts enjoy breakfast on SB Sunday! (photo Joya)or breakfast again.  It was mobbed this time and buzzing with the anticipatory chatter of family and friends.  We sat next to Joya and she enlisted Al to experiment with her new camera a bit.  The entire Andruzzi crew took up the back wall and I spoke to Jen and Bev for awhile.  Jen congratulated me on my FOTY status and also said she saw the news clip with Tedy talking about me and said... "Oh, Karen must be Happy!!"  I stood in line next to TJ's brother(s) and kids..  Players family members were all around proudly sporting their jerseys. I'm used to seeing the McGinest and the Andruzzi crews jersied up but most family members generally wear regular clothes. Today, however was certainly different!


We set out to the stadium early and fought traffic and even saw Pires looking for  a ticket. We parked, each took a couple  shots of Hypnotq for Willie and headed towards the gate. I saw Kate and her Dad looking for tickets too and realized that they were really hard to come by and wondered about the rest of the listniks. The family busses all pulled in around the same time and we waited forever to get through security.  Unlike usual situations, the women all got through first and we had to wait at least an hour for the men to come through.  While waiting for the guys, I talked to the Andruzzis and the Chathams a bit between phone calls to keep busy.  Tedy's wife, mom, sister and sister-in-law were waiting nearby but I didn't intrude.  Finally, the guys came through and we headed in. I was so excited, and incredulous that I was actually at the Super Bowl! The 2003 Fan of the Year was about to witness her team win the big one!


The Stadium

On the way... check out Charts in the back seat!

Heading in... finally!

This is nothing... it got worse.


We got inside and I was in awe... we had been there 9 weeks earlier and stated that we would be back.. sure enough, there we were!  We scoped out our seats then noticed Tedy warming up on the field so we made our way over.  He was waving to Heidi and Tedy Jr. when we were coming down the steps then hugged the woman who was sitting with Heidi.  He went back out to the field and spotted us on the side line. Of course I yelled, TedyB!  He smiled,  waved, and gave us the thumbs up then yanked on his shirt saying  "Nice Super Bowl Jersey!" That made my day!   TBC came out and ended up right in front of us.  He spotted us and came by to shake my hand and I wished him luck.  Vrabel was out with his son, Big Willie and Phifer were running together and TJ came out as well. Mt. Washington took to the field then we left. In need of a beverage, we headed to the concourse in search of refreshment.  I spotted a Fosters stand and in honor of my good buddy Ernie, and the good luck it brought us the  first time in Houston, I ordered a kinger. We found our awesome seats and awaited the arrival of the Zipster.


Pre game

Shaking hands with his family and friends.

We get a thumbs up!

Phifer and Big Willie

Ted Johnson

Tully Banta-Cain

Tedy B and BB

Mount Washington


When he got there we ended up trading seats with him so he could have the aisle.  We moved down a few rows and I had the pBev leasure of sitting between Clint Mills (FOTY 1998) and Ed Johnson Sr. (FOTY 2000) aka thChartse original Pat Patriot.  It was awesome to meet them and we had some wonderful conversations about our favorite team and our love for them.  As for the game itself, I still was in awe about actually being there.  I was emotional all the way around but actually started getting choked up when we were up 21-10 because it hit me that I was at the Super Bowl and was about 30 minutes away from seeing my boys celebrate with the Lombardi.  Then of course, we all know what happened during the 4th quarter... My heart was beating so hard that I literally had trouble breathing.  I was so tense that I was having an anxiety attack.  My emotions rode the roller coaster and I had to keep holding my chest to will my heart to calm down.  I kept praying and clasping my hands all the while cheering my boys as loud as I could.  When it came down to that field goal, Al and I held hands and watched it sail through the uprights.  I was literally bawling and tears were streaming down my face.  When Chatham put it to rest with his big stop, everyone was screaming, crying, hugging and high fiving.  Seeing that confetti fly into the air and watching the guys celebrating on the field I yelled out "Thank You,  Mr. Kraft!" 



Challenger tribute

YOUR NE Patriots!

Let's get it on...

Tedy B



Raining red, white and blue!

Coach of the Year

Sharing a special moment with the man I love.

Zip, Jim, Monty and Charts

FOTYs Zip (01) & Clint Mills (98)


When the crowd subsided a bit, we started heading out of the stadium.  Unbelievably, I ran into Little Lucy's friend Rob in the concourse. Then when we got outside, we stopped to let Ostend do his business and Heidi stopped to talk to Zip again.  They took a picture and introductions went round.  Little Tedy was so cute... he kept repeating, "My Daddy is a Champion, My Daddy is a Champion!"  I recognized Michael Strahan walking by and called his name.  He noticed Zip and came to shake his hand... Too cool!  We headed to the car, each had a celebratory shot and headed out.  Unfortunately, we got lost leaving the stadium and took the long way around to get to the highway.  When we got downtown, we spent about an hour in traffic around the team hotel. We finally parked in the Sheraton garage, walked through the rain to the Intercontinental and was told that we couldn't go on to the property without a ticket or room key.  (I know that I could have gotten in as FOTY had I just made a phone call but didn't bother asking because I wasn't about to leave everyone stranded when we went there together.)


We went back to the family hotel to have a drink and regroup, but it was mobbed, there were no seats to allow us to get out of the lanes of traffic and drunk people were trying to pet Oz. The rest of the list crew was partying at the Hyatt and Zip wanted to say goodbye to Jose so we headed in that direction.  Getting lost again delayed our celebration even longer... It was after 1:00AM  and we were starving and dying of thirst.  By the time we got there it was last call, we had one drink and left... (Definitely not the way I envisioned celebrating the biggest win of my life...)  Once again, why I didn't call someone that I knew or tried to get in at that point is beyond me and I'm mad at myself for it.  But, I can't change the past now... and  I can't let that overshadow the events of the day... but I'll be honest here.... All who know me, know I have a hard time letting go.  So, Big Al and I have yet to party and celebrate but it will come soon, I'm sure!  They say that things happen for a reason, and I'm sure there is one here, but at this point, I've yet to see it...


Monday  02/01/04

Since our flight wasn't until 5:00PM we got up and headed back to the Sheraton for our final breakfast buffet.  We sat leisurely drinking coffee for awhile and reveling in the win (and kicking ourselves about the party).  We headed over to the Intercontinental to kill some time.  We got to see some of the guys boarding the busses and I told Willie that the Hypnotq did the trick again!  I kissed Lonie and TBC and hung with Joya and Nana for about an hour.  When the boys pulled away we headed back to the Sheraton and sat down for a drink.  Al and I were the only people in there and while we were watching Sport Center, I heard a voice yell "Hey, nice jersey!"  It was Tedy's brother and we spoke for a little bit about games at Gillette and the last time we were down in Houston... His sister came in and asked about our SB hats but I told her that I thought we bought the last two in the hotel. 


We headed to the airport, bought souvenirs for the kids, and grabbed a bite.  Pats fans were everywhere and we all gave each other that knowing look and thumbs up having shared a  glorious connection that we'll never forget. We sat next to Tom Curran on the return flight which was totally cool for me... of course we talked Pats all the way home!  By the time we got home and got to bed it was after 3:00AM but I got up early for work as usual.   Walking into work, I was met with huge cheers and hugs from my kids.... ending my adventure much the way it started!


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Post Script:

I ended up sick this week as my ears were blocked from the flight and I was dizzy most of the time. I've also been having trouble with my heart racing... (must be the aftermath of all that adrenaline from the game and the frustration about missing that party)  Thursday night, we attended the rally at the Warwick Mall and it was a lot of fun!   We sat with Bev inside the roped off area which was cool.  (Pictures here.) Adam Vinatieri, Christian Fauria, Matt Chatham, Dan Koppen, Joe Andruzzi, Damon Huard and Matt Light were there.  Light has an awesome singing voice and led the crowd in a roaring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. He also said he was dying to shave that beard off but they kept winning so he didn't dare!  The boys were having a ball up there and each took turns at the mike, on the radio and answering questions from the crowd. Women were going nuts over Adam and Mr. GQ (Christian)!  We headed out a little early to get home in time to catch the repeat of Inside the NFL... got chills again watching it and I still can't believe I was actually there!  Friday night we headed out to The Rack and partied it up with Lonie all night.... finally celebrated the Big Win properly.... and just who was that young chick dancing up on the stage anyway?!


And now it's time to get back to my off-season life which means I can finally tackle that growing "To Do" list, get back to my daily gym routine, read until the wee hours and count down the days until summer vacation and Training Camp!


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