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Site now pretty much in archive mode.

Go Pats!

Fun Stuff

Bruschi Brew 9 Bruschi Brew 8 Bruschi Brew 7 Fall Fashions Crazy Rituals OffSeason Tailgate 03 Offseason Tailgate 06

Bruschi Brew 9 Brew Fest

After a late night at the first tilt of the 2004 Preseason, Al and I got up early and headed north to brew the long awaited BB9. Four excellent varieties were brewed and a batch of root beer was bottled that day. In two weeks we'll make a detour on the way home from our summer getaway to swing by and bottle the elixer! Charts did an exceptional job on the label but...Shhhhh!  No peeking until TedyB  gets a chance to lay his eyes on that baby!

8/14/04 (brewing)

Jim & Jeremy weigh the grain.

Rookie Andrew grinds while Coach coaches!

Steeping the grain in the kettle.

Just the right amount of malt...

Glucose, malt, hops & yeast.

Jim stirs the "witches cauldron".

Coach and Gene apply labels for the Root Beer

Hola!  The Brewers convene at La Caretta.

8/28/04 (bottling)

Charts' Masterpiece!

Zip, Wayne & Charts

Karen & Donna wash the bottles...

As do the boys!

Affixing the labels.

Bob & Zip tap off the first keg.

Capping the brew.

A Toast to TedyB & the 2004 Pats!


Bruschi Brew 8 Brew Fest

Once again,  Al and I joined forces with Zip and fellow backers and bottled the newest version of Bruschi Brew at Incredibrew in Nashua, NH.    Red, White, and Bru-schi Brew 8 was born on the evening of July 18th which marked the beginning of a Bruschi based getaway!  Following the bottling, a Sushi feast ensued and we retreated to Zip's abode where various libations were consumed in the hot tub until..... 6:30 AM!  We then proceeded to Nashua Sports  Collectibles for a Bruschi signing and presentation of the elixer!

Zip labeling BB8 bottles.

Mrs B bottling the brew!

Zip assists with the capping duties.

Backers unite!

Hot tub pic... NOT!!

Tedy receives the Brew!

Tedy and the Zipster.

Tedy, Karen, and BB8.

See what Tedy had to say to Cafardo in the Globe on 7/26/03 while at camp.

Randy Pierce, a former Patriots Fan of the Year, makes a batch of Bruschi Brew every year in New Hampshire. ''It's been `Bruschi Brew' years 1-8,'' said Bruschi. ''They brew it themselves and they say, `Tedy, this is the one I brewed this year.' '' Asked whether it tasted different every time, Bruschi said, ''I've never had it. I'm not a drinker. I keep the labels, though. And he made me coasters with all the labels on them.'' . . .

Off Season Tailgate Party

May 18, 2003 proved to be an excellent day for the Foxboro Faithful to convene at Zip's abode for an off season tailgate bash.  Accustomed to spending most weekends together in the fall, we needed a "fix",  so Zip, The Cardozas and Monty arranged for a mid year reunion.  Of course, we happened to pick THE nicest day of the Spring thus far insuring that the flowing of Bruschi Brews, Sam Adams and non alcoholic beverages  blended nicely with the abundance of great food, conversation and Bocce on an unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon.

Karen and Zip showing the Ink.

Close up of  Zip's AWESOME addition!!

The Crew

Zip explaining the intricacies of Bocce to the Rookies!

Monty's short ball form.


Mrs. B. perfecting the long ball.


Al and Dave having a few laughs.


Monty's birthday cake, sporting the photographic evidence of his lost video game wager with Zip.  (Drew supporter Monty, posing with Tom Brady for all to see!)

Bob, biting off Monty's head!!


Pics from the 2006 Offseason Tailgate

Triplets in Bruschi jerseys

Triplets Mrs. Alex, Mrs. Cardoza and Mrs. M. on "Twin Day" celebrating Spirit Week at school. 12/11/02

Ok...Just HOW many  Bruschi Jerseys DO I own??

Triplets back view

Bruschi Brew 7 Brew Fest

In August 2002, Al and I joined Zip and fellow  Bruschi Backers at Incredibrew in Nashua, NH, to bottle the infamous Championship Brewski.... we shared the work, our optimism for the upcoming season, and OOPS!.... yet another sample of the various recipes bearing the Bruschi Brew 7 label.


Charts, Coach, Zip & Jim


Karen at the controls!


Zip workin it....


....and sampling the elixer!


 Backers and Brewmasters


Karen presents Tedy with Bruschi Brew 7!

Mrs. B's Fall Fashions

    Although I don't take part in the face painting ritual of my compatriot, The Zipster, I do profess my allegiance to my favorite team in more "subtle" ways.... hehehe!

Thanks to Angel for my custom Flying Elvis tat... and also to Melanie for my bi-weekly hand-painted nail art.... 

Of course, adorning various articles of Pats Wear goes without saying!  Just HOW many Pats tees, sweats, hats, windsuits, and accessories do I own? I've lost count, but I'll tell ya, I could go weeks without doing laundry and wouldn't run out!

    No wardrobe is complete without out Pats attire for every sort of game day weather... There's the mandatory (signed) Bruschi Jersey, the hot weather Pats Halter, cool weather "Bill Belichick Press Conference" Windsuit, every hat, visor, and headband known to man, rain gear, blankets,  and the "I don't care if I look like the Michelin Man" Pats Parka for those sub-artic temperature games.  Round out the look with Pats gloves and earmuffs and you're ready for a ..... SnowBowl!

Watch for the PatsWear Fashion show coming to a website near you!


Pats Halter

Typical Attire (Tailgating with my honey and best friend.)

Winter Wear

Zip & the Michelin Man (with Bruschi Brew 6)

Karen with Bruschi Backer cap.

Sporting the new Bruschi Backer Cap!

Training Camp Attire

Rain Gear

Let it snow!

Those Crazy Rituals...

Ok... Admit it!  We all do it.  There's nothing to be embarrassed about; EVERYBODY does it... and if Pats Fever is in your blood, there's no escaping it.  NO... I'm not talking about anything you might learn about in health class... I'm talking about the Mojo-making rituals that we fans succumb to on and around game day.

Here's a peek at the idiosyncrasies surrounding Mrs. B. and her brood.

  • I NEVER watch a game without wearing one of my Bruschi jerseys... and I mean NEVER!

  • Al and I ALWAYS have some sort of Pats headwear on.

  • Jacob ALWAYS wears his lucky Pats hat and Johnson jersey.

  • My little man ALWAYS makes Half-Time Pizza.

  • Father and son ALWAYS play catch in the front yard before the games.

  • I ALWAYS send Bledsoeangie an e-mail saying "Send the Vibessssssssssss!!!!!"

  • She ALWAYS sends one back!

  • Jacob ALWAYS plays Madden.... Pats VS. whomever we are playing that week... on game day... and wins!

  • Al and I ALWAYS crack open the first Bruschi Brew at the exact moment of the kick-off (for away games... for home games, we drink it at the tailgate.)

  • My lasagna was consumed at Zip's AFC championship party against the Steelers so guess what I HAD to make for the opening day at Gillette?  Right.... Lasagna! And it worked both times! Guess what I'll ALWAYS make when we play the Steelers?!

  • I NEVER predict a Pats loss and recite the mantra "Keep the Faith!"

  • Steak Tips are ALWAYS consumed at the post-game tailgate. (I have picked up the ball in the event of Monty's absence.)

  • We ALWAYS watch the game in the family room on the big TV and sit in exactly the same spots. (It's the only thing that I actually watch while not doing something else at the same time. Pats games get my undivided attention!! Everything else is just "on in the background" and I watch it upstairs.)

  • Kelsea's not a football fan and does nothing..... but she's happy when there's a game so she can finally get on the computer!!

These are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head ... I'm sure there are more,  AND I'm sure more will develop over the years... Cuz... whatever works, ya gotta stick with it!! 

It's all about the MOJO baby!

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