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Updated    12/05/10

7:54 PM

Site now pretty much in archive mode.

Go Pats!



Music Box


~Updated 04/04/06~


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These recently went back on the shelf..... but just for a while... of course they're still in the iPod so they'll still be playing!


American Idiot

Green Day

American Idiot

My current favorite workout CD... Going to see them live at Gillette in September with a big crew.


Give Up

The Postal Service

Give Up

Kelsea got me hooked on this one... one of the few CDs that we can actually agree on when I'm giving rides.



Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

Of course I can't help but sing the Pats Parody lyrics instead!



Lots of nice ballads and a beautiful voice... Nice one for the gym..



Ghetto Love


Still Ghetto


Full of SSC anthems... sexy soulful music... (great for the gym too!)


Ray Charles

Genius Loves Company

His last studio recording.  A collection of duets with some of his favorite artists.




I can't help it but I just love Nelly...


Michael Buble

Michael Buble


Come Fly With Me (CD & DVD)


I've been cranking up this new one along with all of my Harry Connick Jr. CDs


This one's back in circulation again... Just in that kind of mood with the new Norah Jones CD out.

Frank Sinatra


Greatest Love Songs


Just one of my many Sinatra CDs....

perfect for adding to the the CD changer along with Billie Holiday, Harry Connick Jr. and Norah Jones when I'm in that kind of mood...


Also great for slow dancing with the old boys  at SSC! 



Lovers Rock


One of my favorite artists... smooth, sexy music! This one's got some of the same tunes as Lovers Live with some extra.


R Kelly

Chocolate Factory


The kids are sick of hearing Step in the Name of Love  over and over again...but I'm not!


Barry White

All-Time Greatest Hits


A great one for the gym, hanging with my honey, and frequenting our favorite watering hole.


Anita Baker

The Best of Anita Baker

One of my all time favorite artists... since I own everything in vinyl I figured I might as well grab the CD and move into this century!

Anything Billie Holiday.....

Great tunes that never go out of style.....


Lover's Live


This is a blast from the past... but still beautiful, sexy music.

Les Miserables


1988 complete  recording


Our November show at PPAC.


Miss Saigon

Original London Cast Recording


The complete musical soundtrack ... How any mother can listen to This is the Hour and  I'd Give My Life For You without crying is beyond me.

Phantom of the Opera


Original Cast Recording

Gearing up for our next show on Feb. 22.



Weathered and My Own Prison


Great ones for the gym...




Kelly Rowland

Simply Deep

My current workout CDs.

Hey... I work in a middle school, what can I say?!


Acoustic Soul and Voyage to India

A beautiful voice and powerful lyrics. She moves me...

 I listen just about EVERY DAY!!



Another good one for the gym... gotta mix up the tunes as I rack up the miles!


Alicia Keys

Songs in A Minor

This is a great CD which I pulled out again.  Reminds me of summers by the pool.


B.B. King

Blues Summit


What's NOT to love? This one's been seeing time on a daily basis once again!



Anything by Enigma.... awesome mood music...



And tons of Live Bootlegs too!

Bruce Springsteen

The Rising


Been a fan FOREVER... great to see him back with The E Street Band for this one.

(Looking forward to seeing him this summer at Gillette!)



50 Cent

Get Rich or Die Tryin


My current workout CD.

Got the clean version....  I hear far  too many F-bombs in the halls at school so don't need to hear any more here!!


Great tunes from our favorite little club SSC (...just ask the boys about the famous chicken wings! )

Earth Wind and Fire

Greatest Hits


Going back in time here... but it never goes out of style.


Mamma Mia

Cast Recording

Dusted this one off as I gear up to see the show again on the 3/27.

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