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Updated    12/05/10

7:54 PM

Site now pretty much in archive mode.

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Book Nook


~Updated 02/13/08~

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These are back on the bookshelf..... (at least until the next time I read them!)

Most recent finishes on top to avoid scrolling


A great book which sparked the movie. I always love a good inspiring teacher story.



Another good book about raising dogs with loving kindness.


This one caught my eye at BJ's today.  A good quick read complete with lots of circus history. I liked it :-)

Finally read this one (that I missed) so I can go on to the 6th Target.


Miami vacation travel read. Picoult's books have been on my reading list for awhile but haven't had a chance to get to them. 


Miami vacation read. (Excellent book!!)


 Shorty and sequel to True Believer. Single day read while in Miami for the game.


Rafe tells it like it is.. Truly a visionary and inspirational teacher.



Excellent book for any dog lover.


I'm totally into this book. What an awesome teacher and an inspiration.


A very good book with lots of nice illustrations.


One of many Patterson's.. Always a quick read when I'm in the mood for fiction.


An awesome ending to an excellent series.  Harry and pals will be missed. Thankfully, I have them all in hardback and can re-read.


Of course, I read this one in one night.  Tedy and Michael Holley did a great job with it.


Succeeding with Autism: Hear my Voice

by Judith H. Cohen

synopsis and review


The Mind Tree


Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay

synopsis and review

A Miraculous Child Breaks the Silence of Autism

Reading a lot of books about Autism these days.



Sink Reflections


Body Clutter

by The Flylady, Marla Cilley

7th Son Podcast Novel

7th Son

Book 2: Deceit

Podcast Novel (mp3)

by J. C. Hutchins

Science Fiction weekly podcast series



Dear John

Dear John

Nicholas Sparks


synopsis and editorial reviews

Read in a single day of travel home from Nashville... typical Sparks tear jerker just like I like it :-)


Christmas BoxTimepiece (Christmas Box Trilogy)


The Christmas Box


The Letter


Richard Paul Evans

These caught my eye at the library. Quickies for my trip to Nashville.

Perfect!! Read all 3 over the weekend.


The Red Tent

The Red Tent

by Anita Diamant

synopsis and reviews

I absolutely loved this book and couldn't put it down on our Miami trip.. one of those that I  hated to see end.

Judge & Jury

Judge and Jury

by James Patterson & Andrew Gross

synopsis and reviews

I've read everything by JP and his quick reads always make their way to the top of the pile..


Border Music

Border Music


Robert James Waller

(author of Bridges of Madison County)

synopsis and editorial reviews


4th of July

4th of July

by James Patterson

synopsis and editorial reviews

Getting caught up in my fiction reading.. I've read all of his others.

Vacation Read...


Invincible: My Journey from Fan to NFL Team Captain

Invicible.. My journey from Fan to NFL Team Captain


Vince Papale and Chad Millman

True story of Vince Papale.. soon to come out as a movie...

Quickie vacation read...


Nina Kimberly The Merciless

Nina Kimberly the Merciless (mp3)

by Christiana Ellis

A fantasy podcast novel by a fellow Podcast Pickler!


Infection (mp3)

written and performed by Scott Sigler

Podcast Novel!

A weekly edition of his third sci-fi podcast novel.




7th Son

Podcast Novel

by J. C. Hutchins

Science Fiction weekly series



The Prince of Providence : The Rise and Fall of Buddy Cianci, America's Most Notorious Mayor

Prince of Providence

by Mike Stanton

The story of the infamous Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci


Something Blue

Something Blue

by Emily Giffin

Sequel to Something Borrowed written from Darcy's perspective.


Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed

by Emily Griffin

Current selection of my book club, The Square Mile Readers... Chick-Lit and light reading for this month.  I'll have to fly through this one to be ready for Friday night's meeting (05/05).

synopsis and reviews

A quickie chick-lit book...just what I needed after all the heavy non-fiction stuff I've been into.



Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

by JK Rowling

synopsis and editorial reviews

Yes, I admit I'm a HP Geek...

Starting this one again as it got lost in the pile..but April vacation is next week so my fiction reading time will start to increase...

Finished in no time but now I'm anxious for the next one since this installment left me hanging.


Light from Heaven (Mitford Years)

A Light from Heaven


Jan Karon


synopsis and editorial reviews


The final story in the Mitford Years Series...

This is one of my favorite "feel good" series of books... Read on the plane to and from Florida for Melissa's wedding.


Teaching Reading to Children With Down Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Teachers (Topics in Down Syndrome)

Teaching Reading to Children with Down Syndrome


Patricia Logan Oelwein

synopsis and editorial reviews

I'm always looking for new ideas in teaching my kids...



Ancestor (mp3)

written and performed by Scott Sigler

Podcast Novel!

A weekly edition of his second sci-fi podcast novel.



Goodnight Nobody : A Novel

Goodnight Nobody

by Jennifer Weiner

The latest novel by one of my favorite authors.

Synopsis and Reviews

Although one of my favorite authors, I found this one to be to be too far-fetched and not one of my favorites... took me forever to read which is not like me!


The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (Oprah's Book Club)

 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


Carson McCullers

One of Oprah's Classics book club series.  I don't know much about it but usually enjoy her choices.

This one took me forever to get through...not because of the book itself but because it's football season.


The Lake of Dead Languages

by Carol Goodman

synopsis and editorial reviews

This month's Square Mile Readers selection... one that I need to blow through for our meeting on the 28th.  Thank God it's a bye week!

I couldn't put this one down... a real page turner!!


The Secret Life of Bees

Sue Monk Kidd

Picked this best seller up at the airport on the ATL trip.

synopsis and editorial reviews

Liked this one a lot and will be checking out the Mermaid Chair as well.


Earth Core (mp3)

written and performed by Scott Sigler

The world's first Podcast ONLY novel..

(now available in paperback too!)

I'm hooked on this podcast novel and listened to most of it in NH on the dock.


London Bridges

James Patterson

synopsis and editorial reviews

Quickie that I read on the way home from vaca... lots of short chapters to fly through.


True Believer

Nicholas Sparks

synopsis and editorial reviews

A huge disappointment for me... BORING... definitely not up to par for one of my favorite authors.



Daddy's Little Girl

Mary Higgins Clark

synopsis and editorial reviews

Book on CD to listen to on the iPod..


home away from home

by Lorna J. Cook

synopsis and editorial reviews

A shorty that caught my eye in the new book section at the library.  With came here, my reading time will be cut until vacation.


The Bonesetter's Daughter

by Amy Tan

I'm a big fan of the Joy Luck Club so I'm listening to this BOT in the car.

synopsis and editorial reviews

A nice story that was enhanced by the author's own narration.


Jemima J:  A Novel about Ugly Ducklings and Swans

 by Jane Green


Green's first novel.  I'm making wy way through her entire works.


synopsis and editorial reviews


I can see why she continues to be a best seller.. read it all in one sleepless night!



The Persian Pickle Club

by Sandra Dallas

Reading on a schedule with other WW Book Borough members.. I don't know how I'll be able to ONLY read a couple of pages at a time but I'll try!

synopsis and editorial reviews

July BLBC selection- a cute southern novel set in the 30's


The Limits of Enchantment

by Graham Joyce

This one caught my eye in the new book section at the library.

synopsis and editorial reviews

started 7/8-  sort of a weird book filled with old home remedies and superstition... ok but not one of my faves.

All that Matters

by Jan Goldstein

Know nothing about this author or book but it's a quickie that I grabbed in the new section of the library because it caught my eye.

synopsis and editorial reviews

  A very quick read about a a love that spans generations. (This is one for you, Mom!)


The Black Echo

by Michael Connelly

Since I loved The Poet so much I've decided to start at the beginning of his work and read the rest of his novels.  This is MC's first book.

synopsis and editorial reviews

 The first in the the Harry Bosch series.


Little Alters Everywhere

by Rebecca Wells

A companion book to Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  A quickie BOT for driving around and working in the yard

synopsis and editorial reviews


Invitation to Provence

by Elizabeth Adler

Book on CD to listen to in the car, while cleaning and weeding.  I've never read her before but the jacket caught my eye in the BOT section.

synopsis and editorial reviews

starting 6/29


Can You Keep a Secret?

by Sophie Kinsella

Rounds out the books by SK.. figured I should read the last of them to be caught up... An expected "fluff" book to accompany the heavier reading that I've got going on right now.

Synopsis and editorial review

My favorite of the Kinsella books thus far...


The Poet

by Michael Connelly

Recommended by fellow teacher and avid reader,  Ali.  He gave it  two thumbs up!

Synopsis and Editorial Reviews

Great book and excellent author ... one that I'll definitely read all of his works!


Cane River

Lalita Tademy

Book on Tape that I'm reading while cleaning... a novel based upon 4 generations of the author's ancestors.

Synopsis and editorial review

6/23-One day read while working around the house..


Shopaholic & Sister

Shopaholic & Sister

by Sophie Kinsella

New library book but I'll wait to read it until Shopaholic Takes Manhattan and Shopaholic Ties the Knot come in... I love series but HAVE to read them in order!!

Synopsis and Editorial Reviews

Book on CD to (temporarily)  upload to the iPod to listen to while I'm out and about.

The most recent adventure of Becky... I'm glad I'm caught up with them;  I need a break from her ditzy-ness!


Fortune's Rocks

Anita Shreve

Nice to have a Book on Tape (or CD) going while I'm working in the yard and in the car.

Synopsis and Editorial Reviews

started 6/15 (finished 6/18 while working on the computer getting the site back up and running.)


Shopaholic Ties the Knot

by Sophie Kinsella

The 3rd in the series... Just came in so I'll push to the top of my list so I can finally read and return Shopaholic and Sister

Synopsis and Editorial Reviews

starting 6/9...Quickie finished by the pool 6/10


Hollywood Divorces

Jackie Collins

Probably not something that I would have picked up but it's this month's Square Mile Readers' book club selection.

Synopsis and Editorial Reviews

The ending was good but not a book club caliber selection IMO.


Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Sidney Sheldon

This one from 2004 slipped by me but he's one of my favorite quick-reads..

Synopsis and Editorial Reviews

Starting this one Memorial Day just before reading the newest book club selection... A quickie much like the rest... the makings of a TV movie


Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

by Sophie Kinsella

Although I have more library books that came in first, I love these books and so I'm pushing it ahead of the others.

Synopsis and Editorial Reviews

Started to get a big long with her ditzy ways.. but turned out great in the end. Waiting for Shopaholic Ties the Knot to come in!



by Marian Keyes

One of the earlier works of this best selling author... I'm trying to start at the beginning..


Synopsis and Editorial Reviews


Starting 5/11/05  Took entirely too long to read this one.. not that it had anything to do with the book itself, rather my busy life! KC 05/23


Confessions of a Shopaholic

by Sophie Kinsella

The first of a whole series of best sellers.. figured I should read them in order so I put aside the rest until I read this one.

Synopsis and Editorial Reviews

starting 5/10/05

A one day read while sitting in waiting rooms today...will be checking out the rest of them soon!



Jane Green

Enjoyed To Have and To Hold, so I picked this one up at the library  as well...Trying to squeeze a chapter or two in a night until my classes end next week, then I'll be able to really get to it...



To Have and To Hold : A Novel

To Have and To Hold

Jane Green

Best selling author.. should be a quickie if I can ever get started.  She's got some others out there but this is my first.

A quick read about the death of a relationship and the finding of oneself...


Angels and Demons

Dan Brown


The prequel to the awesome novel The Da Vinci Code.  Although I'm dying to start this one RIGHT NOW since I just finished DVC , I must wait since I have four library books that have come in to read  ahead of this one. (This one is mine so there's no rush... other than I'm dying to read it!)

Finally got to it and finished during school vacation week!


Death for the Phantom Receiver

Death for the Phantom Receiver
Thomas F. Sheehan

Looking forward to reading this one sent to me by the author (and Pats fan) after visiting my site!

Will most likely have to wait a bit while I watch my boys on the Gridiron.

Finally got to it.  A murder mystery based on the fictional NE Phantoms NFL team.  Local flavor and references galore.

The Program


Diana Schwarzbein, MD

The latest and most "reader friendly" of her books on a balanced diet and lifestyle for good health.


Book Cover


for the Prosecution of Scott Peterson


Amber Frey

This month's Square Mile Readers book club selection.

A really quick read.. I didn't really follow the case much in the media but now I'd like to read some of the other books out there right now.

Tales from the Patriots Sideline
by Michael Felger

Felger's scoop... Should be a quickie.

Lots of history of the Pats...back in the day...mostly the pre-Kraft era. A real quick read.

Little Earthquakes : A Novel
Jennifer Weiner

The latest novel by one of my favorite authors...

 She has a great style and has a way of endearing the reader to her characters right from the start.  Took me awhile to get through it but not because of the story or book itself, rather my busy life.



Playing With Boys


Alisa Valdes Rodrigues

The second novel by the author of The Dirty Girls Social Club.. I've been waiting for this one to be released.

This one took me way too long to read but only because of the playoffs and because I've been knitting up a storm!


In Her Shoes : A Novel

In Her Shoes


Jennifer Weiner


Should be a good one  and a quickie by the author of Good In Bed.


Fast becoming one of my favorite authors... I loved this one about sisters coming of age.



The Catcher in the Rye


JD Salinger

Reading Perks of a Being a Wallflower got me in the mood to re-read this one from years back...

Started 11/26

finished 12/4



The Perks of Being a Wallflower


 Stephen Chbosky

A short one that I'm reading between others...

Recommended by Kelsea, it's a collection of anonymous letters from a high school freshman dealing with growing up and all of the struggles of teen life....a modern day Catcher in the Rye.

Started 11/23/04 (finished 11/25)



3rd Degree

by James Patterson & Andrew Gross

 Another collaboration featuring The Women's Murder Club... (5th on my list of library holds that have come in but once I start a Patterson novel it's usually a one day read.)

A quickie that I read in a weekend while working on Kelsea's computer...

started 11/20 (finished 11/22)



Alice Sebold


An auto biographical account of the author's rape and her struggle for survival as a victim.

Quite a powerful memoir and an amazing story.




Patricia McCormick
A quickie that I read before returning it to the library for my nephew.  It's the story of an emotionally disturbed teen who's in treatment for self-mutilation...


Their Eyes Were Watching God

by Zora Neale Hurston

This classic comes highly recommended by my friend, coworker, and fellow reader, Steph.... I really enjoyed this story of a black woman in the south... Very heavy in the dialectal style.. once you get used to reading it phonetically it's fine.

Patriot Reign : Bill Belichick, the Coaches, and the Players Who Built a Champion
by Michael Holley
How can the Patriots Fan of the Year NOT have this book on the nightstand???

A super quick read...and an inside look at the workings of the Pats organization.. My only complaint is that ALL of the pertinent stuff was posted everywhere as soon as it came out; almost no reason to read it.. 11/09/04

Under the Duvet


Marian Keyes

One of my summer books that I never got to read. Should be a quickie when I finally pick it up. Read in a day... a funny  collection of articles and essays..



October Book Selection

for Square Mile Readers

The Lovely Bones


Alice Sebold

A disturbing and compelling book that grabs your attention right from the start. It should have been a quick read but thanks to the Patriot's home schedule and the RED SOX winning the WORLD SERIES there was little time to read.


Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

by Rebecca Wells

Been wanting to read this one for awhile.. I love books that span the ages and especially when they're  about women.

Read most of it on the plane to and from Arizona... This was a  good one that I wanted to catch before renting the movie... (Gosh.. I'm behind in the times!)


Tales of a Drama Queen

by Lee Nichols

Elle was a real walking disaster waiting to happen.... funny...but too ditzy for me!

The last of the fluff books I read at Abakee.


The Nanny Diaries

by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus

A comic look at the Manhattan upper crust written by two former nannies. 

The library holds are all coming in at once again!


A funny book...  but I was dying for her to QUIT that JOB!!


The Devil Wears Prada

Lauren Weisberger


The story of a recent college grad who takes a job as an assistant to an overbearing fashion editor boss...

Another one where I was dying for her to quit!


Good in Bed

by Jennifer Weiner

 A contemporary Cinderella tale...

An enjoyable quick read about a girl struggling with her weight and finding herself.  I'll definitely read many more of Weiner's novels.

Three Weeks with My Brother

Nicholas Sparks & Micah Sparks

A memoir of Nicholas's travels around the world with his older brother.

Should be a quick read once I get to it.  I love Sparks and look forward to this one. I've read all of his other works and this one is from a different perspective. I own it so it will wait until after my library holds are done and returned. Starting 7/24

7 /28 A wonderful memoir of their travels around the world and a look at their lives growing up. An inside look at the inspiration for many of his novels.


Sam's Letters to Jennifer

James Patterson

Not a typical Patterson novel about mystery and crime solving.  This one's a love story!   Should be a quickie...

(Starting 7/21 while waiting for the Direct TV guy!)

A super quick read that felt like a Nicholas Sparks book more than a JP.  If you like him and that type of story, you'll love it.



Chang Rae-Lee

I really like his work and I've been waiting for this one to come in.  I've got a few ahead of it on the list but I'm looking forward to it. (Library request came in 6/28/04 but tons to read before getting to it.) Starting 7/8

Definitely NOT the book to read after 2 Dan Brown thrillers.  It was good but contained lots of narration and not much action so it took me awhile to get through. (And yes... I did finally sit by the pool this summer!)


Deception Point

Dan Brown

Another one by the DaVinci Code author... my library holds are all coming in at once!  I need to get reading 24/7!

A NASA/White House thriller that I read at the beach on 7/07. 


Digital Fortress

Dan Brown

Another one by the DaVinci Code author... my library holds are all coming in at once!  (First one due back so starting 7/03)

Spent my first relaxing (rainy day) of the summer with a book!  A single sitting for me... heavy into technology and his infamous code cracking style.


Dirty Girls Social Club


Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez


6/22/04 I really have to get moving on this one since the SMR Book Club meeting is on 6/30.  However, since I am officially ON VACATION... Let the Reading Begin!! (starting 6/28!)

I loved this book!  Sex-in-the-City-Latina-style set in Boston.    Can't wait for the sequel (which she's working on now) and her new book Playing with the Boys due out in Sept. 2004.


A Gesture Life

Chang Rae-Lee

Of course I always read every book by an author when I find someone I like so here's another to read while waiting for Aloft to come in.

Finally finished this one... after a couple of renewals.  It was ok but not as good as Native Speaker.... but you know me.. I can't NOT finish anything.


A Risk Worth Taking

Robin Pilcher

I've read all of his other works... (light reading for sure...) and his mother's as well.  This one just came in from the library hold list so I'll move it closer to the top of my list because it needs to be returned.

After reading more "meaty"  novels of late, this one was fluff.... It was ok but nothing earth shattering.

The Da Vinci Code

Dan Brown

One of the hottest books out there right now.  I'll check it out after Cold Mountain and Native Speaker.

Starting 4/21... everyone I know who's read it says it's excellent so I know I'll be able to squeeze it in before getting to my two for the Square Mile Readers Book Club meeting next week.  (Had to put it down for a couple of days to do the Book Club selections but picking it back up on 4/30.) OMG!!!! I couldn't put this book down!  Brown is a genius, plain and simple!

This one is taking its place among my faves.

tuesday's With Morrie


the five people you meet in heaven

by Mitch Albom

These are the latest selections from my school book club...  I've  already read tuesday's  years ago but have no problem reading it again. (It's an AWESOME book and makes you really look inside yourself.)  We're going for 2  books by Albom since they're short but I won't start them until April cuz there's lots more reading to do before the next meeting.

Two great ultra-quickies that pack a lot of punch... both make you examine your life and what you are all about.



Native Speaker

Chang Rae-Lee

Awaiting the arrival of Aloft, I like to read everything by an author so I checked this one out of the library to read first. School vacation week so I'm starting this one and should be done in a couple of days (That's if I'm not too busy watching Sox and Bruins!)


Cold Mountain

Charles Frazier

I always have to read the novel before seeing any movie,... this one's no different.  I love historical stuff and I've heard nothing but great things about this one. It's next on my list after Shepherd's Abiding. (Starting 3/18.)

4/12/03  Started it late but read it quickly once I got moving.  Looking forward to the movie soon.

Fellowship of the Ring Photo Guide

Two Towers Photo Guide


Return of the King Photo Guide

by David Brawn


I just picked up the newly released Extended Version DVD and saw this full color companion book at the school book fair so of course I had to order the rest of them from Amazon.com.

Shepherd's Abiding

Jan Karon

The next installment in the Mitford Series... hopefully I can blow through it during the school vacation/playoff bye week. (Didn't happen! Still sitting there.) Finally starting on 3/12!  I love to read series since the characters become familiar.  The Mitford series is always a quick read that puts a smile on your face.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

by J. K. Rowling

I'm a certified HP nut... even ran out to BJ's dressed in a formal gown on the way to my nephew's wedding on the morning of the release to be sure that I had my copy ASAP!

After plowing through 100 years of Solitude... I used the promise of reading this next to help me through!  Starting 2/19/04.

Finished it and looking forward to the next one!

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The first book selection of the newly formed Calcutt Book Club... Watch for a new page and message board coming soon.

Must say... it was a Tough first foray back into my reading obsession.... Made it through because of the book club but it was hard to stay focused. Read it in 2 days during a winter getaway to NH but definitely not a "beach book" as it was much to heavy an epic (and everyone had the same names...) I'm anxious to see what the rest of the club felt about it.  (Of course I would have finished it regardless cuz I'm me and can't quit at anything..lol!)


by John Grisham


I've read all of his others... got in line to read TT's copy.  Should be a quickie with vacation coming up.

Read it on one leg of the plane trip home from The SUPERBOWL!!

The Big Bad Wolf

by James Patterson

Another in the long line of Alex Cross novels.... Theresa just got it in and let me take it to Houston before she even read it.

GRRRRR.... Not the kind of ending I expected.. I'll leave it at that and let you decide.


The South Beach Diet

by Arthur Agatstan, MD



Very similiar to Dr. Schwarzbein's principles... always looking for new recipes to try.. (now if I can just stay out of South Street, I'd be fine!)

The Reader

Bernard Schlink

 Catching up on my Oprah's Book Club selections... this is a shorty; the perfect book for a football fan/webmistress during the busy, busy season!


The Wedding

by Nicholas Sparks


Read this one on the plane to and from Miami... A sequel to The Notebook, I predicted the outcome right from the beginning.... Perhaps I've just read too many of his books, or he's written too many...


Starting Over

by Robin Pilcher

Started it during the second Abakee week, and plan on finishing before school starts.... (I'll be busy unpacking and won't have time for fiction of any kind!)

PHEW.... never anticipated 4 packing and unpacking sessions... took forever to finish this one.

An Ocean Apart

by Robin Pilcher

I've read all of his mother's books, so I decided to try his when I saw them at the library... Good summer book that I read on the dock at Abakee... (very light "beach book")  Quite similar to Rosamunde's style.



The Lake House

by James Patterson

The sequel to When the Wind Blows which I read in 98... not one of my favorites so we'll see how this one goes.  Theresa passed it on to me to read first since she hasn't read the first book. Read 1/2 last night and 1/2 today...  OK but not the greatest thing I've read this week. 7/10


The Guardian

by Nicholas Sparks

The newest book by one of my favorite authors.  My sister-in-law just just it from the book club but passed it on to me first since it's summer and I can finally read!

A single sunny day story.... 7/8! (Two days in a row!)


The Jester

by James Patterson & Andrew Gross

Just finished 1/2 of Four Blind Mice on this rainy Sunday so I'm starting this new one now... never did get to start it that day, but read it in one sunny afternoon by the pool..7/7


Four Blind Mice

by James Patterson

The newest book in the Detective Alex Cross series.

I love summer vacation!  Read 1/2 during a pedicure and 1/2 on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Won For All

by Pepper Johnson

A quick read about the 2001 Patriots.  I read half on the plane home from TN and read the other half yesterday. (Had me choked up at the end... I'm such a wuss!)

The Lord of the Rings

by JRR Tolkien

Read the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and saw the first and second movies.  Can't wait for the release of Return of the King!

An absolute MUST for fantasy fans...

The Street Lawyer

by John Grisham

This one must have slipped by... and will be done in no time. (After Fellowship, this one will be a single sitting book)  A Sunday afternoon start to finish read!

The Beach House

by James Patterson

Here's one I didn't get to when my summer vacation came to an end and school and football season started up in Sept.  He's my favorite author so it should be a quickie... A quickie that I read in the car on our daytrip to NH.

Nights in Rodanthe

by Nicholas Sparks

Fast becoming the master of the the love story and tear jerker, I can read any one of his books in a single sitting.

A Common Life

The Wedding Story

by Jan Karon

The sixth novel in the Mitford series.  Fr. Tim and Cynthia finally tie the knot....A quick read. OK, but not my favorite of the series.

The Sky is Falling

by Sidney Sheldon

I can always read Sheldon quickly and find that his books are predictable but... I've read all the others so I always read his latest.... A super fast read that I polished off while taking Jacob fishing yesterday.

A Walk to Remember

by Nicholas Sparks


Always a quick read, and usually a tear jerker.... Reading while taking my little man fishing this week.....A tear jerker as always, finished while doing cardio yesterday.  I was sweating so much you couldn't tell the sweat from the tears...lol!

The Notebook

by Nicholas Sparks

Reading while on the bike at the gym... I expect a sad story like the rest of his novels. A beautiful story about life and love.

The Rescue

by Nicholas Sparks

This is an old one that I missed.  When I finish, I will have read all of his books up to date.  Not the greatest of his novels...His new stuff is much better.


In the Middle,

New Understandings About Writing, Reading, and Learning

by Nancie Atwell

Simply the GURU of Language Arts teachers.


The Summons

by John Grisham

One of his newer ones that's been collecting dust in my stack.


A shortie that took me way to long to read because I've been so busy. If it was a "summer" book it would be done in a single sitting.

Patriots United

Patriot's United

by Bryan Morry

 Coffee table book from Patriots Football Weekly, I haven't read it cover to cover yet but have read selected articles.

Chicken Soup for the Teacher's Soul

by Canfield and Hansen


A collection of stories to inspire teachers and remind us why we chose the profession in the first place .... A gift from a talented new educator;  my student teacher, "Miss R."


Living Well with Celiac Disease

 Abundance beyond Wheat and Gluten

by Claudine Crangle

A super quick read... finished it in one sitting.  Practical advice from a life long Celiac sufferer.

The Schwarzbein Principle

and The Schwarzbein Prinicple II

by Diana Schwarzbein, MD

I've read the first one many times, and take it back out again when I need to tighten up my diet. A great book for anyone wishing to follow a balanced diet based on organic, whole foods.

Just started the second book.

From Emeril's Kitchens: Favorite Recipes from Emeril's Restaurants
by Emeril Lagasse (Author)

I love cookbooks.... not that I usually follow recipes!

Again!: The 2003 Patriots and Their Second Super Bowl Season
(& Supermen II which is similar)

Of course EVERYONE at school knew that I'd buy this one from the Book Man!  A collection from the folks at The Boston Globe.


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