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Updated    12/05/10

7:54 PM

Site now pretty much in archive mode.

Go Pats!

Hot Stuff Archive

Former Sizzlers of the Week

Karen presents Tedy with Bruschi Brew 7.

Bruschi Brew 7

The Rings!!

Karen dons the hardware

Tedy takes it to the HOUSE!


The kids showcase the Dunkin Donuts poster.

Showcasing the DD poster.

Tedy with Karen and Zip at Tristar.

Tedy and the Top Backers

Best Friends

Bruschi Brew 8

It's a bird... it's a plane...

It's Tedy in Flight 2 weeks in a row!

At the Westgate Mall 10/21/03

All smiles after a BIG Miami Win!

( Ok....YOU try squatting in heels WITHOUT holding on!)

Annual Training Camp photo 08/05/03

Heading straight to the top in Houston!



Tedy celebrates the Division Clinching WIN  (and his TD) with the Backers!



(Yes, that's ME between the "angel wings"!

Tedy reacts to Larry Izzo's MONSTER hit

during the 31-0 Beating of the Bills... 12/27/03


Addressing the National Media on 01/16/04...

The Backers sporting the new FTFT sweatshirts at

"Tedy Bruschi Night with the Monarchs"




Presenting Tedy with the Bruschi Backer Hoodies

at the West Valley Inn, 05/15/04

(Courtesy of The Cardozas and The Zipster)


Bling Bling!

With Charlie Weis and "THE RING"!


Signing Autographs for fans at Training Camp 8/4/04

The Annual Training Camp Photo



Tedy picks off Manning in the season opener.



Tedy celebrates as Seymour returns his Bledsoe  sack and forced fumble TO The HOUSE!!!




Tedy,  Heading over the Backers for a Post-Game

 (and Post-19-Games-in-a-Row) Handshake


Tedy's all smiles after the Jets game!



The Razor's Edge Tailgate gets a surprise visit from none other than....  TEDY!!


Tedy B comes over for the final Gillette handshake of the season after Crushing the Colts!

Tedy addresses the media prior to leaving for Pittsburg 01/21/05







Got Milk??


What it's all about!

Mrs. B with Rock #3

What a Rock!!

3 Patriots "Fan of the Year" recipients meet at Rotman signing 01/11/05

 Current FOTY Noel Texeira, Randy "Zip" Pierce, 2001,  and Karen Cardoza, 2003, pose with the Mastrangelo trophy.


Big Al and I posing with The Triplets!

KC and TBC at TC!


Tedy B coming over to the FTFT Banner for a handshake!!!!

Post-game shake after defeating the Saints 11/20/05

Merry Christmas to the Backers 12/17/05


Tedy receives his second

Ed Block Courage Award




Tedy Bruschi:

 RI Italian American Hall of Fame Man of the Year Award winner

Kirkbrae Country Club 06/30/06


Listen to the podcast HERE.


Training Camp 2006


Pats Win!


Congrats to YOUR

2004 World Champion

New England Patriots!!!



Minutes after the Big Win!

Check out my Jacksonville Jaunt!!

Complete Journal or  SuperBowl Trip Only

Click here for my After Party VIDEOS of Snoop!! 



Heading to Houston!!

Baby it's cold outside!

Taking care of business.

I'm soooo excited!


World  Champions!!


Check out my Houston Adventure!

Complete Journal


Super Bowl Only



Just when I think that Tedy has been THE Coolest guy that he can possibly be... He outdoes himself once again!!  After the AFC Championship win over the Colts, he started out towards the banner then stopped and turned around and headed back towards the field.  Emerging from the  throng  came an injured Tedy, running towards us, dodging reporters,  holding the Lamar Hunt Trophy over his head.  He reached me and the Zipster and yelled up to us, insisting that we "Touch It, Touch It!!" 

Check out Tedy on NFL Films: Winner Take All and see why He is THE MAN!!


Members of the Mastrangelo family, Mr. Kraft, Tedy Bruschi, and Chad Gifford of Fleet present me with the Joseph R. Mastrangelo Memorial Trophy and honor me as The Fleet 2003 Patriots Fan of the Year!!


Read all about my day here!



Karen wears The Ring!

Karen dons the hardware!

Click here to play a brand new match game....

created by my brother Brian!

Play often.... it changes every time!!



Karen with Bruschi Backer cap.


Here I am waiting for Zip to arrive at the Tristar Productions  Card Show, sporting the New Bruschi Backer cap. Zip and I presented Tedy with some for his brood.... (Major props to Al for his idea and design....) Review from Tedy who seemed very pleased:  "This is Sweet!!"



Triplets in Bruschi jerseys

Triplets Mrs. Alex, Mrs. Cardoza and Mrs. M. on "Twin Day" celebrating Spirit Week at school. 12/11/02

Ok...Just HOW many  Bruschi Jerseys DO I own??

Triplets back view

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